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'Dora the Explorer' Voice Made $300k Over 3 Years

10/13/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She claims she's worth millions ... but TMZ has learned the girl who voiced Dora on "Dora the Explorer" was paid roughly $300,000 for her three years on the show -- the same rate she agreed to when she signed her original contract back in 2007.

According to our spies inside Nickelodeon, Caitlin Sanchez raked in approximately $1,250 an hour for her work on the popular children's TV show -- and still has untold amounts of cash in the pipeline from merchandise royalties and residuals from reruns.

But as we previously reported, 14-year-old Sanchez claims her salary just doesn't cut it -- insisting she was unfairly pressured into accepting the deal and subsequently lost out on the millions she thinks she's worth.

How much were you making at 14?


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That is a joke of a salary in comparision to other famed child stars, and as compared to some of the top voice actors in animation, like the folks who provide the voices for The Simpsons--they are all millionaires, dozens of times over. Further, the kid from 2 and Half Men is making 300,000 per episode, as compared to this Latina making only 300,000 over 3 years? Considering all the product licensing, and commercial revenue, she should have made tens of millions of dollars in the same period.

She is a victim, and this is nothing but fraud on the part of the network and the producers of the show. All lawyers know that you do not ask a person to sign a hefty contract unless they are represented by a lawyer who has fully reviewed said contract and added their own language to it, and or, asked that certain language and words be removed. Additionally, they--said lawyers, are there as witnesses to such signings to watch-over their client's best interest. This is done for their protection--that being the would-be talent you wish to sign, and for your own protection, as a producer/studio/network, et al. Why this was not done, directly speaks to the lack of integrity of the producers, studio, and network, and points to their willfull attempt to defraud this young girl and her family, I suspect as a matter of course for them. This is their business model--one built on stealing from the talent they sign. Such past and current activity, could come-back to bite them if other talent comes forth making similar claims. This would show a pattern of wide-spread fraud on the part of the creators of the show, the studio, and the network that produces it.

1480 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Don’t care much for Dora the whora, but if you replace ‘Ruby’ with ‘boobies’ while singing the ‘Max and Ruby’ theme song your kids will hate you.

George Staub.

1480 days ago


300,000 dollars is barely enough money to buy an average house--and in LA, forget it--you'd be lucky to get a small house for that. Add in cost of taxes on that money, CPAs, publicists, attorneys, and agents fees--this, the standard out-go for any equal talent in her position, and this girl would have made only about 20 to 30 percent take home...from the gross of her paychecks. That is just a fact of this business, and the reason why celebrities are given such high salaries because they have many people and entities to pay as a cost of doing business--and I haven't even added in her cost of living and that of her family--the overhead is very high--extremely high.

When you are a star, for security reasons alone, you often must move and live in more upscale areas, and attend more upscale schools, and where was the money suppose to come from here to make that happen--for this girl, or her family? There is also the cost of lifestyle there, in those neighborhoods--that is higher than the norm, by far--if you go to a private school, there is a private school cost, and it isn't low. Certainly, her 20 to 30 percent net would not manage that feat, along with the family's additional living expenses, and out-go to her agents, lawyers, and so on. Agents alone get 10 percent of their client's negotiated salary. A lawyer will muscle in for about 5 percent, and the list goes on.

FYI, the average ads for this TV show, just for one 30 second commercial would cost an advertiser about 200,000 to 300,000 dollars--and the network has about 8 minutes of commercials per-episode of this show--give or take a minute or so, either way--and they are defending themselves here? They should be ashamed for not paying this girl more. Add in the merchandising and product tie-ins, which have to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and this is just theft on their part!!! Those behind the scenes have pocketed hundreds on millions off of this show, and they are complaining about this girl getting a mere 3 hundred thousand dollars?

1480 days ago


Im sorry, but a 14 year old cant enter a contract without her parents signing it as well. Its not as if they had board members screaming at a teenager to sign it! She's not even the first voice of dora. She didn't create the character, didn't create any characters, she just picked up where others left off.

As for the person quoting on the simpsons, yes they make millions, but they were all on the show for years before they did, and they do multiple voices and banded together as indispensable, irreplaceable parts of the show.

This girl was completely disposable and replaceable as she wasn't even the first voice. They could've found any number of starving voice actors to do the job for scale.

1480 days ago


Are you saying the Latina is dumb or what? It's business, they stick it to you if they can. How about this dumbazz didn't read her contract and now is paying the price? You learn lessons in life and this is one of hers and you blame the people paying her, funny. After all you are dealing with the most honest people in the world in hollywood aren't you? You don't get paid what you are worth these days unless you demand it. Get real, you are living in Ca. the sanctuary state and you wanted cheap fruit, this latino is just doing the job some American doesn't want to do.

1480 days ago


Please, Ms. Sanchez. You talk, and for that you get paid more in one year than the average American earns in 10. You talk. You don't act, you don't write, you don't produce or even edit. You talk. You read a script. They could have a computer generate the voice of Dora the Illegal Alien. Get over yourself. You're nothing special. Stupid little greed head. I hope they find someone else and put you out of a job.

1480 days ago


Little kids like the Dora the Explorer cartoon. Sanchez, enjoy your money. You are 14. You are just one of many voices who can voice Dora the Explorer.

Little kids. They won't care if there is a different voice. They like the cartoon.

Sanchez, 3 years and now your 14. Again, how do you think you're worth millions of dollars?

1479 days ago


any body that agreed with Mike is a hater, this girl's voice is also in every single Dora Toy arround and they are thousands of them I know because my daughter has her room fill with those stuff i probably payed a couple of thousands myself in dolls, nigh gowns, shoes, t-shirts, learning toys and all kinds of sh** this girl shoul get what she deserves for shuch a beautiful talent, and all those haters sayin but what a f*** i don't make that kind of money well let me tell you something that because you dont have those kind of talents either abd because you are a horrible hater person so shut your mouth!!

1479 days ago


What is her immigration status?

1479 days ago


Hindsight always sucks!

Funny how this becomes an issue for her after Angus pulls down the kid's contract of all contracts!!

1479 days ago


Sue them dammit girl! You deserve so much more than $300k for three years - the producers of Dora are making a killing in merchandise (including from me!!) so damn well give the girl what she deserves...... she is earning pennies in comparison to her peers. This is ridiculous!

1479 days ago

Gloria Unread    

It is kind of a rip-off considering how much the Dora franchise makes in merchandising.

But, she and her parent(s) agreed to it. So there's nothing they can legally do about it.

Can you say "Contrato jurídicamente vinculante" with me?!? ¡Muy bien!

1479 days ago


She is getting ripped off considering how popular Dora is. She should be earning 10 times that. Shame on you Nick channel

1479 days ago


Interesting. I wonder how much the original voice of Dora made? Caitlin is either the 2nd or 3rd voice of Dora.

1479 days ago


She deserves nothing more than she agreed to. Her parents, lawyers and she should have made sure there was a provision in there if "Dora" went global. She agreed to what they offered and she shouldn't get more. She isn't worth millions....Dora is...My kids wouldn't know her from Adam....

1479 days ago
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