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Pauly D Says No to The Donald

10/18/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D had the opportunity to get hired -- or, more likely, fired -- by Donald Trump on the upcoming season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" ... but he turned it down, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the "Jersey Shore" star tell TMZ ... producers approached him about being on fourth edition of "Celebrity Apprentice" -- but Pauly D decided he'd rather focus on his spin-off show with MTV ... which, sources say, has already begun filming.

We're told producers were looking for someone with a kind of "hip-hop background" -- which they ended up getting when they signed up Lil Jon instead.


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Mike The SITUATION Beware of Pauly D!!! Jersey Shore Reality!!!!!! Shore Fans "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE DRAMA" For the real scoop google "baby **** pauly" or "Pauly D on the Juice" It's true! Pauly D did sterroids before Jersey Shore!

Sorry Girls! Pauly D has promised his baby that he would not get involved with anyone else. He told her that he would only do what he absolutely had to for the show and it would not be easy, that she just had to trust him! Her name is Fallon. Oh yeah! It's true and there is definitely some trouble back home waiting for this hotty DJ!!! Mike the Sitch becareful because when his boy Louie Faiola found out what Pauly has been up to and that people are actually blogging about him and Pauly D, the **** hit the fan. Who is Louie Faiola??? That in itself is a Reality Show and here is why Pauly D doesn't want you to know who Louie Faiola is... It's no secret; The two met in a night club after Louie had stolen the girl that Pauly D was living with and very much in love with. This girl was no catch believe me, she was just bangin according to Louie Big Time. Her name was Jenn.

Aparently Jenn approached Louie at the Side Bar (while she was living in Pauly's apartment) and said to Louie "oh my god! you're the man of my dreams!" Pauly's girl told Louie that her heart dropped when she saw him so of course Louie took her number and the two began dating. Jenn quickly said she now LOVED Louie and told him that now she wanted to live with him. While in a club with Louie; Jenn became very drunk and told Louie that her Ex-boyfriend (Pauly D the DJ she USED to live with) had just pushed her when she came out of the Ladies Room. Pauly was DJing in the club at the time. Louie then approached Pauly wanting to know why he would push a girl. Pauly of course said he never touched her. Long story short; Louie believed Pauly was telling the truth and well the boys became friends and Louie dumped the girl a couple weeks later! Good thing for Pauly D too because Louie can pack a punch so we're told.

After all that drama Pauly D and Louie began working out together every day, they attended the same school and EMT training class. Louie began training Pauly D in the Gym and in the boxing Gym and Pauly D taught Louie how to DJ. During this nice male bonding time the two friends even discover they may be distant relatives, How nice and No surprise there as some say they could pass for brothers! These two sexy Guidos really tore up the City of Providence and surrounding Towns as well any and every weekend. Different girls night after night! DJ spots, Limo's, always VIP! Life was good for this dynamic Guido duo! Louie really trusted Pauly as he was able to help Louie get some local DJ spots and Pauly got some much needed fashion tips from Louie. About a year later Pauly said he was going away for the entire month of August to film some do***entary about Italians. Look out Sitch! Here is where you need to pay attention. He told Louie that he was approached on MySpace and he did not know much about it. He told everybody they really came after him and said they were paying him $15K so he didn't care what the show was about! Pauly promised Louie all of his DJ spots while he was away filming and Louie was thankful because he was just getting started DJing on the Club Scene.

While Pauly was waiting to leave for filming Louie introduced him to the girl he had been in love with since the 7th grade. Fallon was home from College on summer break. She began calling Louie right away because her boyfriend Jake had dumped her. After Fallon and Louie had some time to catch up on their history and stormy relationship and jokes about the past infront of Pauly, Fallon began texting and calling Pauly D behind Louie's back. She told Pauly they should be together and she could not stop thinking about him. She did! She told him they were meant for each other. Shortly after this happened Pauly stepped up and told Louie this was going on and swore he wanted nothing to do with Fallon. He told Louie he would never do that to his friend as he would not want it done to him. Good man right? Not! PAY ATTENTION SITCH; What he did not tell Louie was those DJ spots would never come because he had already arranged for his ex-girlfriends brother to cover the DJ spots. He aparently felt bad for this kid and well the truth is, he felt threatened by Louie! Pauly D also never told his Boy Louie that he never forgot about Fallon and his plan after he realized the show would become a hit was to leave Providence and finally get with her!

Now that he's a big star Pauly D starts texting and calling Fallon to tell her that even with all the fame and success he can't stop thinking about her and all he wants is to be with her and he begins to ignore his friend Louie completely! That's right! He just stops taking Louie's calls and never calls him again. Aw so sad and Douche Bag Right? Nah Don't worry about Louie he's fine and this story isn't over yet. Fallon of course responds and begins teasing Pauly back and forth via text vm etc. as this is quite a tempting offer for her because SHE wants to be a MODEL more than anything in the wide world!

Heres where it gets good. What Fallon doesn't tell Pauly D in any of her responses is that she realized this summer that Louie is a total hotty and they have hooked up a few times recently. She neglects to tell Pauly D that Louie shared a secret with her that he told nobody else not even his boys. Oh yeah Fallon has the 411 on some very private Louie business!! She conveniently forgets to tell Pauly D what she knows or that she recently showed Louie all of the texts from him. Oh **** right! She even forced Louie to listen to the voice messages that Pauly D left her begging to see her. She pretty much begins to play both guys. Yup! She's a keeper! Not sure yet what or who is really on her agenda. We think she will pretty much sleep with anybody to become America's Next Top Model! We think she may want Pauly D now cause he's still famous and we have proof that he wants her! Plus she has no shot with Louie anymore. Louie told her she was just like all the other girls and he no longer considers her to be special. OOOH~ Yes Louie and Fallon had quite a blow out this summer at the club where Louie told Fallon (love of his life) finally to **** Off in front of all of her friends! Her wonderful friends. He told her to stop blowing up his cell until 4 in the morning and she cried her eyes out. No worries happy ending for Fallon too because unlike Louie, Pauly D Still Wants Her! Salute~ Hooray! True Love, Pauly D and Fallon T a match made in heaven.

Supposedly Pauly D has promised Fallon that he would not get involved with anyone else. He told her that he would only do what he absolutly had to do for the show and it would not be easy but she just had to trust him!

There is just not enough time to chat about how much drama exists between these two guys and according to the way things have played out; you would never guess which one is 30-years-old. I guess age is just a number! Look out SITUATION! You better learn how to be a ****ing wing man and fast or you could be next!!!

To find the most recent blogging about these Guidos google Pauly D. was a Sterroid Dealer before Jersey Shore or "baby **** pauly" It's good **** talk! Sorry ladies Louie is not ride off into the sunset material either. Can you say PLAYER? YEAH Let's ask Louie how he gets rid of girls!!! As for Fallon; she's still waiting for a call from America's Next Top Model and Pauly D, well; he's still waiting for a hair gel shipment! So for all you **** talkers "Happy Postin" LOFAO

1437 days ago

Jersey Joe

1417 days ago


The cast of Jerseylicious and Jersey shore show the results of inbreeding. The Situation is intellectually challenged and physically challenged as well. He is completely uncoordinated and
and was one of those little kids who were late to meet their developmental milestones. But truth be told, you can find a lot of this type in small towns and backward areas.

1254 days ago


Do you believe these people who follow this stupidity and write about it? The first time I heard about these brain dead, no-class individuals I thought it was a joke on the public.

1254 days ago
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