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'Sister Wives' Wedding -- Guests Hide from Cameras

10/11/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has every aspect of his life filmed for a reality show -- but TMZ has learned when he got hitched to wife #4, a number of his polygamist guests were not nearly as camera-ready.

Sister Wives.

As TMZ first reported, Brown married Robyn Sullivan a few months back. TLC's cameras were not allowed in the actual religious ceremony, but they did film the reception.   But here's the problem ...  About half the polygamist guests did not want their faces on camera because of the legal issues in which Kody now finds himself embroiled.

So Kody made accommodations by creating "camera-free zones" -- where lots of publicity-shy well-wishers hung out.  As one person said, "The reality is that bigamy is still a felony and the mainstream still doesn't accept it."

As for the particulars of the reception, sources tell us there were about 200 guests ... mostly other polygamists. They served finger foods, open faced sandwiches, relish trays, and lots of varieties of cheesecake.

One of the plural family guests had their son and daughter sing a song for everyone -- "We Are Families," perhaps?


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I think the snyde remark made at the close of the SisterWives TMZ clip, the remark indicating that one of the wives was not so attractive, was rude. Wife #2 happens to be overweight, TMZ speculating that her weight was an obvious factor in the husbands decision to take a fourth wife was a very rude. Since when does being overweight have anything to do with whether you are attractive? It was not very nice for TMZ to speculate on whether Kody "loves" his overweight wife. Not very nice at all. I don't care if consenting adults choose this marriage style. The children seem well-adjusted; at least that is the way it is portrayed on the show. Who really knows about anyones personal living situation.

1475 days ago


In response to post #23...The unanimous 1878 Supreme Court decision Reynolds v. United States declared that polygamy was not protected by the Constitution, based on the longstanding legal principle that "laws are made for the government of actions, and while they cannot interfere with mere religious belief and opinions, they may with practices." The Supreme Court recognized that under the First Amendment, the Congress cannot pass a law that prohibits the free exercise of religion. However it argued that the law prohibiting bigamy did not fall under this. The fact that a person could only be married to one person had existed since the times of King James I of England in English law, upon which United States law was based.....

In 1890 LDS publicly announced the discontinuance of polygamy. That decision caused various groups to leave the church in order to continue the polygamy practice. These "groups" are referred to as "Mormon Fundamentalists", which is what Kody and his 4 "wives" are.

I've seen a couple episodes of this show & must say that I am totally disgusted. If TLC wants people to "learn" about different lifestyles then they should be doing do***entaries and not these stupid reality shows.

1475 days ago


this show is crazy. these women have no sel esteem what so ever!! it is very sad. i guess its entertaining show but very sad at the same time. by the way who does kody think he is having all these wives its gross he is gross and weird.

1474 days ago


I think Meri,really gets off on her husband being with these other ladys. Isnt she the one that pushed her husband toward the 4th wife? She encouraged him. Gross! Not only that its a good way to have an orgy,and not feel guilty, cause "hey whats wrong with that we're married!" He is sooooooo sooooooo very gross and creepy..... Mormons, please dont knock at my door and push your book of mormon on me! Thats probabley why everything is so top secret when it comes to the temple. WHAT DO THEY REALLY DO?????????????

1474 days ago


I want to make a comment on the show. I think it is a good show on how this one man can have all these wifes and children and that all the women are very vey happy. I see where all the other fathers of the children are? Like, always man like having sex and making babies but don't want to take care of them with love and teaching there children. Then just want to have children and run and make more children with other women. As for me I am married to a 35 year old man and I love him but he don't love me but I wish I could have a child for him and in his reliegen he can have up to 4 wives but it is up to the first wife and if he can pay for all the bill of all of the wifes. I like that for him to spend time with me but there is also something that I want to give him that I can't give that maybe the next wife can but I can be there to help with the children and his life.

