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Bam Margera

Private Screening of

'Jackass 3D'

10/7/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera's nearest and dearest just got their first whiff of the latest bone-crushing "Jackass" installment ... thanks to an invite-only screening set up by Bam himself.

Bam held the private screening of "Jackass 3D" on Tuesday night in his hometown of West Chester, PA -- where a theater full of people ... including his mother/co-star April ... showed up to check it out.

Hopefully, someone gave Bam a giant high five for setting it up.


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Jimmie boy has emotional problems and it's obvious not only is he either physically or just mentally young he's got a boy crush on Bam... It's obvious he doesn't have thick skin. Anyone who's spent any time online wouldn't be picking fights. Like that would happen. This whole sister thing is just weird, get some self esteem and let it slide. My guess is Bam and your supposed sister would be embarrassed to see you floundering here at TMZ... With your attitude I'm sure you will find quite a few guys that would be more than happy to buy you a one way ticket so that you could meet them and their welcoming party for you and your bad ass family. No return ticket needed tough guy..... Enjoy the movie....

1452 days ago


HAHAHAHA..ok. its time to grow up people. i am not picking a fight with anybody. Go back and read the postings again people. you all got more involved in trying to argue with me then anything else. I only got on here because a friend of mine told me about the posting where somebody said my sister was a ex stripper and coke head. There is no call for that. If you actually read any of my postings you will see that i said to get back to reality.
Also. I dont care if anybody believes that she is my sister or not. I am not here to have anybody believe me. Can any of you tell me that you wouldnt protect your sister's name?? What kinda brothers are you.
I am far from a young boy also.
Now that i have said enough about this whole subject. Move on and get to posting some positive stuff for a change.
Later people

1452 days ago


fyi that wasnt missy in his birthday pics. i thought the same thing but it wasnt her it was tammy. listen to radio bam, i used to love bam now i think hes kinda pathetic. grow up rich boy money cant buy love it buys cokeheads like tammy

1452 days ago


Tammys not a coke head hahah where did u guys get that from

1451 days ago


erm , yes that was missy in his bday pics , tammy looks nothing like missy , its defo missy in them pics and no sign of tammy ?

mate, i suggest you get back wth missy hun ,u were meant to be , and obvisouly still have feelings as spending 'specail times' together and no sign of your current GF ? weird id say !

1449 days ago


to number 11 - that girl is more like just a friend and she does look like a man. The only resemble that she and Tammy have is dark hair. He loves dark haired girls. LOL - Missy still hangs on because **** I would too, how is she going to afford the lifestyle that Bam gave her

1448 days ago


One more thing everyone should stop saying Tammy is a coke head when she clearly is not. If I recall Missy did heroin, coke and smokes pot on a daily basis and became a hypocrite when Bam didn't want to stop. Everyone close to Bam knows that Missy wants him to grow up and the reason he has what he has is because he does what he does. By the way, Tammy blows away any girl I have ever seen him in pics with especially Missy and she is about 8 - 10 years older then her. Good going Bam

1448 days ago


This movie's gonna rock.

1447 days ago


Mark, you're obviously just on here to defend Tammy, which is understandable, but there's no reason to start spewing stuff thats not true. The reason all those rumors about Tammy are floating around is because her ex-husband and his friends are going around talking **** about her. Jealousy brings out the worst in people. Plus, you really have no clue what you're talking about in regards to Missy being a druggie. You must be confusing her with his other ex Jenn. SHE was the one who was on heroin and coke. Yeah, Missy smokes pot once in a while but you would too if you were married to a selfish douche like Bam. If Bam doesn't tolerate his best friend being an addict what makes you think he would tolerate his wife doing it? Oh Im sure Missy had many near death overdoses and rehab stints along with Novak. Give me a break. What else did the gossip fairy tell you? Since you seem to know so much about the people involved.

1447 days ago


great pics of bam and tammy! i dont see why they would let that psycho stalker fan in their pic with them..her and her ugly hair poofy !

1437 days ago


I Love Bam. And I Say To The haters Why Pick Fights And Start **** Over The Internet. There's No Use It's Just A Big Waste Of Time. Missy And Bam Haven't Been Together For Awhile Now. But They See Each-Other Once A Week For Counseling For The Marriage. Missy KNOWS He Has Another Gf. It's All On His Wikipedia And ****.
Tammy Is Pretty And I'm HAPPY For Bam. How The Hell Do You Guys Know She Does Coke And Is A Coke Head And An Ex-Stripper. You Hear Rumors About ****. No One Actually Knows But Bam And Her And There Family And Friends. And you Guys Just Know Bam For What He Is Like On Screen. You Don't Know What He Is Like Off Screen... Just Saying. I Don't Want To Start ****. Because I Find This Pathetic. So All Of You Have A Nice Day And Lifes! :)
BTW Bam Doesn't Look Bad....!

1381 days ago
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