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Sherri Shepherd:

O'Reilly's in

'The Pinhead Category'

10/16/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd isn't finished with Bill O'Reilly for the things he said on "The View" -- telling TMZ his comments about the mosque at Ground Zero land him straight in the "pinhead category."


Shepherd was at LaGuardia Airport yesterday, where she also insisted that Bill knew what buttons he was gonna push when he said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

As for dirty details from the set of "The View" -- Sherri seems to be under a gag order ... telling us, "I can't talk about that."

We're guessing the powers that be are holding that story for Monday's show ...


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Bob Freeman    

Perhaps a woman who doesn't know if the world is flat shouldn't comment on someone else's ignorance. Just sayin'.

1466 days ago

I know everything    


Muslims did kill us on 9/11. Did you miss the news on that for the past 9 years?

1466 days ago


They are all so ignorant and unprofessional!! They need to pop their head out their ass and accept not everyone agrees with their point of view.

1466 days ago


If Muslims didn't do it Sherri who did?

You ain't no rocket scientist are you?

1466 days ago


More proof that these people should never leave their homes without being fully made up.

1466 days ago


They can dish it out, but certainly are unable to take it in. So unprofessional, so sad -- Whoopie has nothing but disappointed me in the last few years -- she use to be someone I looked up to for her pride and openness, no more -- now it's her way or no way, her ego has exploded -- oreo comes to mind.

1466 days ago


Kudos to O'Reilly for attempting to educate those loud mouth self-righteous pigs. However, what a waste; they are so dumb that all they can do is talk over one another and make dramatic scenes to increase the attention on themselves. O'Reilly should never again expose himdelf to this insanity.

1466 days ago


You Know i was never a big fan of the view- still does not understand why its still on air honestly. and muslims did attack the us on 9/11. adding the word extremists to them, does not change the fact that they were Muslims. So this makes sherrithe pinhead. and i have never looked at sherri the same way again after she admitted to a number of abortions. sherri-abortion is not meant as a form of birth control and should not be done continuosly. and now she has a mentally disabled kid-makes you wonder about the justice in karma.

1466 days ago


So Sherri who was flying the plane then? Were they christians? Jews? Buddhists? No muslims and it sickens the entire country, well expect for s***bag tree huggers like you, that the enemy want to build a mosque at the place they attacked, fuq you and the disgusting pigs on your show, how bout kicking them off the air like what happened to Sanchez?

1466 days ago


big foot spotted in a mustard stained shirt,,getting on a bus??

1466 days ago


She is so fat, ugly - frizzy, balding hair. Huge nasty udders like a cow. Ewwwww.

1466 days ago


Sherri, show your b!g h00ties!!

1466 days ago


More power to Bill for telling it like it is. The whole walking out bit was rather immature.

20 years from now people are going to wish someone like Bill had been running the country. The US is changing fast, and not for the better.

1466 days ago


I think Sherri got her job as a result of Affirmative Action. She's the mini me of Star Jones.

1466 days ago


Why is she yapping now! When Bill'O was running his mouth only Woopi and Joy had the temerity to call him out (for insulting them )not for his statement. I was rolling because vapid sherri sat there and didn't even try to say a word because she knew she was out of the league.
As for this whole 911 BS situation. It was the CIA who started this **** with car bombs in the Middle East. Director Casey was the one who initiated this ****. 911 was nothing more than chickens coming home to roost. When American companies and coporations learn to do what the chinese are doing,which is bid for contracts in foreign lands instead of using the CIA to influence the outcomes and also interfere in the activities of these countries, then we're going to have a respite from these terrorist acts. Yes, it was Muslims who killed us on 911 but it was in RESPONSE TO OUR KILLING OF THEM!.
Pity Joy and Whoopi weren't ballsy enough to tell this to Bill'O,

1466 days ago
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