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Greg Giraldo 911 Call -- 'He's Not Breathing'

10/11/2010 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made the day Greg Giraldo overdosed.

Greg Giraldo 911 call.
During the call, a hotel employee at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ tells the 911 operator that Giraldo was in his room and was not breathing.

The employee also tells the dispatcher Giraldo's girlfriend had been trying to reach him all day -- and at the time of the call, she was in the room trying to administer CPR.

Giraldo passed away on September 29, five days after he was hospitalized for an overdose.


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**** off, TMZ. The people in Giraldo's life have got enough to deal with, and you're going to release this?

It's one thing to show bits from his last performance--at least there's some class there. But releasing a 911 tape painfully describing some of Greg's final moments?

Seriously. Huge "**** you" from me to you.

1411 days ago


How can an ivy league educated guy (Columbia/Harvard Law) be such a mess in his personal life? Two ex-wives, three sons...
such a waste of potential!

TMZ, how far does our need to know have to go?

1411 days ago

Jimmy Olsen    

His GIRLFRIEND? Gee his bio's say he was MARRIED at the time of his death. Sure he wasn't MURDERED by some angry husband or boyfriend? So who is the chic we're supposed to be mailing money to to support his three kids? Was that the wife or the girlfriend? It's all been so hush hush, even the place they buried him has not been made public. Strange.

OK, he had the morals of an alley cat. He entertained people with the lowest kind of humor: mocking retarded and fat kids, referring to women with the C-word and ridiculing those who believe in something that cannot be empirically GOD! Oh, how hysterical! Guess who's laughing now?

I have no doubt he is now being roasted and hating every minute of it. The show will be over soon, Greggy. Have no worries. Eternity is really not that long when you don't belive in it. I hope.

1411 days ago


15. Who cares if another barely hear of comedian/musician OD'ed??? He left a family behind that will never be the same all because he had to chase that high and numb the awful life that HE made for himself. Bury him next to DJ AM and Kurt Cobain, i.e. The Loser Section.

Posted at 11:10 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by kimmi


BRAVO! I couldn't said it better myself. TMZ, (((stop))) glamorizing these dirtbags posthumous.

you are both gutless losers. YOU BOTH OCCUPY THE LOSER SECTION. achieving nothing in life, hating on more succesful people than you after they pass away.

you both deserve whatever ****ty lives that you are living. enjoy being negative, douchey, ****s for the rest of your existence. im sure when you die, people won't even give a ****. no wonder you see a guy getting love after he passed away and you feel jealous.
Greg and Adam were nobody druggies. Stop trying to rewrite history just because their stupid families want to live w/ their heads in the sands and rewrite history.

Posted at 11:57 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by NTV/NAT Group, Ltd. (

1411 days ago



YOU ARE the loser section. you occupy that section by yourself. you heartless ****. go **** yourself.

1411 days ago


@ Jimmy Olson: "OK, he had the morals of an alley cat. He entertained people with the lowest kind of humor: mocking retarded and fat kids, referring to women with the C-word and ridiculing those who believe in something that cannot be empirically GOD! Oh, how hysterical! Guess who's laughing now?"

Lincoln once said something like : It is best to be thought of as a fool and say nothing rather than open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Greg was not "mocking" kids!! He was doing a social commentary on the way we feed our kids today!! He was tortured and upset about it as a father! He said he used to blame parents until he became one, then he realized how helpless he felt in trying to convince his son to eat celery sticks rather than fattening fast food when the food industry floods kids media with images of superhero powers and strength associated with eating greasy, fattening foods! His personal life, shut up about! You were not in it. You didn't know what went on, he was married for a decade and that is along time to try to make something work. He had demons, but he is Gog's embrace. As to his faith! Greg was raised Catholic! He spoke often in his comedy about how disturbing the child molestation cases were. One particular thing that bothered him the most was the Catholic Church's response to it!! One of his jokes was about the Catholic leaders getting together to address the issue and voted down a zero tolerance rule and opted to simply transfer the child molesting priests to a different church! Greg was a brilliant man, highly educated and clearly he had questions about the Catholic church, but YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about his beliefs or faith to be mouthing off. He is DEAD! If you don't get something or are too ignorant to be thoughtful and instead make ignorant judgments, just STFU!!!

