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Jerry Brown -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Whitman's Ex-Maid

9/29/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's rival Jerry Brown is wasting no time making hay off her undocumented worker scandal -- saying the former maid has a "compelling story."


In a news release, the Democratic candidate for governor of California said he wants Nicky Diaz Santillan to be "treated with respect and dignity as this story unfolds."

Brown added, "After more than a year of Whitman demanding immigration policy that 'holds employers accountable,' we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own actions."

Whitman's camp claims Santillan lied about her immigration status ... and they believe they have the documents to prove it.


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She was actually hired through an "agency" that provided the do***entation for her and she looks completely legal on paper. Would she be paid that much money if they knew she was illegal? Doesn't matter anyways because California welcomes the illegals and in much of the state it is illegal to even question their citizenship. Brown is just an old washed-up politician using the same old washed-up tricks to win. It's clear now that the woman is here illegally and she had forged do***ents. Why isn't she on that plane back to wherever? Miami is the new California.

1420 days ago


Jerry Brown and Gloria have stooped to the lowest level of decency...

1420 days ago


Now lets see, this is the Jerry Brown who received campaign contributions and fundraiser Gloria Allred, who is the same one that did the October surprised which was later found "without merit" on Arnold when he ran for Gov. The same Gloria Allred that was a Hilary Clinton delegate, then an Obama delegate, supported and fundraiser for Barbara Boxer. The same GLoria Allred that does campaign opposition research for most democRAT campaigns! Yep I am sure this case if "for real" and without biasis. When the extreme left wing NPR radio won't carry the story, the LA Times story and SF Comical won't carry or bury it deep, you know they can smell a Allred Political "rat" at work. It is just sad that TMZ is falling for this crap. This is about as real at Heidi and SPencer divorce which TMZ also apparently thought was "for real". Come on Harvey, stop buying the crap that these democRATS's keep putting out, unless you are one of them also!! Please, say it ain't so Havey

1420 days ago


And yet the Californians keep voting in the liberal quacks and eating up their BS. Too late now. California's policies were written to bring the state down and they were successful. Last American please lock the door on your way out.

1420 days ago

I Chinee    

The illegal mexican lady looks like that mexican guy from the movie Devil with a wig on! LMAO!

1420 days ago


"She treet me like garbage!!!" wailed Nicki. Hmmm...que lastima.

1420 days ago


Meg says she will fix unemployment and then says she will lay off thousands of state workers. Isn't that what they call an oxymoron? She says she will send water from No Cal to So Cal, how is that going to fix anything? She can't even get her sorry fanny down to a polling booth vote, because she was too busy. I'm busy too, but you can bet I'll be there in November to vote. LOL, I bet Meg finds the time to vote too, for herself.

1420 days ago

chuck Rapoport    

In 1974, Brown was elected Governor of California, succeeding the Republican Governor Ronald Reagan, who was retiring from office after serving two terms, and who had become governor after defeating Brown's father, Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Sr., in the 1966 election. Jerry Brown took office on January 6, 1975.[6]
Upon taking office, Brown gained a reputation as a fiscal conservative.[7][8] The American Conservative noted he was "much more of a fiscal conservative than Governor Reagan."[8] His fiscal restraint resulted in one of the biggest budget surpluses in state history.[8] He was both in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and opposed to Proposition 13, the latter of which would decrease property taxes and greatly reduce revenue to cities and counties. When Proposition 13 passed, he heavily cut state spending and used much of the surplus his government had built up, roughly $5 billion, to meet the proposition's requirements and help offset the revenue losses.[9][8] His actions in response to the proposition earned him praise from Proposition 13 author Howard Jarvis who went as far to campaign for Brown's successful reelection bid in 1978.[9]

1420 days ago

chuck Rapoport    

For your information, Bippy, Gov. Brown's nickname of "Moonbeam" was a derogatory hit on him when he nearly saved the people of California from ever paying income tax again. In the mid-1970's. a far-thinking Brown was tipped off by Silicon Valley constituents about a new technology involving man-made space satellites. If the State of California invested in putting one into the skies, they could then "rent" the use of them to future broadcasters and other industries that would utilize them. Thn Gov. Brown asked the legislature of a billion dollars do fund the development and launch of this satellite saying that the hundreds of billions of dollars that California could receive in return could effectively replace most of the State income tax needs. An anti-Brown columnist dubbed Brown Gov. Moonbeam as the concept of man-made satellites being a source of income was laughed at. Jerry Brown happens to be one of the smartest persons we've ever had as governor but he can only get done what the least of the legistlators can understand.

1420 days ago


Allred: sleazy lawyer
Brown: sleazy lawyer
Meg: CEO

1419 days ago

sick & tired of the democrat's shannigans    

How interesting that you chose to go after your former employer 5 weeks before the election. Given Gloria A's reputation and history & Jerry B jumping on this whole issue so quickly, I have absolutely no doubt that that this whole situation is a well calculated and sought after set up. Sorry Jerry & Gloria but you are both whores and need to be stopped. Nothing against Nicky Diaz but I am sure I am one of a multitude of people who have no doubt you are being used to promote the agendas of these other two people, that you are using this for your own financial gain, and, more likely than not, to take advantage of their promises to you to help you stay in the country legally.

The only difference between you and hundreds of other illegals is that you ended up in Meg Whitman's household. My question to Meg & her husband is why didn't they turn you in when they foumd out you were an illegal. That way you could not have come after hem in such a shoody and obviously politically motivated manner?

What is really sad about this is that it is "antics" like this that undermine the efforts of all of the Latinos who have come into the country legally, worked their tails off to provide a better standard of living for their families and bring incredible credit to their families and their heritage!

1419 days ago


go Jerry Brown.!

1418 days ago


Gloria Allred is a liberal bottom-feeder and left-wing nutcase, big supporter of Jerry Brown, she is doing all she can to try and help him. She is protecting an illegal over an American citizen. She should be disbarred. Why are illegals allowed to have lawyers at the expense of Americans?

Has Attorney General Jerry Brown filed charges against the illegal fraudster housekeeper? And if not, why not?

Has another "deal" been made by the corrupt Obama administration? Did they meet with Jerry Brown and Allred to offer Nicky amnesty in exchange for political gains by the Brown campaign? Democrats will say or do anything to hang onto the Latino votes --- EVEN IF IT MEANS SELLING OUT THE REST OF AMERICA TO DO IT.

We need to make them enforce the law. Illegal means unlawful. The housekeeper needs to be prosecuted OR be sent back to her homeland.

1418 days ago


The state is going to hell in a hand bag,and all we talk about is nanny-gate. what a bunch of b.s.

1417 days ago
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