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'Conviction' Producers To Gloria: Come On Down!

10/15/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred was not ignored ... Producers of "Conviction" have invited G.A. -- along with the family of the murdered woman portrayed in the film -- to a private screening Friday night.


But TMZ has learned that Brow's children, Melrose and Charlie, will not attend the screening because they say the film will bring back "very painful memories of  their mother's murder." Instead Melrose's son and his father will be there with Allred.

Gloria held one of her famous news conferences earlier this week to express extreme displeasure over the fact that producers -- in particular Hilary Swank -- never consulted Katharina Brow's kids before shooting the movie. The film focuses on how the sister of the man convicted of murdering Brow in 1980 helped free him 18 years after the fact ... based on DNA evidence.

The private screening will take place tonight at 7 PM in Los Angeles. No word if producers are throwing in the popcorn.


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Texas Blake would hit it

1466 days ago


First! Although this is not much of a story

1466 days ago


Gloria Allred is not worth the time of day!!!!

1466 days ago


I'm so sick of Gloria Allred.....I wish she would crawl into a hole and go away!

1466 days ago


Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom, both are over the top fame-hos and $$$$ grubbers.

1466 days ago

My New Name    

I wish you guys would just stop showing up to her press conferences. I mean, they are only "press conferences" if the press actually shows up. What if she sends the press conference advisement out and none of you showed up?

After a few of those, MAYBE she would go away and stop holding the stupid things.

1466 days ago


Ugh already. Gloria Allred is a self-absorbed gutter snipe. The movie producers of "Conviction" created one version of this story.. and it wasn't about the victims.. it was about the brother/sister relationship & the sister never gave up believiing in her brother. DNA proved it. End of story. Sorry for your loss family, but Gloria - go crawl in a ditch somewhere will you please?

1466 days ago


They're being too nice. They shouldn't have invited them for the simple reason they hired Gloria Allred!
Paying this pimp of a lawyer for nothing, it's not like they're going to hand some cash over to these people.

1466 days ago


The Wicked Witch of Jerusalem is a busy bee

1466 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

I understand that this has nothing whatsoever to do with this story, but this video was just sent to me re: the Muslim Mosque controversy.

To everyone in support of this Mosque being built here, a right our country has provided the builders and backers of this mosque, please, PLEASE watch this 37 second clip.

I have heard both sides, but what I hear over and over again is that not all Muslims are terrorists. They're not. However, all of these terrorists that want the entire western civilization wiped out happen to be Muslim.

I do not believe any of the Muslim men, women or children in this clip are terrorists, BUT... why are they dancing??

Please watch...

1466 days ago


the producer of this movie a laughing all the way to the bank.The always "PRETTY" GA just gave the movie not many have heard about some nice free PR. Cant see where see will get them anymore than a free movie..oh ya she got them that way cool.Next can she help me out? I canned at one job as the company ran out of money.The bastards never thanked me.That should be worth a least a sandwich somewhere...

1466 days ago


GA is a media slut. She goes after the high profile cases soly for the chance to be in the front of cameras to self promote, even when she is wrong.

1466 days ago

Tammy LM    

Ok this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why in the HELL has anybody got to ask for the blessings of the victims of this mess to make this movie?

Listen up Gloria, Victim families and everyone in between.

The man that was convicted and sent to prison for the murder of their beloved whoever..... WAS AQUITTED WITH DNA EVIDENCE!!!!!!!! DO YOU NOT GET THAT PEOPLE!!!??

Hilary Swank and the rest of the crew shouldn't have to ask to or speak with the victims families or consult with them over making this movie at all!!! This movie is about the MAN WHO WAS FALSELY IMPRISONED FOR MURDER.

This man spent 18 years of his life serving time for a murder that he didn't commit. DNA evidence (INDISPUTABLE EVIDENSE) cleared him. Having to spend nearly two decades of your life in prison for a crime you didn't commit is in and of itself a travisty that is just as bad as the murder of these people's loved one to begin with. And you know something else?

Gloria Alreid, and the victim's families OWE THIS MAN THE APOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the one's that should be apologising to him because he did 18 years hard time for the murder of their loved one and he didn't do anything. And I'm sure at his sentensing 18 years ago, the victim's family spoke to the jury and asked they throw the book at him. They OWE HIM THE APOLOGY. They've got a lot of nerve giving this guy and his family and the crew of this film grief over something that they should be embarrassed about themselves.

How DARE Gloria stand up there and act like Swank should have consulted with them before doing a story about the man falsly accused. It's HIS STORY TOO. The movie isn't about the murder. It's about an innocent man doing time for it when he didn't commit it. Gloria is sick and twisted.

1466 days ago

NRE gloria halfbred running low on clients or what? talk about stretching....she should call Marty Singer and get a quick update on reality...they don't have to call the family.

talk about any excuse to have a new conference. i heard three of those six microphones belong to the family.

1466 days ago

Yeah yeah    

Shut up Gloria.

1466 days ago
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