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Dog Chapman Hospitalized in Los Angeles

10/3/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles last night after he was injured while on a bounty hunt, this according to his wife Beth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter hospitalized.
Dog was taken to UCLA Medical Center where he was treated for internal bleeding. His wife posted a statement on Dog's official website, saying, "He was admitted for tests for a possible blood clot following an injury he suffered on a bounty hunt. Duane is in very capable hands and and we thank everyone for their prayers."

He was released and is expected to make a scheduled appearance at at the Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose, CA.

UPDATE: This morning, Beth tweeted: "Yes dog is injured it is an occupational hazard that we deal with he is very strong and in excellent condition he will 4 sure survive."


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It's so appalling to me that this guy is on television making a fortune simply for behaving like the thug he is.

Dog Chapman is a killer. He murdered a man. And I don't care if some politician got him a pardon for it. His victim is still dead and he murdered him. Dog Chapman is a killer.

1447 days ago


This guy's a joke.

1447 days ago


Hang in there Dog! Take care of each other Chapman family. Sorry we missed visiting with you all at Frontier Days.

1447 days ago


Beth, your husband is in my prayers, God Bless you.

1447 days ago


That old wrinkley man with the goofy hair and his BIG bleach blond wife? OMG , you mean that show is still on?

1447 days ago


I had so much to say. Then I read all of the comments and it is all here. Minus the inbreds that say something nice about these hillbillies.
Dog, I've seen mangy dogs that look better than you. Beth, just because they have implants available, doesn't mean that you have to have each size stuffed into your chest. Do they ever see her running in heels while chasing the drugged out wits that ran? Doubtful. If she trips, she would stick into the ground. The "brother" that really isn't one, why claim to be related to this petri dish of a family. The children, oh the children. Born to s***, no real hope of being more than their parents.
Dog, get a haircut, button up your shirt, stay out of Stay Tan. Beth, get therapy.

1447 days ago


We have a friend of our family who's a bail bondsman/bounty hunter who has been doing this sort of work for decades. It's dangerous and it takes a "very special" type of person to sleuth around at "their own peril" as means to track someone down. I pray that "DOG" has a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, he's probably become entirely "too high profile" to discretely track criminals on his own. It may be time for him to think about training other much younger "street savvy" people to do it.

1447 days ago


Get well soon, Dog. Might want to slow down a bit - age gets to all of us.

1447 days ago


Why is everyone on here so full of hate? How can you honestly be so consumed with evil thoughts and wishes towards other people? It's really scary to know that there are so many people out there that actually feel this way about other people. At least they turned there lives around and are doing good things for other people. They actually care about the future of our children and are trying to help people clean up their lives.
The Chapman family are in my prayers.

1447 days ago


I wish Dog and his family all the best. Almost every comment posted is harsh. God is the one that is judging all. Karma is a bitch, if he is untrue!

1447 days ago


I would like to thank Duane and Beth & Family for what they do. God Bless them! for somebody needs to clean up the GARBAGE that pollutes this world, and make it a cleaner place, so we can raise our children in a safe enviorment. So instead of making rude comments, you should be thanking him. I know i thank the good lord for putting him {family}, on this earth for us. Thank you Dog and as always, GOD BLESS!

1447 days ago


uh oh! ucla, huh? well go to ucla with a little cut on yer finger, and you might end up leaving dead. great hospital, i must say....from the outside.

1447 days ago


dog clean yourself up ,you look like a dogs breakfast..
A&E put something on so everybody can enjoy watching

1447 days ago

jack e. jett    

What happened is that he went a day withoug someone recognizing him and it caused his already fried brain to stroke out.

They are not sure yet if they are going to have to put him down.

1447 days ago


Hope none of the Drs were black after his N***er comments from before.

1447 days ago
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