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Meg Whitman's Maid

on 'Jersey Shore'

9/29/2010 7:11 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Meg Whitman's undocumented former housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan at her Gloria Allred press conference on Wednesday (left) -- and "Jersey Shore" tantastic party girl Snooki in her booking photo back in July (right).

Neither was born in the United States.

We're just sayin'.


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They must be from the same tribe.

1486 days ago

bring back recent posts    

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..and btw...everyone BORN here, has a relative who wasn't BORN here somewhere in their geneology, what a dumbazz comment.

1486 days ago

who dat    

When Gloria kicks the bucket nobody will care. Many will most likely rejoice.

1486 days ago


Two umpa lumpas

1486 days ago


And NEITHER are ITALIAN!!! Snooki is a shameful wannabe! Maybe all the tanning will get to her and she'll keel over, one can only hope.

1486 days ago


what a sad sack! Poor little mexican girl you are so abused. Now you have to move from your home in brentwood. So in 2009 she canned you. Did you know that this is 2010 like September have you been in coma for the last few months that now you come forward? I smell Jerry Brown. Hey look how good he did for for Oakland didn't really slow the killings in Oakland. And now you are the DA and still no conviction for Anna Nicole's killers. Oh and there is the Lindsey thing. Great job you are doing. Or Not

1486 days ago


i can't believe that this woman can stir up such an uproar when she is the one that supposedly snuck into our country, been paid very well for housecleaning for years and years, enjoying our liberties and then has the cajones to claim that she was wronged! her behavior is disgusting! she should be immediately deported!

1486 days ago


They both SUCK!!1

1486 days ago


hey #4 At least my parents came in the front door and applied for cititzenship. Not sneak accross the border like a rat!.. Try engaging your brain before you type Jackass.

1486 days ago


Bien Venidos a los Estados Undios, pendeja!

1486 days ago


This woman needs to be arested and deported immediately.
Yeah, a Billionaire like Whitman, needs cheap illegal labor? What a joke, and another political attempt on Browns part. I was actually considering voting for him too. He's another s*** bag polititian. Whitman's not much better, but at least I know she's not doing it for the money, and hopefully she uses some of her axtra to help those less fortunate.

And Gloria Allred, your using illegal aliens to attack our own countryman, you are a traitor to the US. Such a ****roach you are Gloria, you need to Zen a bit lady, before you die an unhappy woman.

Oh yeah Harvey, it sure is obvious which way the show leans at times, even before you all know the whole story.

Fiction or Non-Fiction, Gossip or Fact?

1486 days ago


Must be a slow day in the news business..

1486 days ago


I admire miss Allred help with womens rights, But PLEASE, Gloria you should be deported with these ILLEGAL pos' ARE you really that desperate to get your ugly face in the news over nothing but a political stunt? DISGUSTING! I guess you havn't got the message that we don't want ILLEGAL ****roaches here!

1486 days ago


OMG #2, 7 and 13, you are so right!!!!! That stupid maid is only asking for money because this is the only way she can get some. Hope she gets out with nothing! If she was "abused" why didnt she leave???? OFf topic: She is ugly as hell!

1486 days ago


Hope that they both went through E-Verify, but seriously, why has the attorney, Gloria Allred, failed to get this person to ICE so that she can be immediately deported? There is NO excuse for any illegal alien to be identified but not deported. This is my country, and I demand the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens. Time to clean up America by getting illegals off my land, off my roads, out of my schools, and out of my country.

1486 days ago
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