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Meg Whitman: Allred and Jerry Brown in Cahoots

9/30/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman says she's the victim of a political smear campaign-- engineered by Gloria Allred and Jerry Brown -- and she's suggesting her former housekeeper stole a critical piece of mail.


Whitman acknowledges former housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan confessed after 9 years she falsified documents.  Whitman says she was "shocked" and had no choice but to fire her for lying and breaking the law.

Whitman says Jerry Brown should be "ashamed of what his allies are trying to do here."

Whitman says her housekeeper is being used by "cynical people around her" -- i.e., Gloria Allred.

Whitman says she never received a letter from the Social Security Administration informing her there was an irregularity in Nicky's Social Security number.  Whitman says Nicky is the one who picked up her mail, so she may have intercepted it and never turned it over.

Whitman says she would take a polygraph test to prove that she's not lying.


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Sheila Shigley    

Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred's dirty smearing campaign is out of the line and I will vote for Meg Whitman although I am a Liberal.

1481 days ago


Sheila you are a fool - all of them running are gross. All of them. Meg is disgusting and if she is governor - your state will collapse on itself.

1481 days ago


I agree with #2. Neither of them is suitable. Thank God I don't live in CA.

1481 days ago


Meg loves hiring people from other countries, heck, she loves to just send the job right over to the other country!

She also loves to create money by raising fees. In the public world they call that taxes.

1481 days ago

JungleTails com    

Gloria Allred is SATAN'S evil sister!

1481 days ago


Idiot reporters missed this: She says that Nicky told her she would have to take some time off, but that she knew someone who could fill in, and Whitman AGREED to having that person fill in. Question: WHO WAS THAT PERSON? DID YOU CHECK THEIR IMMIGRATION STATUS?

What the hell are they teaching in journalism schools? This could be the smoking gun to take Whitman down.

1481 days ago


No Offense Sade but the State is already colapsing on itself! I do believe what she is else would Gloria A-hole have the do***ent? Hey maybe the maid had it!!

1481 days ago


This housekeeper just put her family in a whole heap of mess. Wonder how much they paid her to do this to her family and if it was worth it?

1481 days ago


Send her back to meh-he-co where she belongs! Or better yet, put her in jail! How has she been paying taxes with NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER????

1481 days ago


I was on the fence between Brown and Whitman. This pathetic stunt tips me to vote for Whitman and confirms that Gloria Allred is the most repugnant piece of sh*t around. She actually gives lawyers a bad name.

1481 days ago


I don't believe in someone else cleaning my house. When I clean, I KNOW it's clean. Working in a Microbiology labortory, I see a lot of bacteria, and it's nothing like cleaning your own because some just swipe and say it's clean. But, to each his own. Whether rich or not, people wouldn't run into this issue if they just stop being lazy and clean their own house. It seems like these housekeepers are out for blood. Look at Kobe's situation. It's just not worth it.

1481 days ago


First of all the I-9 submitted by the Whitman camp is incomplete. The I-9 is two-step do***ent...the potential employee/applicant fills out and attests that they are legal and then has to submit do***ents - Part A (passport etc.) - only one do***ent needed OR two do***ents from the list in Part B/C - THEN THE EMPLOYER MUST VERIFY THE DO***ENTS AND ATTEST THAT THEY ARE VERIFIED - THE EMPLOYER VERIFICATION SECTION IS NOT EXECUTED AND BLANK ON THE DOCS WHITMAN SUBMITTED IN HER DEFENSE. Further, Meggie is an employer of a lot of people so she knows good and well what completed I-9 forms look like. She is lying. She knows she is lying. Fake socials have been going on for years. Puerto Rico just invalidated ALL birth certificates because of the rampant fraud on them to gain status to work in the US. Our immigration laws are antiquated and do not work. Meg is a liar. Period.

1481 days ago


Allred is always at the head of the line of "give me, give me, give me."

1481 days ago


now i am sure whom i will vote for.. meg whitman.. jerry brown, you should have know this would backfire.. you dumb ass

1481 days ago


Meg lies with ease. She knew all along her housekeeper wasn't legal and she's now been caught. Look at the company she presided over for years! Even though it's a big name, it's an enormous mess and sinking fast - Google the numbers for eBay. I's falling like a rock. Do we want her running our state? NO NO NO.

1481 days ago
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