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Meg Whitman: My Maid's Full of It

9/29/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's campaign just gave us documents suggesting that her former maid, Nicky Diaz Santillan, actually lied to Meg about her immigration status when she was hired back in 2000.

Whitman maid.

The documents, which Whitman claims Nicky filled out and signed back in 2000 during her application for employment, appear to show that the maid stated under the penalty of perjury that she was a "lawful permanent resident" of the United States.

Whitman also claims Nicky provided her with a social security card and valid California Driver's License with her employment application ... which Meg kept and has now handed over to TMZ.

Whitman has also issued a statement on the matter, saying ... "After 9 years of faithful service, Nicky came to us in June 2009 and confessed that she was an illegal worker."  Whitman continues, "Nicky has falsified the hiring documents and personal information she provided to the employment agency that brought her to us in 2000."

And, Whitman continues, "I believe Nicky is being manipulated by Gloria Allred for political and financial purposes during the last few weeks of a hotly contested election."

Whitman concludes, "This is a shameful example of the politics of personal destruction practiced by people like Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred.  The charges are without merit."


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Once again Jerry brown is not doing his Job. As A.G. why has he not filed charges or PROSECUTED under Calif. law -- V C Section 14610 Unlawful Use of License

1486 days ago


If Gloria and her client are such upstanding people, what are they doing with SS employment papers addressed to the Whitman family. Aren't these private, and why did Nikki Diaz keep them after 7 years and why did she remove them from the Whitman house. Is Gloria Allred promoting steeling paperwork from their employers and why is Gloria showing stolen paperwork on national TV, this has to be completely unethical she should be disbarred.

1486 days ago


This shows that the ultra-rich think of the poor as their own personal slave class. Meg is out of touch and personally mean. Don't let this woman, who hasn't voted since 1984, buy her way into the Gov.'s spot in CA.

1486 days ago


Just remember, everything in California costs more; and salaries in California have to be higher. $23.00/hr for a maid is probable on the low side!

1486 days ago


Yeah, $23.00/hr. is probably on the low side!

1486 days ago


Meg's husband signed the Soc. Security form and pushed it back on Nicky: "take care of this" The form was addressed to Whitman/Harsh. What if Meg had 2,000 illegal Mexican cotton pickers and Meg's husband had the illegal Mexican foreman take care of the Soc. Secuiry form for 2,000 illegals with phoney social security #s. Meg stinks!!!!

1486 days ago


I have had a Mexican cleaning woman for almost 14 years . I have paid taxes yearly .. she had her own social security card, I do not know if she had a green card . but she wanted to become a citizen . she worked hard . she became a US Citizen about a year ago . so why didn't meg's Nicky do the same thing? .. I believe meg about as much as I hated her on eBay .. she destroyed people there . she fired the good workers and outsourced a gazillion jobs . try and get an American to either talk on the phone or live chat . NO WAY .. we already have a senator who outsourced here .. let's NOT have a governor who will do the same .. she lost a case against an employee at eBay whom she slapped or beat up or something . NOT a nice person .. using eBay's corp. jet for all her family travels and who knows what else .. rather have Pierre Odymeyer run against Jerry or anyone . she will ruin CALIFORNIA in NO time and :( Let's hear from the agency ..
AS for the $23/hour . part of that probably went to the agency . I pay a LOT less than that . over minimum . but NOT that much.


1485 days ago


Soooooo....basically what I am seeing is that liberals support Social Security fraud and blame employers when they are lied to by those committing fraud. okay, thanks.....THANK YOU Gloria for reminding us we need to vote liberals out!

1485 days ago


So has the illegal alien been charged with identity theft for using someone else's social security number?I think she should of already been arrested..Meg did nothing wrong she didnt go to the local Home Depot parking lot to find a housekeeper.Gloria Alred is so annoying..

1485 days ago


This is ridiculous. This stupid mexican falsified a federal do***ent, and she is here illegally. Why isn't she being charged or deported? Instead she gets free representation from the jew **** Gloria Allred. And Gloria refers to her client as a "hero" and the "Rosa Parks of her time". Somebody tell me I am dreaming this whole thing.

1485 days ago


Let's see...Meg is shocked, shocked that the person she hired and worked for her for 9 years is illegal, and that the millisecond she found out, she fired her. Then we find out that the Social Security Administration sent her a letter telling her she was illegal 6 years ago. So Meg says that she and her hubby well, maybe got this letter, but that this illegal alien that she outsourced her mom job to must have stolen this letter by using her X ray eyes and seeing what was in the envelope, kind of like a latina James Bond. Then we find out that, well, her husband actually made notes on the letter, so the Latina James Bond story turns out to be total b.s.. So now Meg says that well, maybe we did see the letter, maybe we did read it, maybe we did know she was illegal, but it's all Jerry Brown's fault.

Lying much?

1485 days ago


Are people serious? This fired housekeeper is a CRIMINAL. It doesn't matter who? how? when? why? She is a criminal for being on our soil and for STEALING a social security number AND gave it to an employer to send to the IRS. Lying to the IRS. Is that not a crime? What politician doesn't have illegal workers? Don't forget the fact that she is a CRIMINAL. She owes a lot of back taxes. Would any American citizen get a free lawyer and media attention if we lied to the IRS and owed 9 years of back taxes?

1485 days ago

American IT Worker    

Meg Whitman calls for more H1B visas to give immigrants American tech jobs (

1485 days ago


isn't it illegal to use a phony Social Sequrity card. Why is she still walking around?

1485 days ago


I still love how everyone ignored the forged do***ents and checked marked box saying she can legally work.
That's a clear lie that's do***ented.
But nothing can be blamed on Meg other than not re-verifying, what the agency was supposed to do, until 9 years later.

This and Jerry mentioning to reporters to check on Meg to see if she has anyone illegal working for her weeks before this came out.
And then Jerry said he knows nothing about this...??
Good god man now THAT's a blatant lie.

1485 days ago
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