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I Was Gonna 'Cuss Out'

Bill O'Reilly

10/18/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg claims she walked off the set of "The View" last week to keep herself from "cussing out" Bill O'Reilly on live TV ... an excuse that still didn't fly with Barbara Walters.

The ladies launched right into the controversy on this morning's show -- with both Whoopi and Joy insisting they were "glad" that they left.

But Babs -- still upset with the way things went down -- said, "You don't walk out of your own home ... you can walk out of somebody else's home ... but you don't walk out of your own home."

As we previously reported, all hell broke loose on Thursday's show after O'Reilly stated "Muslims killed us on 9/11." O'Reilly has stood by his statements.


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Whoopi was going to cuss him out? Was that before or after he kicked her a** in the argument? She walked off because she knew she was beat and couldn't take it on the chin.

1440 days ago


This is a good example of what happens every day. In general, when a Liberal voices their opinion and someone disagrees the result is a verbal lashing for not being "open-minded" (come-on... if they were truly open-minded then they wouldn't have the knee-jerk reaction to get angry because not everyone's a Democrat). O'Reilly's knows how to get people's blood boiling, but he he made no false statements that day. Joy and Whoopie's inability to conduct themselves professionally make them look like self-righteous fools.

1440 days ago


Bill made a RUDE comment end of subject.....Ppl we are in a War, the economy is a mess, go vote and shut up about The View and Bill!! So what who cares?

1440 days ago


Whoopie is a hot invite the guy, ya know what route hes gonig to take and then you walk off because you dont like what he says and then after its over you say you were going to "cuss " him out. PA-LEEEEZ.
Damn ghetto comments like that (and that hair, good God) are why youre a damn joke! They WERE muslim! And NO, a mosque is NOT WELCOME! its a slap in the face to even suggest it. Get behind the USA, DAMN IT! Wanna talk color? Talk RED WHITE AND BLUE.

1439 days ago


Whoopi and Joy, you host a show called "The View"... Not "Whoopi and Joy's View". How unprofessional of you to walk off the stage when you didn't agree with something your guest said. Then again I'm not surprised, since that's what many of you democrats do, you run from the truth or hide from the facts. I don't know how Elizabeth puts up with your nonsense. If I was her, Whoopi...I would've cussed you out!!! (as well as that idiot Joy)

1439 days ago



1439 days ago


you're an ass cleo

1439 days ago


Well, this is truely how all the media views anyone with a view differantly than theirs. Both them should be fired. At the minimum forced to apologize.

1439 days ago


liberals really do do understand that the really faithful muslims need and want to destroy non muslims!!!!!

1439 days ago

Gayle Miller    

Bill O'Reilly was a guest on their show. This wasn't their first time at the rodeo since he has been a frequent guest on the show. Walking off was an infantile reaction to the fact that he made a point they couldn't argue. The people who flew those planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania were Muslims - extremists yes, but still Muslims. To pretend otherwise is to childishly stick your head under the covers and chant ohmmmmmmmmm in hopes the big bad wolf will go away!

Whoopi and Joy are mindless leftwing robots who ingest the liberal Kool Aid and spew it back without applying the slightest hint of critical thinking. It's very easy to contrast them with the equally liberal Juan Williams who can discuss ideas with people of different political leanings without becoming a horse's ass about it.

There is nothing wrong with an honest exchange of points of view. There is a great deal wrong with infantile behavior and poor manners! They should both be ashamed of themselves AND they should both be fired. In fact, do us all a favor folks and just cancel the silly ass show! It's as worthless as tits on a bull!

1439 days ago

modle citizen here no jail time for me    

Way to go Bill....Ryan you said all that needed said...idot's to Whoopie and Joy...cry babies. Who watches The View anymore...I learned about their walk off from Bill's program...

1439 days ago


The only people welcome to TV'S the view are dem ---ocrats.
Is woopie a man or woman ??? U G L Y

1439 days ago


Yes, yes, yes. The infinite wisdom of Woppie "it wasn't rape rape" Goldfarb

1439 days ago


Good job gals. Now shut up,put your berka on and walk behind your man!

1439 days ago


I strongly agree with Bill O'Rielly he is stating factual based information unlike others due to not being p.c. This is why America is in the situation it is worrying about offending others. Until people stand up for there beliefs this will only continue to go down hill.

1439 days ago
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