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Miley's New Music Video -- To Be Expected

10/8/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After baring her back in Vanity Fair, dancing on a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards, grinding on her adult male director, simulating a girl-on-girl kiss on "Britain's Got Talent," and showing up barely dressed to the MuchMusic Video Awards ... 17-year-old Miley Cyrus still managed to shock people with her racy new video, "Who Owns My Heart."

Miley Cyrus New Video.

Why is anyone surprised?


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No Name    

Little slut. That's all she is. And you wonder why girls her age get raped, because of sluts like her. I don't let my niece watch Hanna Montana anymore.

1475 days ago


Oh! Come ON!!! Not Another "like a virgin" video...
They seriously need to take her masturbation rights away..This girl is way sexually active....It goes to shows you how little girls wont shut up and want to keep talking about their first time to everyone, About being "Touched" and how good it feels!! just to let her ex boyfriend know about it and put it on a video. wake the fck up! we don't care if you got touched!

You need help!! selling your self wont get you any ex boyfriend back....why am i not surprise after the whole scandal with her ex boyfriend who dumps her after getting "SOME" and runs like hell and cheats and gets caught from this nub job "like every guy would after getting sex" its no drainer why she is doing this...this is like...a "hey i'm naked and want you to touch me again, ohh and i'm better then any other girl you cheat on me with video" Duh!! we get it!! kiddie porn video for the ex to watch..just sick!

learn to do self esteem videos better!! you need serious help! get over it!! and get a vibrator.

1475 days ago


Hey Miley will be 18 soon. Just let her be. She is very hot and has loads of talent at this time. Let Miley go. Not bad. I was with girls back in 16. Let her be a women. Needs that..Best All..

1475 days ago


Can't this be seen as a form of child pornography? She is still 17. Its still illegal to circulate pics of "underage girls in their undies. Would not a music video of one be the same? It isn't her in a bikini swimming or tanning. It is her in provocative clothing and provocative positions. Child porn.

1475 days ago


She looks and acts like a slut.

1475 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Damn. Her voice is terrible. If a duck could sing, I would imagine it would sound like this. Monotonous Nasal Rubbish.

1475 days ago


If it looks like a Hoe and acts like a Hoe and dresses like Hoe and stanks like a Hoe. It's a Hoe.

1475 days ago


Nice try, but she is not ready to be sexy, she does not do it well yet. I see her body, it´s cool but not sexy and she has bad control trying too hard. Step back Miley, take a good look at this video then step back. Your day will come. Stop believing the bull**** you are hearing and have your dad clean house.

1475 days ago


Not so much racy as hideous. Her looks for this video are unique but not in a good way, the whole 50s spanish whatever look in her video is awful and the sky high shoulders pad and strange robotic stiff movements--ugh! It reeks of gaga wannabe but a bad cheap imitation of it. Miley, you were better off getting people talking by being sexy then freakish. Yuck!

1475 days ago


Hate her!

1475 days ago

you know it    

Satan owns your heart. Smut.

1475 days ago


A slut is a slut at any age.

1475 days ago


One Word comes to mind SLUTTY

If they did away with Voice Synthesizers Miley , Justin Beaver,Brit and GagGag would be over with.

1475 days ago


I'd like this song better if Brit sang it.

1475 days ago


come on guys, i think she is very talented singer. she is becoming an adult and although i feel she is still young, she wants to broaden her music base and also as an artist explore different arena.

i didn't think this video was any big deal. all you see is the dancing on a crowded dance floor and there wasn't anything racy as far as i can tell...she was wearing clothing and you couldn't see any of her private parts..just long legs.

she has one hell of a voice and i see another hit coming her way.

1475 days ago
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