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Octomom Can Wash Foreclosure Right Outta Her Hair

10/7/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's in luck -- she's been offered another get-rich-quick opportunity that doesn't involve nudity ... just some bizarre hair washing and a little tickle, tickle ... for a fetish website.

1006_nadya_suleman_doc_launch_EX (the same site that offered LiLo $50,000 to pop some balloons) just sent Nadya Suleman a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- offering her $20,000 ... and all she has to do is wash her hair on camera and put up with a little tickle torture.

The $20,000 can easily cover Octo's $7,500 in back mortgage payments -- and we're told that might just buy her extra time to come up with the $450,000 she owes on top of that.



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her own actions degrade her on a daily basis. thats why this element is attracted to her, what dignity and respect does she have to lose? that train left the station years ago

1443 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Too bad no one is making these kind of offers to people that are still homeless 5 years after Hurricane Katrina. Apparently that wouldn't generate enough publicity or rights to a reality show.

1443 days ago


I think she should take up the VIvid offer. She has a good face for porn and great lips. I for one would pay to see her in some gangbang action. Bukkake and some internal ***shots would be great too.

1443 days ago


Are you kidding me? Who wants to see her being tickled? Just hearing her laugh makes me want to slap her. Insane.

1443 days ago


I'm still processing the fact that, two weeks ago, she claimed she was "destitute" and only had enough money left to buy food for a week but then she got busted shopping for crap at Target yesterday.

1443 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

"I am THRILLED for Nadya! She held out for some hope and here it is! DO IT!" ---JLS

I am thrilled for the taxpayers. DO IT!

1443 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

Octomom will not do the gig. She's delusional enough to believe that someone will take pity on her kids and pay for her woes. Won't happen though!

1443 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Yea, she got caught by a tweeter with a cell phone.... I guess she is NOT destitute. And I hear she went to Disneyland a few days ago. I guess she doesn't really need any money.
Hey is YOUR right to have your opinion and defend Nasty. However you have to pick a side on this new offer. Either you want her to do it or you do not.

Funny how the rest of us have no problems deciding....

Me? It is dirty but legal work and it saves the taxpayers from paying her welfare money. She already has a DD+ chest and blubbery lips for sucking....AND wears skanky hoe outfits. She might as well get paid for being slutty.

Her kids already can see that she is trashy. To them, that is normal for a mother.

I say DO IT! Though the Vivid porno offer is better paid!

1443 days ago


I don't see as it makes any difference. She will just go to Target,
Disneyland,get a mani/pedi, if she gets her claws on money.
She's had all kinds of money.
She gets what she wants, and somebody pays the bills if there is any left.
She was seen by 3 tweeters yesterday,one with photo, at Target.
That's not exactly a place to buy the necessities of life.
No boobs out then,she had on a tight hoodie with her head covered.
Actually, shame suits her.

1443 days ago


I cannot believe how cruel people are to her.I think people need to think about the children who need food ,clothing and s place to live.I blame her doctor the important thing is the innocent children who did not ask for this.Its time fomoneyr someone with money or contact a person in goverment to help the kids.Please people help this lady feed her kids Eileen

1443 days ago


@eileen, Get a grip ,girl! Nadya has forgotten more about government
programs than most people will ever even begin to know.
Just go to her beg site, and give her every penny that you have.
You'll get a warm? feeling, and she'll get a shopping rush.

1443 days ago


"Just because Nadya had 14 kids does not make her a sex attic"
Posted at 4:58 AM on Oct 7, 2010 by Kimba10

I agree Kimba10. Nadya Suleman is clearly more of the sex "basement" kind of woman.

1443 days ago


I really can't understand why this womans bad decisions are the publics problem. Just didn't ask the public what we thought before she paid to have a litter of eggs implanted into her body, Just didn't ask what the public thought of her spending her cash for plastic surgery, when her parents who she was living with for free with her 6 children were heading toward eviction. Her decisions. I will never watch that woman, I think she is a poor role model for any human. She thought she had a get rich quick scheme, it backfired on her because she is an idiot. I have not watched this woman, will never watch anything she is on or affiliated with. And, I do not feel guilty for the children enough to endure the mother trying to cash in. There are plenty of poor children out there, why isn't anyone outraged about that? Why dont they offer those mothers shows and deals? There are plenty of children whom are being evicted with their parent. Hello, anyone seen the economy lately? I bet those parents were scraping to get by, not spending like there is no limit buying cosmetics and panties at a high end store. She continues to make poor decisions, and I for one am not bank rolling her stupidity.

This is a bad situation by Sulemans own design. If anything is down we should rescue the children from this half baked womans influence.

1443 days ago


Octomom and that mistress of Mel Gibson look identical and interchangeable and I'm so sick of hearing about both of them. YAWN YAWN. Please stop writing about them!

1443 days ago


To heck with what she is doing. Who is checking on the welfare of the children.

Harvey, will you please block, ban or something to the above advertisements....? I don't advertise my business here.


1443 days ago
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