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Michael Lohan Makes Move for Conservatorship

9/29/2010 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan will ask a judge to establish a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.

Michael met with attorney David Chon (left) today and will hire him to file conservatorship papers ... Chon specializes in trusts and estates.

We're told Michael has enough sense to know the judge isn't going to make him the conservator, so he has two other people in mind ... though he's not saying who.

Michael is saying, he doesn't want Dina Lohan or Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, to handle Lindsay's affairs because "they're in it for themselves."

Our sources say Michael plans on filing a petition for conservatorship "within days."


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bring back recent posts    

OK WUNDY...fair enough, I read beyond the caption, I'll judge in a million years will even hear what a convicted felon has to say about his adult daughters best interests and his recommendations, his time ran out when she hit 16!....opps...before that,....he was already a convicted felon.

1454 days ago


Yeah let two people who raised a girl who cant get her **** together and manage her own life take over and manage her life. They did such a fantastic job the first time around, lets have another go around. The lunatics running the asylum!

At least this dude isnt trying to get it himself, the only way a judge would appoint Dina is if he/she was bought. Lets see how much Lindsay's worth in Cali judicial system is this week!

1454 days ago

bring back recent posts typo on Wundy..just wanted to clear..

1454 days ago


he is really bad no joke about that but if it was true about dina trying to get a conservatorship over lindsey he may be trying to stop dina from getting it. it is kinda of sad because lilo doesn't think her mom is a problem, so if they fight over this lilo will back her mother, if it dose happen hopefully dina will not be in charge.

1454 days ago


well it wont be long and he will be shopping naked pics of Lilo to the tabloids...what a douche bag he is...

1454 days ago


She hasn't had a relationship with him in years, since he went after Sam publicly. No judge would force her to endure her criminal father, who has done disgusting things to her and hurt her career just as much as she hurt it herself. He's living in a dream world of Tom Ford Suits on his daughters dime, instead of the Old Navy he's sporting now. Please this guy stinks of financial malfeasance, it will never happen. Lou is considered a great manager with loads of experience, and she's a very honest person. If she wasn't she wouldn't be making Brittany money hand over fist. Lindsay hates her father has not desire to have him in her life, she stated it publicly over and over. Trying a hail Mary for money is sickening even for this **** heel. Go back to Lawng Eyland where you belong. Dina needs to move out to Cali with the rest of the kids, which will give Lindsay some family support locally. Mike is such a sickening excuse for a man. He's the main reason she's a mess. She hates his guts.

Anyone else notice Lisa Bloom is in the wind? Hahahhaha! He's a nut.

1454 days ago


Pedo Dad needs to STFU

1454 days ago


If he isn't the conservator, there is no risk! It's clear Dina Lohan should not have anything to do with Lindsay. She is the reason Lindsay's drug habit has gone on and on. She has taught LL to be a master liar and enables her.

Neither parent should be the conservator but somebody had better or Dina and Lou will drain Linds dry.

1454 days ago

Joe Blow    

I really hate these stupid spammers spamming their dumb spam sites. Die screaming, spam-tards.

1454 days ago

Joe Blow    

An honest question, is there any reason why Michael Jr. can't be the conservator? He's supposedly 22 right now, so he;s of legal age, and certainly seems to be the most level headed of anyone in that screwball family. Is it simply a case of the conservator has to be older than Lindsay, or is it something else? The rest of her family, Dina, Michael, etc., and her agents/business associates should have absolutely nothing to do with this, since they've all been shown to be nothing but a pack of enabling a-holes who are just after her $$ and have no regard for her well being, so I really don't know who else could or would be appointed the position.

1454 days ago


What does this guy do to support himself? Please let me know, because I want a job that allows me to fly back and forth between L.A. and NY every week to stalk family members, stand in front of cameras and tell the world that I am the only one who knows anything, go to jail every once in awhile for domestic violence, order up from the lawyer of the month club so they can help keep my ugly, freckled face out there and tell the world every intimate detail I know about my drugged out daughter. And they say we are in a recession? Apparently some jobs haven't been trimmed.

1454 days ago


Good! I hope he gets it. He cares about his daughter unlike they mother who does drugs with her.

1454 days ago


Open comment to Michael Lohan:

White after labor day..give me a break. YOU are insulting and most definitely stuck. YOU have other children. Where are they? With Dina. You need to Stop. Go away and do your own work. A photo of you going to a meeting..just saying. Then you can go on TV and earn the right to speak as a man, and a father. Instead, of paying for lawyers pay for ALL of your children's therapist.

GG - GROW up and GO away.

1454 days ago


technically I dont think you can get a conservatorship for lindsay because she hasnt gone mad, or crazy. She's just trying to recover from substance abuse. I think he's just a lame father, who doesnt know anything, and from what I read about from her brother he hasnt been part of her life for years

1454 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Great idea. Give some alcoholic convict control of another alcoholic convicts money.

1454 days ago
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