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Another Unscripted Car Crash on 'Transformers 3' Set

10/11/2010 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transformers 3 - Unscripted Car Crash There was more trouble on the Washington D.C. set of "Transformers 3" today -- when a cop car drove through the movie's perimeter and collided with one of the movie's main stars ... bright yellow Autobot Bumblebee!

A nearby shop owner tells TMZ there was a lot of police activity in the area right at the time of the accident due to a bomb scare. It is unclear if the cop car involved in the accident was part of that investigation.

UPDATE: D.C. police tell TMZ the cop car involved was part of the Explosives Ordinances Division. We're told the cop driving was taken to a nearby hospital.


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@#9, That is no "semi" IT'S OPTIMUS PRIME!!! But I titally agree, you can see the cop car go around there barricade...

1439 days ago


And I half imagine the cop was doing something to what my son was doing as we watched the video "ITS OPTIMUS PRIME!! WITH A TRAILOR! and Ironhide! And Ratchet!! And... Oh! CRASH!!"

1439 days ago


I guess that happens when you mess with Megan Fox...MUAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

1439 days ago

another "Here's your Sign"    

Stupid cop!

1439 days ago


The police SUV was part of the bomb squad going to a bomb scare. As John noted above, studio security was asleep at the switch. The scene should have halted as soon as the police car entered.

It is not a residential area. It is down on the National Mall amongst all the museums. It was a nice day and there were a lot of tourists around, though.

1439 days ago


This one wasn't Bay's fault. Cops were supposed to be blocking off that street and the whole area was in lockdown. But the cop waved the emergency vehicle through and THEN walkied the crew to let them know he had done so -- too late to stop the stunt already in progress. And 10 or 15 minutes earlier, the exact same thing happened with an ambulance, but fortunately that one didn't result in an accident.

1439 days ago


This is definitely the fault of the Camaro driver. You can see in the video there was plenty of time in which the driver could have seen the police SUV and try to stop. He didn't, and was the cause of the accident. Additionally, there was poor communication on the set to order a stop of the scene once the cop bypassed the barricades, which he has the legal right to do when responding to an emergency.

1439 days ago


That's going to sting.

1439 days ago


What a retarded cop, they should know their is filming going on that day in that exact area. Idiot.

1439 days ago


this is what happens when you pay $100/day for a PA,lock down the set? duh ok...dumb s%@t.

1439 days ago


Damn!! Guess "BumbleBee" IS 'Destructible'!!!! Here I THOUGHT he was here to 'Save The World' and a 'mere' Police vehicle nearly killed him...................... Seems to be alot of trouble on this movie........ Maybe they need Megan Fox back????????????

1439 days ago


Where were the cops who were supposed to secure the perimeter?? The streets were closed off for a reason, so why weren't there any cops to wave down the incoming police vehicle???

1439 days ago


Did Bumblebee died????

1439 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

apparently this cop doesn't understand what a movie set is... and to the person who asked if they heard the sirens... yeah... they probably did, but it's d.c. sirens are pretty much tuned out.

1439 days ago

Y do he got    

If a bomb truck hits your movie does it make it a BOMB?

1439 days ago
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