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Junior Seau

Released from Hospital

10/19/2010 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Junior Seau has just been released from a San Diego hospital ... after driving his SUV off a cliff yesterday ... TMZ has learned.


The retired NFL superstar was admitted to Scripps La Jolla Hospital yesterday ... and according to a rep for the hospital, he officially checked out moments ago. Seau was reportedly treated for cuts and bruises.

As TMZ previously reported, cops are still investigating the crash. Officials say Seau did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol ... but he was given a blood test after the crash.

Results from the blood test are expected back some time in the next 6 weeks.


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You no whats funny TMZ, how stupid the San Diego news casters look when there reporting a story you guys got the scoop on first, and this guy lives here. lol

1464 days ago

My two cents ;)    

One could only hope that his mental status is reviewed and if needed he check into a mental facility because driving your car off a cliff is not a Fantasia faking her suicide attempt. This is pretty serious. His brain should be x rayed as well because there are serious findings of a rise in the brain damage of NFL Players. Which leads to lashing out and poor behavior

1464 days ago


Roid Rage and multiple concussions along with a an Ego that can no longer be filled at the levels it has since he was in junior high, is what this phoney baloney suffers from. Harming women? All outcomes of the first 3 ingredients.

Dude's a danger to society---please, no more "work" shows for this guy---he's liable to deck someone when things dont go right as he apparently did to a 25 year old female. Punk should be his new job, given its the new title he just made for himself.

Get professional help Junior, if your ego and culture will allow it---you're dangerous now.

1464 days ago


TMZ, why is this news? Junior is a jerk-off

1464 days ago


So how did that work out for you, Junior?

1464 days ago

In L.A.    

What a loser.

1464 days ago


I think he needs a good ass whupping,,maybe even by me..

1464 days ago


NEWS FLASH ::: No one here in San Diego believes that Junior S. didn't try and OFF himself!! Close your restaurant and `` Get the F-U-C-K out of of town```` YA BIG P-U-S-S-Y!!

1464 days ago


Nice hat Jr.

1464 days ago

George McCasland    

Perhaps Seau drove it off the cliff because he's actually the abuse victim, but as usual, male police officers arrest the man. Almost half of DV victims are men, regardless of their size, because the women know they can get away with it. An example is in a 2005 COPS episode. Two male San Antonio (TX) officers on a domestic violence call find a man sitting outside the house, claiming he never even went inside. Going inside, they found an upset woman with hand shaped bruises on her neck and arms. However, an arriving female officer noted the bruises were the size of the woman’s own hands. The neighbors told her that the woman was the abusive one. They didn't arrest the man, but told him he could still be charged under the mandatory arrest law. In Seau's case, she had minor bruises, not something a large man would leave. It’s common when it’s a male victim that he is arrested, as it was with this sheriff deputy.
A-Daughters-Story-Of-Abuse.dads-house org
DAHMW-FaceBook.waits4u com

1464 days ago


Why does it take 6-8 weeks for a blood test?

1464 days ago

B. Anderson    

No more spin... If I was the driver of the Escalade I would have been charged and thrown in jail, like anyone else. But noooooooooooo its Junior freakin' Seau so he goes to the hospital and is simply released. Simply horrible!!

1463 days ago


During first year he joined the NFL he attended a high school game where his cousin or relative was playing. My friend who happens to be 5-5- 120 on a good day was standing in a parking spot that Seau was pulling in at. Seau got out of his car and choked my friend , raising him up in the air. He said to my friend "I am from these streets too" Right there I realized not only is he a coward(by picking on some one 1/2 his size) He is also an idiot. My friend could have easily sued him, but chose not to. Plain and simple he is a coward. I witnessed with my own eyes his cowardly display. He picked up the smallest guy there and choked him, then the idiot realized he could be sued so he fled the Carlsbad High Game.

1460 days ago

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