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Meg Whitman: Allred and Jerry Brown in Cahoots

9/30/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman says she's the victim of a political smear campaign-- engineered by Gloria Allred and Jerry Brown -- and she's suggesting her former housekeeper stole a critical piece of mail.


Whitman acknowledges former housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan confessed after 9 years she falsified documents.  Whitman says she was "shocked" and had no choice but to fire her for lying and breaking the law.

Whitman says Jerry Brown should be "ashamed of what his allies are trying to do here."

Whitman says her housekeeper is being used by "cynical people around her" -- i.e., Gloria Allred.

Whitman says she never received a letter from the Social Security Administration informing her there was an irregularity in Nicky's Social Security number.  Whitman says Nicky is the one who picked up her mail, so she may have intercepted it and never turned it over.

Whitman says she would take a polygraph test to prove that she's not lying.


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So if you get caught hiring illegals while you are running for governor it's somehow automatically assumed it's a smear campaign? What a load of crap she's hiding behind! Are all of you this gullible?

1491 days ago


I don't get why people keep saying this is a smear. The facts are she hired an illegal immigrant. Either she did not do a significant background check or she hired her knowing she was illegal. Both of those are irresponsible (at the very least) and make her not qualified enough to be governor. A smear would be to bring things out that are not true. She is not saying it isn't true that she hired a person that was illegal.

1491 days ago

Yep I said that    

Shut up Nutmeg Whitless and defend your self with out blamimg Brown

1491 days ago

Christina G.    

I believe Meg's version of events, especially if she takes a polygraph and passes. What I really want to know, though, is why ebay only hires Indians and Asians in the San Jose headquarters office, and why much of the web development work is outsourced to India? Jerry Brown, are you listening? There's a few votes here for you. TMZ, just call a pap in San Jose to stand outside the main door of the ebay office between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Just for fun, count the Indians leaving the office. And if you can find any, count the Americans.

1491 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Whitman plays loosely with the truth herself, now she's is blaming Brown for the mess and accusing the housekeeper of a Federal Offense ...stealing mail. Google Whitman she out sources jobs every where she has worked while gaining millions of dollars in compensation for herself

1491 days ago


I wish people would keep up with the story more accurately. Nicky was hired by an employment agency that is responsible for doing background checks, confirming legal status and following up if the I-9 is imcomplete or fraudulent. When using an employment agency, you have the expectation that they are following the law and doing their job; that's why you use them. The fact that Nicky and now, Allred has the SSA letter citing the discrepancy proves that there was a longstanding attempt on this woman's part to keep her illegal status a secret. If there was abuse then she could have quit or reported Whitman but then she would have been caught. It was her choice to deceive her employer, steal mail (which is a federal offense) to cover up her status and to ultimately stay making $23/hr (financial abuse my a$$). If she is stupid enough to be used by Allred and/or Brown then she deserves the company of those idiots. Oh yeah, and deportation.

1491 days ago


When is the BIG ONE going to hit California and put it out of its misery? Hope its on a day of a Tea Party convention at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Run good Californians run!

1491 days ago


Shame on Whitman for blaming Jerry Brown. I don't like Gloria Allred, I don't think that the maid/immigration issue is such a big deal really. With her billion dollars, I doubt that she would knowingly hire an illegal immigrant to save a couple of bucks. But i do find that her blaming Jerry Brown for her woes is a problem. There is absolutely no proof, and her attack on him shows a serious lack of character. I can't vote for this bitch now.

1491 days ago


@Aniki that is fine in good but the one problem with what you are saying is in 2003 either Meg's husband or Meg (or both of them) were made aware that the social security number did not match. Which is a red flag that the employee is an illegal. She did not steal the mail it was given to her by apparently Meg's husband.

1491 days ago


Of course she knew. Rich people love to get something for next to nothing--stinginess is one way they acquire wealth. The concept of fair wages means nothing to a capitalist, who would think of slavery as part of the "market".

I think the real issue here is how much she paid the maid. Did she pay her wages comparable to legal housekeepers, or did she use "illegal" status as an excuse to get someone else to do the "dirty work" that she is too good to do herself?

1491 days ago


Vee, do you make $23/hr? That's how much the illegal housekeeper was making. I'm sure you like to get something for nothing too. Was it your stinginess that got you un-wealthy.

1491 days ago


Meg looks like the Quaker Oats guy, or the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.

1491 days ago


Her lawyer looks like Barbara Boxer, but maybe it's just the hair style.
Subliminal message:
Barbara Boxer is sympathetic, therefore Democratic cohort Jerry Brown is also sympatico.
Liberal voters buy in but overlook the obvious - DEMS are for unions, which are totally against immigrant labor (legal and illegal) because it undercuts their wage objectives. Duh!!!

1491 days ago


sade- Just in case you didn't know (which is obvious)the 2 forms of ID's you talk about were not required until May 31st 2005.
I find it hard to feel sorry for an undo***ented worker that lied to get a job that pays that well. If she had continued her lie she would still be employed. Maybe, just maybe she was contacted after Whitman started her exploratory comittee and was given special favors to get fired and just now bring up the fact.

1491 days ago


I am not sure if this is true, although it seems quite likely.

But what about the fact that Meg Whitman's children have been kicked out of their schools for racist behaviors. One son was kicked out of his private high school for racist behavior and then had to attend the local public school and the other son was disciplined at Princeton for racist comments and behavior.

That is fact and can be substantiated. I think that is more serious than employing an illegal alien. The fact that her children both exhibit racist behavior means that it comes from that home.

Do we want a governor who is a racist???

1491 days ago
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