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Scott Weiland

Dazed and Confused on Live Radio

10/8/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Weiland did a bizarre interview (even by his standards) you gotta hear ... because the Stone Temple Pilots frontman sounded so bewildered the DJ asked, "Are we drinking today?"

Scott Weiland
Scott was supposed to be promoting tonight's STP show in Tampa during an interview yesterday on 102.5 The Bone.

Instead, it turned into a strange exchange filled with long pauses -- and Scott forgetting he had skipped out on STP's last Tampa concert. All of this prompted the DJ to consider betting Scott $10,000 he would miss tonight's show too.

For the record, Scott said he was totally sober. A source close to Scott claims the DJ ambushed him with a bunch of questions that had not been discussed in a pre-interview.


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omg palm face colour me surprised (insert sarcasm here)

1478 days ago


Went and saw them about a month ago. We waited for over 2 hours for them to take the stage, Scott was wasted and they only played for 45 minutes. I'm glad I won my tickets and didn't buy them. I felt bad for the people who paid for a ticket. What a total waste-oid. Never again.

1478 days ago

lost grrl    

Scott is bi-polar and bi-polar meds can do this to you. That is why he has a drug problem in the first place--because he is bi-polar and the meds for the disorder can cause confusion and inhibit creativity.

1478 days ago


Scott is bi-polar and bi-polar meds can do this to you. That is why he has a drug problem in the first place--because he is bi-polar and the meds for the disorder can cause confusion and inhibit creativity.

Posted at 10:57 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by lost grrl
Monitored and taken correctly they don't. And I would know firsthand about that.

1478 days ago


That DJ is a douche. Making fun and being an ass to someone with a drug problem is lower than low. DJ douche is just mad he has no talent and was trying to make hisself look better b/c his interview was going to ****. And Scott never beat his wife. Read her Fn book before you start accusing people of being wife beaters.

1478 days ago

Sad sad    

Wow, you guys baby Scott but no pity for Lindsay Lohan? Scott has a long history of drug abuse. Must be his yes men posting here. He's not even close to recovery. His past statements were talking about how wonderful drugs can be and he I think believes he's more creative on them.

1478 days ago


Holy C**p! Scott's record label just sent Cowhead a written statement they are demanding him to read live on his show. Cowhead is furious. Will he read it? Watch it LIVE at right now! The live stream is free...just log in with your email (like you do to post here) and see what happens. He said he will address the label's ridiculous statement at 5:30p ET. Enjoy!

1478 days ago


Scott is not that talented, cmon he sings, with out the rest of da band he'd be nothin.
Cowhead called it like he saw it..So what if the dude has talent, can't he handle a frickin 5 minute interview...ova the phone at dat.
Cowhead, you totally rocked this interview...I'm with you 100%, f*$%# that scott dude...don 't sound like he can do an interview prepared or not. Whatta douche bag! WTG COW!

1478 days ago


Asking scott if he is drunk is like asking kieth richards if he is high-you should already know the answer. Cowhead is just trying to get some publicity for his failing radio show that is about as entertaining as an std. He is playing second fiddle to the morning show on his station and his show just plain sucks.

1478 days ago


once a junkie always a junkie and if scott's kids r left alone with him they should be taken away COWHEAD did not wrong except point out scott was out of it

1478 days ago


Scott Weiland is bi-polar and the medication he takes has likely caused his speech problems. Scott does currently have an alcohol problem but has been clean from heroin for about 8 years now. That DJ was completely unprofessional and to be honest a complete *******.

1478 days ago


Im from Tampa and was listening to it live on the radio and I couldn't believe this was a real interview, this guy was so messed up, cowhead was just asking the guy questions (that is what you do during an interview) and it was killing me to wait for those long pauses....Sure he was straight and I'm the president. Cowhead is the best.

1478 days ago

Sad sad    

So then he should submit a drug test since kids are involved. If he's fine then he has nothing to worry about right? Wanna bet $10,000 he will fail?

1478 days ago


I live in Tampa and did not go to the concert last year that weiland didn't show up to. If I had I would've wanted to hear his reason for taking my money for nothing. It's not cowheads fault he couldn't put together a coherent sentence to answer the question.

1478 days ago


scott is a great talent,ive been in the music biz myself for 20 yrs.....its hard to stay off drugs and booze, i finally have now but im 52 yrs old also...... its a lifestyle!

1478 days ago
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