It is always amazing how the most ignorant people can be so arrogant in their judgment of others when, but for the grace of God . ..

1411 days ago


@kimmi . .. KARMA!! It doesn't matter if you don't believe in it, it exists. It has a funny way of catching up with all of us. When you are going through it, remember your heartless and inhumane posting about Greg Giraldo! Although, I imagine many other instances of your inhumanity will flood your thoughts because one can only imagine how you treat those close to you when you exhibit such cold heart to a stranger you didn't know, but how brought laughter to many!

1411 days ago


Sorry to hear this he was a great comedian. If you never heard of him its because he was mostly on Comedy Central. By the way he was going thru a divorce and had 3 small sons (not 4). He had a girlfriend who is a vegan and had him eating healthier. What a shame that he died.

1410 days ago

Daniel Boone    

And you know that for sure, GDslayer? Nah, of course not. You're just pissed because the only people who will give a **** when you die are the people who are waiting eagerly for the day to come so that they can piss on your grave.

You gotta live a pretty empty life if trolling dead celebrities is something you consider a good use of your time.

1409 days ago

Daniel Boone    

Kimmi, you’re assuming quite a bit there, aintcha? You know nothing about the cir***stances surrounding his death besides what the news has reported, but that’s all that you needed to jump up on your soapbox and condemn him as a loser junkie as if his death effected you personally. But it doesn’t though, does it? This isn’t about Greg’s death or his family’s loss. You couldn’t really care less about any of that, could you? If you did, you’d show some ****ing respect. No, this is only important to you insofar as it affords you an opportunity to act like a self-righteous ****. You’re one of those vultures who just hovers around waiting for **** like this to happen so that you can swoop down and show everyone else just how much better than them you think you are. You disgust me.

1409 days ago


You ****ing people at TMZ are absolute *******s! I cannot believe that you would put this online! Have you no heart? The man is dead, why do you need to play this?! Go **** yourselves TMZ you just lost a fan.

1409 days ago


at least hes free to like we were before we were born, i remember those days not thinking

1408 days ago

J. Edgar    

"It is always amazing how the most ignorant people can be so arrogant in their judgment of others when, but for the grace of God ..."

Well koko, I agree. But not with you. I agree with Jimmy Olson. And it's YOU who are the arrogant and judgemental one here. Well done.

1407 days ago


Sorry but I happen to feel that Greg Giraldo was a total miscreant. For those of you running to his defense because you thought he was funny....well, you need to look at what humor is. The truly great comedians never attacked or ridiculed people. They joked about their OWN flaws. Greg Giraldo was educated, yes. He was insightful, sure. But is that a license to eviscerate people or their beliefs? I don't think so. He was popping pills, drinking and pretending to be holier than thou. He was a troubled, angry man and his BS came back to bite him in the butt. Talk about KARMA!!!!

1407 days ago

Colin Mockery     

Amazing! It was all fine and dandy when he was up there using the most vulgar expressions, calling women the C-word and mocking everything sacred and holy. THAT was fine. Now people come here and say they did not like the guy or that he was over the top or that he was not that famous or that he was a drug using loser....and somehow THAT is just wrong???? WTF? So you want it both ways? That doesnt happen. The man was probably high as a kite when he got on a roll. He could control his audience and MAKE them laugh at the most inappropriate targets like overweight CHILDREN. Funny I never heard him talk about what it was like to be a puking alcoholic or a person who was married and had a GIRLFRIEND on the side. Gee that's HYSTERICAL! Or how he got depressed and needed pills and that his comedy routine was literally "all an act." Now THAT would have been a hoot. But no, all people heard was ridicule of OTHERS. And that's supposed to be comedy? I'm not laughing. Well, I am NOW!

1407 days ago
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