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Susan Boyle

Screw 'Talent'

I'm Going 'Dancing'

10/4/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone in the U.S. hates Susan Boyle -- TMZ has learned the singer will return to The States to perform on "Dancing with the Stars" ... just weeks after she left "America's Got Talent" in tears.

Susan Boyle Dancing with the Stars
Sources tell us Boyle is scheduled to perform on Tuesday's live show -- and unlike her experience on "Talent" ... we're guessing she'll make "Dancing" producers clear the song she wants to sing -- "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen -- before she touches down on American soil.

As TMZ first reported ... Boyle was blindsided moments before she was supposed to perform on "America's Got Talent" last month ... when she found out Lou Reed wouldn't give her permission to sing his hit "Perfect Day." Boyle was so devastated, she broke down in tears and caught the first plane back to the U.K.

But Susan has a pretty good history with "Dancing" -- last year, she appeared on the show to perform her signature song, "I Dream a Dream" ... and that went off without a hitch.


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I don't understand why people are so cruel here. If you don't like someone, why did you even bother to comment?

Despite Susan's disability, she has overcome her problem and went after her dream. What is wrong with that? Those of you who left unkind comments about this lovely woman really have to think twice about yourself. You are all heartless.

Susan Boyle is a kind and generous woman. Yes, she has a disability but that is not her fault. She has one of the most angelic voices in the world. I love her 1st album and I am looking forward to geting her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th..... album. I will support her forever.

1391 days ago


Funny, some of these comments are exactly the kind I read before and after the finals of BGT. And you know what, Susan Boyle became a top seller. Ha, ha, ha. Keep commenting away, if it makes you feel better, but she is laughing all the way to the bank. And, yes, I do love her voice, her personality and everything about her.

1391 days ago


I have her first cd. It's fantastic!! And who the hell is Lou Reed anyway? Maybe 16 people have heard of him?

1391 days ago


posted by Gloria:
"Hey John did you know susan boyle would have to sell 65 million copies of her first cd to go 65 times platinum that is a record not even micheal Jackson, the beatles or elvis sold that many copies of there Debut album."
Susan did go 65x platinum - her total worldwide. Platinum doesn't mean 1 million sales in other countries - only the USA. Obviously, Susan is popular around the globe.

You need to learn something about the music business.

1391 days ago


Watch! A record producer will say no to a song that Susan Boyle will sing and she's cry & go to back England again! =P

1391 days ago


Most of you are pricks. Is she nbice looking? No. Does she have emotion issues? Yes. But Lou Reed is a prick for just not saying ok for a women who can, and she can sing extremly well; who will not sell many CD's, but is giving her a chance to do with what she can. If ugly people can act and get inot big movies, why can someone sing and make a decent living off it?

1391 days ago


I don't think she's unstable as much as just a simple woman who's whole life, til just a couple of years ago, was devoted to taking care of her mother. Her life experiences didn't prepare her for fame. I do like her singing and wish her the best.

1391 days ago


You don't like Susan's voice, her music choices, her looks, her actions. Could you tell me then why you're here reading an article about her?

1391 days ago


Susan Boyle has the voice of an angel. We have her first CD and have the next on order. Some posters here have exceedingly ugly hearts and should not say anything if they have nothing nice to say.

1391 days ago


(the debster is right on)
People who hate her because of her looks, probably think the Rolling Stones are a good looking group.
The "media", raises celebrities up and them down. Thoughts & prayers for Susan.

1390 days ago


There are some factions in the music industry that don't want Susan Boyle to succeed, what was done to her at America's Got Talent was cruel and the press has been harsh this year. I was really looking forward to her appearance on DWTS tonight and hope she quickly recovers from her illness and can be re-scheduled.

1390 days ago


Last night on DWTS they said Michael Bolton would be performing in place of Susan Boyle. So now she IS going to be on?

1390 days ago

jack parker    

Right on, #33...but, you know what? Susan Boyle, as things appear at present, is too good for the music business.

And yes, Ms. Cretin of Comment #l, she sells albums...How about biggest selling debut album in history? And yes, again, millions obviously love her music.

1388 days ago
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