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Judgment Day in 'Sister Wives' Polygamy Case

10/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fate of the polygamist family featured in the TLC show "Sister Wives" is now in the hands of county prosecutors ... TMZ has learned.


The Utah County Attorney has confirmed ... the Lehi Police Department has completed their felony bigamy investigation into Kody Brown and his gigantic family -- and the case has been turned over to the Utah County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to charge the family with a crime.

In Utah, bigamy can get you 5 years in prison ... though it's rarely prosecuted.

Kody Brown -- who has 3 wives, a fiancée and 13 children -- claims he was aware of the risk he was taking when he decided to put his family on the TLC reality show ... but insists it was a "risk worth taking."


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If two men and two womwn can get maried, why not one man and many wives or one woman and many husbands.

Just saying!

1442 days ago

lost grrl    

The problem with prosecuting bigamy/polygamy is that the very existence of one marriage license makes any subsequent marriages void. They are not considered marriages in any legal way so technically you cannot actually be guilty of polygamy...attempted polygamy maybe. And I HIGHLY doubt that this family has a marriage license for any marriage beyond the first. Cohabitation with multiple lovers is not a crime. That is why these cases are so rarely prosecuted. Although I could never do this as long as there is no forced marriage/relationships, no underage marriages/relationships, no child abuse and they are not using the marriage loophole to collect government assistance for the kids then just leave them alone. Don't waste tax payer dollars on these losers.

1442 days ago


Since it's ok to be illegally here in this country (btw, google what Mexico does with their illegal aliens and did you know we are giving them millions to build a fence on THEIR southern border so THEY can keep out THEIR illigal aliens?) and it's ok to ignore the law of the land otherwise and have multiple wives (the Muslims do it too here - google it!) and every hollywood twitface gets away with murder, just why, exactly, should I bother obeying the law?

1442 days ago


that's hilarious! someone actually made the comment here of why couldn't there be a woman with many husbands! LOL! Can you imagine men sharing one wife? It's always ok for men to screw however many women will let them but there is definitely a double standard the other way around. I'm still laughing!

1442 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I say the babe in pink takes down the other sistahs if there is ever a smackdown.

1442 days ago


We have more far worse things in this world to worry about than someone elses life. They are grown adults who have chosen this path and who are you to judge! They obvioulsley take well care of all of their children and work jobs to do so. (Not on welfare and tax payers paying for them) By watching the episodes, it is also obvious that the women are not brain washed. They seem like everyday women. I wish them luck and hope all is well for each and everyone of the family members!!

1442 days ago


What are the chances a black or latina would put up with this *******. ZERO! All the wives are jealous of each other and cry all the F-ing time about "jealousy" issues. Hey put the twinkie down and grow a backbone women! I think it's hysterical that people think this lifestyle is okay. Damn white folks are so racists but every serial killer is white and they come up with WACKY arrangements like this one. I actually watch the show and all the wives have ZERO self esteem. They are OBESE! SAD! and say they are happy but break down when he leaves to go "courting". I call it cheating but I guess "courting" sounds cuter. One daughter already says she wants NOTHING! to do with the lifestyle----so sad she needs to be subjected to such abnormal living arrangements. He's banging four chicks that should be the name of the show not sister wives. Hey Im nailing four ugly chicks has a much better ring to it. Please convict him. Id love to see him take on husbands in jail. The new girlfriend says things like we aren't married so its not proper to live together? But it's proper to expose your children to this freak show? Self centered morons plain and simple

1442 days ago


Please leave these people alone; they are not hurting anyone! It's too bad that the police, FBI, Children and Family Services and everyone else can't raid Bountiful and Warren Jeffs compounds and rescue the children who are being exploited and sexually abused and not receiving any education. Kody and his wives love their children, they are being educated and are allowed to chose their own spouses when they're ready.

1442 days ago


"the risk was worth taking", as in the paycheck was worth it.

1442 days ago


ew how desperate can these woman be... thats pathetic.

1442 days ago


I don't know any gays with more than one partner, unless ofcourse its an orgie, not a life long partner. No comparison there. Do we really believe there's a schedule? Thats the producers making it acceptable to viewers. I have not and will not watch the show. Having to watch the commercials is plenty enough to see the mental illness issues. Look at the guys face when he asks "whats normal about a normal family?" he looks psychotic, and I personally believe he needs the
What about the woman who comments on the other women having sex. She says "they better be", she sounds like a madam talking about one of her workers. It's about sex and not a loving home. He's just way to giddy about the subject and pretty much laughing in our faces. The people here saying to leave them alone are hypocrites. You want us to watch s*** and accept the opinions of sexual deviants but you don't want people to express their opinions. Leave us alone. by the way which one of the four 'sisters' are you? I have a couple guys who would love to join your family and be on the 'schedule' with you and your man.

1442 days ago


How is he supporting this large and growing family???

1442 days ago


This guy always has a smirk on his face like he's the cat who just ate the canary.

1442 days ago


I'm from Utah and recently moved to Boston and people ask me all the time how many wives my dad has! I'm pissed! Stupid idiots trying to make a quick dollar. I'm questioning if this is real, because I've seen bigamists in Utah and they wouldn't DARE go public with it! Not only for the safety of not getting arrested, but also for the safety of their family. Although the family really isn't safe cause they are abusive and crazy. just sayin'.

1442 days ago


52. They aren't putting anyone in danger and they chose this lifestyle. Everyone needs to take a minute and think about what's important.

Posted at 7:16 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Jen

Really Jen? Did the innocent children choose this lifestyle? What's important is the children, not some loser hiding behind any god to justify his filthy self-satisfaction. And these women are just pathetic. Low Self-Esteem? Hardly, it is purely pathetic!

Hey California Taxpayers, I say you should ship OctoAnalLips to Utah - hell, she's already got 14 kids that need a daddy and a bunch of momma's to take care of them! Problem solved.

1442 days ago
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