1474 days ago


He does nothing but "pound" his chest like he has just discovered the wheel!!!! He is nothing but a "horney" jackass, who thinks it is his god givin right to **** anything in the name of religion and procreaction!!! He is a ****in SAP and if he was in front of me----I WOULD BEAT HIM INTO THE NEXT CENTRURY AND THEN SOME. I feel sorry for the "first" wife, I think she did it all to have children----------THE REST OF ALL OF YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL AND ROT!!!!! AND LET "NORMAL" PEOPLE RAISE THOSE KIDS WITH REAL VALUES AND DIGNITY----NOT TO HIDE WHO THEY ARE CAUSE THE FATHER IS A ****IN HORNERY PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1473 days ago


Gross think of the things Kody could be spreading from wife to wife. Pelvic inflammatory disease could be one, caused by multiple sex partners! I would have to say the show is interesting Though, could never be one myself but whatever!

1473 days ago


I, too, tuned in out of curiosity. Couldn't believe Kody's response when Meri asked him how he would feel if she took another lover! He said something about being disgusted at the thought! What an arrogant jerk....TLC please take this show
off the air asap!!

1473 days ago


As strange as this lifestyle is to me, if it works for them,it's their business.I saw them on Oprah and the kids seem so well adjusted.the "sister wives " seem to get along very well and they were all grown ups when they decided to live this way.They're educated and some work outside of the home.The only problem I can see is maybe with the new wife Robyn.Meri and Kody were married 20 years ago, then came Janelle 3 years later, then Christine 1 year later.These sister wives have all bonded and their kids are half brothers and sisters.Robin came in the picture(they had a religious ceremony) about 14 months ago. and she brought three of her own kids.I hope she doesn't upset the apple cart, so to speak.The other three wives and kids and Kody were a unit and then she comes along after their unit of 16 years...i hope it works for the sake of the kids.I myself would NeVer share my husbamd, but that's me.If they're happy I think they should be left alonE1

1473 days ago


All the preachers need to do their homework. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all reference polygamy in their holy books. This is not a new concept. Heaven forbid someone love more than one person. I would much rather see a polygamist family raising healthy, happy children than divorced parents making their children miserable.

Here's a novel idea - if you don't like it, don't do it. They're not hurting anyone. Loving someone shouldn't be a crime - or a sin - but oh wait, we don't tolerate the gays either. Because I forgot, this is America, land of the free, as long as you're Christian.

1472 days ago


In response to #21, Amber..."Wife #2" does in fact work, both outside the home and obviously raising her children. As for the bio dad of Robyn's kids, you're right, he is also a polygmist. Both Robyn and her ex-husband were raised in the polygamy lifestyle.

Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about polygamy, but I don't see that any of these children are unloved or neglected in any way. In fact, they probably have more adult interaction than most kids do. There are 5 adults in this household who are involved and actively parenting. That's way better than a single-parent household where the mom can barely spare the time or energy for her children after working 1, 2 or 3 jobs to support them. I think claiming the children suffer is a ridiculous and unfounded argument. The people who really suffer in this are the wives. Wives don't get enough attention from their husbands as it is. Jealousy is a natural human nature, I am certain I would not be able to stand by and feel okay if my husband was spending time and attention on another woman. Nevermind the sex, what about the friendship and companionship, sharing confidences, feeling secure? I just don't see it as healthy for the wives.

Its nterest that one of the daughters has expressed this much better than the wives have. It seems she can see things more clearly than her mom can, that she'd rather have a committed relaionship with a single man and no other wives.

1471 days ago


I read on some post that they are together even in the afterlife and there is no till death do they part...ok then why does Robyn have an "ex-husband"?

1469 days ago


About his income...does Kody file three, soon to be four, Federal tax forms for each wife so he can get the tax break for all the kids? Or does he lie and group all 16 kids with one wife, presumably the one who works, to get a bigger tax refund? Where is the IRS when you really want them! I was concerned about their vehicle situation until my car started to act up...then I got distracted by my own lot in life.

1468 days ago


What is there to say I would love to say alot about how they are living there lives, but who are we to judge them for the way they want to live. Gods word say judge not for you will be judged. Gods word also says that when you get married you should stay married intill death do us apart how many marriges last. Nobody judges them. I guess my point is,is that the only one that can judge is God. I would love to meet the family because I belive that if we would sit down and talk to them maybe we would understand better but what ever it still does not make it right. I hope everybody has a blessed night.

1466 days ago


I don't know how a man so in love with himself can have much love left over for even one wife. The next step will be for Kody to tell his congregation that he's a prophet of God and his new name will be Bringem Young. And he's like a Rolls Royce for Christmas.

1466 days ago
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