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I Was Gonna 'Cuss Out'

Bill O'Reilly

10/18/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg claims she walked off the set of "The View" last week to keep herself from "cussing out" Bill O'Reilly on live TV ... an excuse that still didn't fly with Barbara Walters.

The ladies launched right into the controversy on this morning's show -- with both Whoopi and Joy insisting they were "glad" that they left.

But Babs -- still upset with the way things went down -- said, "You don't walk out of your own home ... you can walk out of somebody else's home ... but you don't walk out of your own home."

As we previously reported, all hell broke loose on Thursday's show after O'Reilly stated "Muslims killed us on 9/11." O'Reilly has stood by his statements.


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I have officially quit watching the view after 15 years. Four liberals and one conservative is to much to handle. What happend to a fair debate. If Elisabeth had walked off during a interview she would be toast......I thought Whoopie was more opened minded than Joy but those two together are way to much to handle. Don't enjoy the show anymore. To political!!!

1467 days ago


PERFECT #392! and actually #393 a hot mess in my head is a SEXY woman...which whoopi is not...but yeah whoopi is probably one of the most unattractive females on the planet next to rosie...both of them are hard to listen to and look at

1467 days ago


I am proud of Joy and Whoopi for walking off. Barbara's high-handed retort is more evidence that she needs to retire and stop acting like the Queen Bee. Joy has shown on her HLN show she is far more talented and can make her own show, she doesn't need "The View" anymore.

Whoopi shouldn't have to muzzle herself. Bill was waaaay out of line. Both of them have proven once again that they stand head and shoulders above the other sheep on the panel.

1467 days ago


thats and intelligent thing for a tv talkshow host to say. it shows a lot of class and style,

1467 days ago


really proud of a couple of women that yell and cuss and storm off? You must be just like them i take it intrepidsoul...

1467 days ago

Don Ror    

These Nasty Old Whoes who are nothing but a bunch of ignorants with a lame, liberal, left-wing pro-Islamic, anti-American brain leading the dopes show just how pitiful are those who follow Imam Obama.

No wonder it took women a 100 years to get the vote!

1467 days ago

Don Ror    

Islam is a pigsty, nasty cult that has one goal and that is the enslavement and murder of ALL free people. Islam was cobbled together by a degenerate pedophile almost 1,450 years ago who enjoyed raping nine (9) year old girl children, raping the women he captured and even murdering nursing mothers.
Just amazing that Goldberg and the other women love a cult that would turn them into slaves who would be treated worse than Goldberg's ancestors were treated when they were slaves.

1467 days ago


This show shows how far tv has sunk.These ladies will not accept the truth. Every thing Obama says is ok by them tho.

1467 days ago


I thought they were both immature. The show is called "The View". Some people don't like their opinions but they don't leave the show. Oh, and Whoopi you are looken pretty bad, so bloated, whats goin on girl!

1467 days ago

Never will be P.C.    

Hey # 12.. The ONLY continent that for the most part doesn't think in the "extremes" as to the Muslim faith are those who are raised in North America. The majority of Muslims in Europe, Africa and those in Asian countries believe the same as the whack jobs in Iran. Just like how people think that Christians who live in Lebanon and Israel are just like the Christians here in the U.S. .. nope, their just like their extremist Muslim neighbors.

Different culture means different way of thinking and people forget that.

O'Rilley was 100% right as to what he said. Being Politically Correct turns one into a moron and limits true freedom of speech. Whoopee the wind bag and Joy Bay-whore need to be fired.

1467 days ago


She needs to cuss out her stylist, herself and anyone that doesn't tell her that her wardrobe is horrendous.

1467 days ago


Who is Whoopi Goldberg? No. Really. WHO is she? Who is she that we should care one iota about her opinion on ANYTHING? She can act in a movie, she can utter profane jokes and make people laugh.. and? So??? When the sheeples stop idolizing ACTORS, comedians, news anchors, etc - and start thinking for themselves - I do believe this world will be a better place. How did I end up on this worthless page?

1467 days ago


Whoopi -- BAD GENES or BAD DOCS?

1467 days ago


You cannot discuss and issue with a woman that has already made up her mind least of all woman that do not know all the facts and are quick to stop off in the name of race. I am 80years old have nevver owned a slave did not care if it was one muslim or 50 how do you know which ones are going tocommit a terroists attack or not just like locking up the japnes at the beginning of wwLL the japs on hawaii set a course for the bombers and fighter planes to where the ships were by hanging out laundry now who would hav thhought about that so which one hung out the laundry 10 or 200 so you lock them all up untill they prove themselves come on America GET REAL no one give a dam about this country except the foreigners that can get a free hadout from the working class people and thatt includes the politicians.I donot trust anyone today Wmaerica is full of evil people that are looking to kick our ass and make slaves of the White peop;e that have made this country the greatest nation in the world along with the blessings of GOD and Our BEELIEF and TRUST in him. . SO STICK it all you liberials that think this good life can go on forever.

1467 days ago


It was the most immature thing that I have ever seen. Whoopi and Joy didn't have a fight that is why they had to storm off like 2 year olds. Bill tells it like it is and they didn't like it!!!
By the way to the person who said that a Christian killed 168 in 1995 that person wasn't giving God praise and saying God's name as he was willing the people. The Muslim Terrorist men who crashed the planes in the twin towers on 9-11 were shouting their god they worship- allah and they do these awful things in the name of their god. Let's get real people!!!

1467 days ago
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