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Meg Whitman: Allred and Jerry Brown in Cahoots

9/30/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman says she's the victim of a political smear campaign-- engineered by Gloria Allred and Jerry Brown -- and she's suggesting her former housekeeper stole a critical piece of mail.


Whitman acknowledges former housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan confessed after 9 years she falsified documents.  Whitman says she was "shocked" and had no choice but to fire her for lying and breaking the law.

Whitman says Jerry Brown should be "ashamed of what his allies are trying to do here."

Whitman says her housekeeper is being used by "cynical people around her" -- i.e., Gloria Allred.

Whitman says she never received a letter from the Social Security Administration informing her there was an irregularity in Nicky's Social Security number.  Whitman says Nicky is the one who picked up her mail, so she may have intercepted it and never turned it over.

Whitman says she would take a polygraph test to prove that she's not lying.


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12:59 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Alice Do we want a governor who is a racist???
So you want a woman who lied, took a job away from an American citizen, did not pay her taxes for the last 9 years, stole mail-a felony, and is pandering to idiots like you to stay here in this country? And you cry racism? Look in the mirror honey people like you are the most deluded racists there can be.
1.) Microchip any caught illegal aliens so that if they return they can be tracked by a gps system.
2.) Repeal the anchor baby law.
3.) Increase legal penalties against coyotes.
4.) Place a bounty on illegal aliens.
There are over 14 million Americans out of work in this country who would love to work even for 15 hours a week at $23 per hour. Our social security system cannot afford to take care of the people who are law abiding citizens in this country so why shell out resources to people who ignore our laws? If a bounty were placed on illegal aliens then some of our citizens would receive an income, have a job and reduce the financial stress on our government budgets. They would be doing a great service for this country by getting rid of freeloaders.

1453 days ago


Thanks Allred, you've helped me make my choice to vote for Whitman. And why is this lady not in the custody of the INS?

1453 days ago


Gloria Allred is a liberal bottom-feeder and left-wing nutcase, big supporter of Jerry Brown, she is doing all she can to try and help him. She is protecting an illegal over an American citizen. She should be disbarred. Why are illegals allowed to have lawyers at the expense of Americans?

Has Attorney General Jerry Brown filed charges against the illegal fraudster housekeeper? And if not, why not?

Has another "deal" been made by the corrupt Obama administration? Did they meet with Jerry Brown and Allred to offer Nicky amnesty in exchange for political gains by the Brown campaign? Democrats will say or do anything to hang onto the Latino votes --- EVEN IF IT MEANS SELLING OUT THE REST OF AMERICA TO DO IT.

We need to make them enforce the law. Illegal means unlawful. The housekeeper needs to be prosecuted OR be sent back to her homeland.

1452 days ago

Asa Hearthrug    

Cahoots is a small town near Marysville, isn't it?.

1450 days ago


The way to solve this one: deport the illegal (BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW) and she deserves it for being a traitor, ignore Allred because attention is all she craves (but do it in a publicly dismissive way - torture), Vote against Brown because he orchestrated this and it is pure evil politics, vote for meg whitman because she will find out that the office of the governer is total hell, the state is in shambles and she will regret the day she aspired to this office. THEY ALL SHOULD PAY> Disgusting group of bottom feeding s***.

1448 days ago
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