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BMX Star T.J. Lavin in Coma After Major Crash

10/15/2010 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1015_tj_lavin_bmx_youtube_thumb T.J. Lavin -- a BMX star and host of MTV's "The Challenge" -- is currently in a medically induced coma after losing control of his bike and crashing during a jump at a BMX event last night.

TJ Lavin
Lavin was competing in a Dew Tour event in Las Vegas -- when he hit a dirt ramp, lost control, and slammed down onto the ground. Friends and crew workers immediately rushed to Lavin's side, but he didn't appear to be moving.

Lavin was rushed to nearby University Medical Center hospital ... where he was placed into a medically induced coma.

We're told Lavin is also experiencing brain swelling and is listed in critical condition.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells us,
“Our thoughts are with TJ. He is an important part of MTV’s extended family and we’re all praying for him."

As for Lavin's condition, a rep for the Dew Tour tells us, "he is in the intensive care unit and is currently stabilized."

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and he will be realeased from the hospital on saturday,,nothing a small bandaid wont fix..man up ya punk

1471 days ago


geez I just actually watched the video and for once tmz didnt add a commercial,,that was nice and thus guy was on a bike.,..big deal

i have fallen down worse than that when i was drunk

1471 days ago


Please be respectful with your comments to TJ, his friends, and family as they may be reading these and this is an extremely serious and emotional situation for all involved.

1471 days ago


People call activities like jumping large ramps exciting. The reason they ere exciting is because they are very dangerous. The risks of serious injuries or death in extreme sports are not worth any "excitement", "adrenaline rush", or "thrill". I would rather have the full use of my body parts until they wear out naturally, than have to live for decades with serious disabilities, while trying to remember some long ago "fun".

1471 days ago


Big fan, get well soon!!!!!

1471 days ago


Kind of a weird coincidence. I just looked at his Twitter account http://www.twitter.com/tjlavin and his last tweet yesterday was about a friend of his who crashed on Wednesday, and is also in the hospital with some brain swelling.

My best thoughts to the both of them.

1471 days ago

Cindy Estep    

I am praying for him and his family. Please everyone pray for him!

1471 days ago

Ed Graff    

I think you have the wrong info on the person that was hurt. It was actually my wife's friend from Las Vegas by the name of Tyler Pinney he is checked in at the UMC Hospital in Las vegas. His Facebook has a donation site up already.
Travis Pinney:

1471 days ago


they are like the male cheerleader. There but why?? as they are not ringing anyones bell, it's just an ego thing.

And again I repeat my quote. "This is one women don't seem to be applying for!"

Never did I quote that there are no females in BMX.

Sounds like ya all (m & Pricesstoyou) have an inferiority complex as you will take any quote and twist it around to make pity for yourself and your agenda. Get an education before talking

And to "TheDude"- why don't you do some research before you make idiotic comments. There are PLENTY of females out there doing BMX and motorcross sports

@TheDude- You seem incoherent. Maybe that's a good thing. Stop posting nonsensical crap.

1471 days ago


TJ is a nice guy I went to school with him and his sister, and I graduated high school with his sister Brooke, I hope he pulls through and he is ok. All my thoughts and prayers are with the Lavin Family

1471 days ago

Bobbi-Jo Lyman    

T.j Lavin is a good friend to many. He has always rode with style and grace. He took being a B.M.X rider to a whole new level. T.j. everyone is praying for you. Pull through... You got this.

1471 days ago


You are ****ing idiots. It's required that you wear a helmet at the dew tour. "THat's expected!"- go kill yourself. The only thing you can expect is to die of heart failure at 35 you fat ass.

1471 days ago


Induced comas in older folks are never good..I went though about three comas but only one was induced before I was ten years old.I woke up unable to see walk talk feed myself or use the pooper.Than full blown dyskinesia sent in and I was in a air tent until the mob burned the house down on top of me and my body guard...she was melted to death and I jumped out a window after dark burned cut and broken bones in a state of dyskinesia than I don`t know what happened no one living knows and there were never any medical records but I have all the scars plus million more trumas and even more head wounds.My dad was rich and used his own doctors and microsurgerys but I still just stayed alive but the skin of my teeth.EBS DBS drains tubes needles beathing tube and dead body guards it was the 60s age of the spys cold war MAN

1471 days ago


Before you tell someone to "get an education" I suggest that you know how to make sense of what you are trying to say. Both of your posts make no sense whatsoever. How was it that while the post was talking about TJ that you bring up women and motorcross?

And as for TJ, I think it is safe to say that we are all praying for him to have a speedy recovery.

P.S for those who keep posting about TJ's death, that's not something to say. Never. Grow up and leave.

1471 days ago


These guys risk their lives every day they shoot down the ramp. The rush they get outweighs the possible tragic consequences. I have no problem with somebody doing these kind of feats, it's just sad when the end game can come with a serious head wound or possibly death. Good luck with your recovery, TJ.

1471 days ago
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