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'Dexter' Star Sues -- Medical Prop Almost Killed Me

10/6/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brando Eaton -- who recently starred on "Dexter" -- claims he needed counseling for some terrifying flashbacks ... but not because he played the son of a killer -- it's because he was on "Miami Medical."

Brandon Eaton sues.

Eaton claims he was the victim of a horrifying prop mishap on the set of the failed medical show last year -- when he played a character who was supposed to be shocked with a cardiac defibrillator ... but the prop medical device wasn't really a prop.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the 24-year-old claims the prop company failed to inform the actors that the defibrillator on set was a "real working device" -- so when another actor applied it to Eaton's chest for a scene ... it sent real electrical charges through his body.

Eaton claims he had to be rushed to the hospital -- and afterward, needed "treatment and counseling for the anxiety, flashbacks and apprehension from this incident."

In his suit, Eaton claims he could have been killed -- and wants the prop company to fork over some serious cash for the alleged mishap.


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There is no way this could have happened. These machines are made to detect a pulse, and if no pulse is found- then and only then will the machine shock a patient. This is the primary function of the machine, and I find it hard to believe that all three triggers failed to detect a pulse on a living patient. I am a certified cardiographic technician, and deal with all types of difibulaters. I’m calling his BS, he must be having a hard time finding work.

1447 days ago

Y do he got    

IS harvey DEXTER? why does dexter the go on and on? and a rehash from the 1970`s at that.I think the real dexter would be PO`ed and go after the actor?Is that harvey?

1447 days ago


Awww, BS!!! If the defibrillator sent an electrical charge into him, it would have stopped his heart!!!! I'm betting he just freaked-out from people telling him it was a real defib, which I don't doubt it was, and thus giving a placebo effect. You can charge the defib and then discharge it without sending an electrical pulse.

1447 days ago

Y do he got    

Jsut send him bak over to dexter and tell dex the kid is murdering little girls and that he is NOT his kid.Is that kid a son OF HARVEY sure loks like IS HARVEY DEXTER SHOE prints?

1447 days ago

Y do he got    

does DEXTER still sell shoes called dexter`s? does harvy still wear DEXTER`s?

1447 days ago


Hmmm...this is REALLY OLD news..what's next? Are you gonna report Jon-Erik Hexum dying on the set of "Cover up?"

1447 days ago


This is shocking.

1447 days ago


He claims that the defibrillator was from a Hollywood prop company - not from an actual medical facility or used by trained medical personnel (but they played one on TV...) -- so, the prop company should have been providing equipment that either didn't work or was rigged to just show the lights and beeps but no shock or have had the equipment inspected to make sure it was safe before renting it out to a production company.

Either way, these shows/movies/etc have to carry insurance for a reason... and this is it.

I actually thought the kid did a really good job on Dexter, but if i got shocked for realz with something that wasn't supposed to work at all I'd probably be all traumatized and **** too.

1447 days ago

kelly smith     

Wow, that's crazy. I can't believe they didn't tell him it was real! That's ridiculous.

1447 days ago


I just had CPR training and with the defribillator, it's made that if it detects a heartbeat it will not shock you for that reason. There is something wrong with his claim.

1447 days ago


This is going to be one quick settlement. For you dumbasses who doubt the story's veracity -- THIS WAS FILMED. Play for a jury footage of an actor being shocked with a real defibrillator and this case is over. Done.

Mishaps are common place on sets. But clearly the response by the producers and prop company resulted in this suit being filed. An actor isn't a piece of meat. They put their safety on the line when asked to perform a stunt. If someone was dumb enough TO NOT DEACTIVATE a working defibrillator and then use it in a scene -- then that someone should be fired and that company should go out of business. THAT PROP SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ALLOWED ON SET IN THE FIRST PLACE. By some of these comments, you think if he'd been shot by a gun while filming it's okay because he's still alive. Get real. This is worse than a loaded gun. This is a machine that effects the electric impulses that keep our hearts beating.

Don't blame the victim, in this case the actor. Blame the producers, director and prop manager who allowed these cir***stances to unfold in the manner in which they did.

And if it's really no big deal, then I suggest you go ask someone to give you a defib jolt at it's lowest setting and see what that feels like.

Most you ******* complaining about this lawsuit wouldn't touch your tongue to a 9 volt.

1447 days ago


Next scene, cement shoes. Don't worry its not real.

1447 days ago


He recently "starred" on Dexter? What an incredibly liberal interpretation of the word starred. I'll assume his P.R. firm wrote the story.

1447 days ago


What a *****.

1447 days ago


WOW. There are so many of you that watch too much TV. A defib corrects an abnormal pulse. But for TV, it looks more dramatic to use a defib to shock a person back to life.

1447 days ago
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