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Oksana's Team Hires Domestic Violence Lawyer

9/28/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has just hired a new lawyer -- one who happens to be a retired judge, former prosecutor and current candidate for District Attorney of Contra Costa County, CA ... who specializes in domestic violence. But here's the catch -- if he wins the election, she loses him.


Daniel Horowitz, one of Oksana's lawyers, tells TMZ, Dan O'Malley (pictured above) is now on board to advise his team on domestic violence issues.  Specifically, Horowitz says O'Malley will "hook up people in the domestic violence community to help Oksana," as well as "interface with the L.A. County District Attorney regarding the Mel Gibson domestic violence investigation."

But here's the deal.  If O'Malley wins the election for D.A. of Contra Costa County in November, he must resign.

Still, in this case -- 5 weeks of O'Malley could be better than no weeks of O'Malley.


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Here's something for you to muttle over new dosmetic lawyer:

Oksana keeps repeating "I didn't release the tapes" she says this three times in a row several times to different people "I didn't release the tapes, I didn't release the tapes, I didn't release the tapes" she is emphatic about the message.
There is no tape to be released, if there was a recording it was a digital recording not analog tape. She sticks an S on the end telling us there is more than one. More than one copy or maybe more than one styles of guilty Mel Gibson. She has him being all sorts of bad not just angry but terrible. Maybe the term "tapes" implies she had several copies in several locations.
While typing this I found the solution, she refers to the recordings as tapes because she at no time handled herself any of the recordings. She cannot comprehend how the recordings were made nor how they are transported. It's easier for her to be told they are "tapes" this is how she understands them to be.
You and I know ofcourse there is no "tape" it's 2010 whatever bits of sound or video there may be it's all digital, it's code.
She never handled the recordings. She was never in possession of the recordings. She doesn't understand at all how the recordings were made. "I didn't release the tapes" she had no intention of being the one to do this because from the start she planned with other persons to release the recordings if they didn't get paid.


1422 days ago

Ms. L    

I work full time plus, need a lawyer right now and cant afford to retain one. How does this d-bag obtain all of these lawyers at the drop of a hat?

Tell me she does what for a living?? Oh extortion!!!

1422 days ago


Oksana, no matter how many you hire it wont change the law or change the fact that you broke the law, or the fact that you wont walk away from this less walk away from this with the money you thought you should get.
not gonna happen

1422 days ago


Australian magazines right now are EXPOSING Mel Gibson

and showing him as he truly is

Photos of him in that MENTAL disguise

followed by photos of him after removing the disguise

and sticking out his tongue at the cameramen whose attention he

was so desperate to attract !

The photos are there for the world to see ....

a 53 year old has-been who abuses the mother of his 8th child

putting on a stupid disguise for attention

then removing it and sticking out his tongue

and the photos are captioned: ' From this --- to THIS' (with the final photo of Mel Gibson, 53 year old loser and misognyist, removing his childish disguise and sticking out his revolting tongue ). And yes, the mental health people have undoubtedly witnessed this demonstration of insanity

Meanwhile, two women at least are busily raising the children this fool put on the planet

while he smashes cars

and is exposed as giving money and gifts to prostitutes

and dons disguises .. to attract attention.. then removes idiotic disguises and sticks out his tongue like the two year old desperate for attention


1422 days ago


Chris Brown beat Rhianna senseless & admit it to it. Gibson allegedly broke Oksana's fake veneers. It could be he was referring to yelling at her. Or calling her a C--T or any # of things he was apologizing for. He will not get any jail time. He shouldn't give this extortionist 1 red cent. Hopefully she will be prosecuted. What a vile woman. I'm so sorry Mel. Nobody deserves a worm like that to have an offspring with.

1422 days ago

fuddyduddy must really want Mel bad!

1422 days ago


Okay, okay...light bulb just went off... are getting ready to post 'the letter' where OG states she would ruin Mel's life?

1422 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

If he takes her case he's not gonna win! He need sot decide what he really wants.

1422 days ago


I have a better thing to muddle over new lawyer. First why in the heck would you get involved in this case if you are running for office. That will shoot down votes.

Secondly, while you are investigating whether or not Mel hit her, would you please look into the fact in those recordings when she is accusing him of it, his voice is turned way down and you can hear him say "you hit me, you were hitting me".

So will you investigate that she is a husband abuser also?

Thank you for your consideration into this matter.

1422 days ago


fuddy, he is gonna sit on that for a bit longer i bet

too many other fun little tidbits of info to string us along just a while longer hahaha

1422 days ago


Too funny!

I bet Horowitz found out that Jonathan Arons bailed today, so Horowitz got on the phone and started calling around and he's going to try for a different angle.

What plan are we up to now, folks? I am losing track.

1422 days ago


hahahahah fuddy!

1422 days ago


WHO broke the law ?

You guys better familiarise yourselves with the law before advertising your own ignorance in an open forum

Stalking is against the law

Harrassment is against the law

Threats of violence, implied violence .... are against the law

And the world has HEARD those phone calls

have HEARD the abuse

the FOUL, unjustified abuse

time after time after time ....repeated phone calls

some of them commencing with: 'Ugg errr ugg guugggg ' .... insane

and others saying openly: ' I hope I woke you up. I hope you can't sleep. I hope you get sick ' (all this said to the mother of his newborn infant .. to a woman already struggling with lack of sleep and weak from giving birth at close to 40 )

You want to talk about the LAW !!! ???

I hope the LAW deals with Mel Gibson as the world believes he deserves

What a PIG !

Sitting there with nothing to do and phoning a woman already stressed and exhausted

and you think you know about the LAW ?

You Paids to Post are as sickening as the creature you pretend to support

1422 days ago


Okay...I get it now. This guy is running for election, so part of his platform is going to be to reach out to the voters and tell them how he is going to fight domestic violence and for the rights of women and children. Uh, huh...and OG is going to be a poster child for him!

Let the speaking engagements begin at the local level for we go!

1422 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


No they aren't. You are delusional. Get a grip girl.

We have several Aussies right here we know what is happening down under. Besides we know how to read. I know that is hard for you, but not us.

Like in Russia: they hate the OX/you there, they are so ashamed

of her/you, they insist she is not Russian, she is mordivian,

but she is giving Russians a bad name. Want the links? I have

them.....just ask.

(Why do you type in this pain in butt way?)

1422 days ago
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