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MMA Pro to Gay Kids -- Got a Bully? Let Me at 'Em!

10/8/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Undefeated MMA badass Daniel Puder is laying the blueprints for a nationwide gay-bullying crackdown -- here's how it works: 1) send the dude an email, 2) dude flies to your school, 3) no more bully.


The issue of bullying has clearly made an impact on the former WWE star ... who recently blogged, "There is an issue with our society when gay young kids are getting bullied to the point they are killing themselves."

But after scarfing down a burger at Stout in L.A. last night -- protein-style, obviously -- Puder hatched a new plan ... telling us, "Anybody that's getting bullied in the whole U.S. can shoot me an email at dp@knockoutsgym.com."

He adds,"You email me, I'll go fly to your school ... and we'll go talk to the bullies for you."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make 500,000 bullies crap their pants at once.

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Yikes! What's that smell? Smells like another ripped from the TMZ headlines for a new Lawnorder SUV....

1446 days ago


Aren't most of the kids in the news in the last year, who've killed themselves after bullying, been heterosexual or have MS or been just a little different. I mean two of those high profile bullying cases involve gays. Why not help everybody instead of just gays.

1446 days ago


I went to high school with Daniel Puder at Monta vista high. He and his friends beat more of jumped some kid so bad that he had to go the hospital was out of school for like a week and a half I had most of my classes with this kid. He was a good friend. so who is the bully now.

1446 days ago


Somebody send him an email to go get in Mel Gibson's face. Mel has been a major azzhole for a long time. He's obviously in need of an attitude adjustment when it comes to bullying women like Oksana.

I bet Mel would be a total coward if an MMA trained fighter got in his face. Mel only knows how to terrorize women you see. That's how these bully boys usually are. They go after the weaker people like women instead of getting in a man's face and showing how tough they are.

1446 days ago

Pound Sand    

Well I can see the kids on on Mommy and Daddy's computer again. You homophobes make me sick. I don't wish anything bad on you but I do feel sorry for you!

1446 days ago


So WHY is all the attention for just GAY bullying? Why can't it be for ALL bullying in general????

1446 days ago


Gay kids are not kiling themselves becasue they are being bullied, they are hurting inside, probably from more at home unacceptance. Then the bulling just adds fuel to their insecure dispositions, and then you get helplessness.
It satrs at home, gay or straight. PERIOD!

Lets try to remember, we are all human beings, FIRST!

1446 days ago



Actually, I think whoever wrote #3 and #11 is the same person, most likely a pathetic loser who enjoys getting attention by shocking people but lacks the wit to do it in a creative manner.

1446 days ago

Awful Me    

**** this guy.

Undefeated MMA badass....he beat 8 nobodies. His opponents combined record is 34 and 40.

This guy is a wannabe/never will be. The highlight of his life was being on the wwf want to be a wrestler gimmick and breaking from the script and going for real at Kurt Angle when Angle thought it was a gimmick....in other words, he bullied him.

1446 days ago


Even if he's half-serious ... that has got to be the sweetest and most constructive thing I've ever heard in my life.
Do it !!!

1446 days ago


yeah because gays are the only ones getting bullied..its funny no one cared about bullies it dont seem until the gay guy killed himself..its sad and sucks..but really where was all this awarness when other kids have killed themselves for being bullied

1446 days ago

Pound Sand    

@tgrfan42069 You are so right! Getting bullied for anything is horrible. My friends 6 year old is being bullied in 1st grade. This is just disgusting!

1446 days ago


Watch "Bully Beatdown" on MTV2....VERY satisfying television!

1446 days ago


Way to get adults to then in turn bully the other kids. Kids teasing is one thing. If they physically harm or threaten them is entirely different and the parents should take it from there (or police if needed). Words are only words and kids need to have a thicker skin. But then again they are gay so they are "sensitive" anyways. I guess only gay kids get bullied. Maybe they should stay in the closet until they graduate and then nobody would know and thus no bullying would happen. I just solved the bullying problem. Yeah me!

1446 days ago


I think this is cool. Motivates me to go round up some bullies for some serious ass kickin.

1446 days ago
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