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Sherri Shepherd:

O'Reilly's in

'The Pinhead Category'

10/16/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd isn't finished with Bill O'Reilly for the things he said on "The View" -- telling TMZ his comments about the mosque at Ground Zero land him straight in the "pinhead category."


Shepherd was at LaGuardia Airport yesterday, where she also insisted that Bill knew what buttons he was gonna push when he said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

As for dirty details from the set of "The View" -- Sherri seems to be under a gag order ... telling us, "I can't talk about that."

We're guessing the powers that be are holding that story for Monday's show ...


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It doesn't matter whether they were extremists when they participated in 9/11 not, because they were still terrorists who happened to be Muslim.
They tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1998, blew up the U.S. Cole in 2000, blew up the American Embassy in Africa in 1998, blew up a club in Bali in 2002, blew up part the subway system in the U.K. in 2005, murdered almost 200 people in Mumbai in 2008, blew up a train in Madrid killing over 200 people in 2003, murdered tourists at the Sphinx, murdered people who speak out against them like that Dutch film director in 2004, et al. Sorry, but this is not the religion of peace. There are a lot of extremists out there. All of them aren't bad, but do you really blame us for being weary?

1379 days ago


Muslims did kill Americans on 9-11. You don't yell Allah Achbar for nothing. Not saying all Muslims are terrorists at all but facts are facts.

1379 days ago


I absolutely agree with O'Reilly!

Sherri needs to take that stick out of her butt and wake UP!

1379 days ago


The only pinheads were the two who could not debate on their own show but had to walk off like children who didn't get their way. All they had to to do was ask Mr Bill "do you mean the terrorists" and he would have said Yes like he said to Barabara who stayed and showed some class.

1379 days ago


Only in the warped minds of liberals can you not state the truth. Muslims did murder 3000 victims in NYC just 3 blocks from the View. If the truth became hate speech we have a big problem in this country. Liberals only support free speech when it agrees with their oppinion...losers one and all. Walking out of your own show is the poster children for a pin head

1379 days ago

Big Daddy    

Does she shave her pits? Can't we find some good looking people for this show? There are a few nice looking ones. Naah, make that one.

1379 days ago


CHEERS TO U SHERRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALLEGEDLY! This man seems to love to put his foot in his mouth. IT IS A SHAME HE DISRESPECTED THE WOMEN OF THE VIEW. LOVE YOU SHERRI! Whoopi and Joy, wow! you made my day when you walked off the set away from that PINHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

1379 days ago


If a MUSLIM "terrorist" to be PC, was coming after this politically correct fool she would be knocking Joy Behar over to hide behind Bill O'Reilly.

1379 days ago


No morals, no class, liberal moron, how do these people get jobs????

1379 days ago


If you don't know the world isn't flat, you should not call someone else a pinhead...In addition, Behar is the worst...

1379 days ago

David McHugh    

If you watched the show, she added nothing
to the conversation, she is a rock just like
all the others on that show. Dumb, dumber and

1379 days ago

joy kramroy    

It's time for Whoopi to disappear, past her prime, no contribution. It's time for Sherri to disappear, no brain, no appearance, no opinion, no validity, obviously there to fill a category.

1379 days ago


Are you sure that's Sherri and not Barbara's maid?

1379 days ago

jealous of kate    

as a HOST of a SHOW, YOU NEVER WALK OUT ON YOUR OWN SHOW. If you do, you have a maturity of a 3 y.o. Barbara Walters basically even said that. Yes, the 'conversation' was getting out of had. One of the problems, well, TWO, were WHOOPI AND JOY. I watch O'Reilly once in a while, and he does have people with VERY DIFFERENT OPINIONS FROM HIM. He does not have to raise his voice like he did on the view. WHY? Because for the most part, as HOST, HE LETS HIS GUESTS TALK WITHOUT INTERRUPTING THEM. Whoopi and JOY are RUDE AND ARROGANT. I watch the view once in a while and EVERYTIME a conservative and/or republican come on, JOY ESPECIALLY is RUDE, CUTS THEM OFF, ETC. I have NEVER seen Hassleback walk off against a liberal and most guests are LIBERAL and the rest of the panel is LIBERAL. and for the posters BLAMING O'REILLY, WRONG. The others are the hosts, they are the ones that are to maintain civility. The ones that are supposed to keep people from interrupting, NOT BE THE ONES INTERRUPTING. and in the end, maybe Bill should have said Terrorist Muslims were are fault for 9/11 instead of just Muslims, BUT, the those 2 were the PINHEADS.

1379 days ago


The terrorists who attacked us sure weren't Buddhist or Catholic.

Saying they were Muslims is NOT saying all Muslims are terrorists. What an uneducated response.

1379 days ago
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