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A-Rod Mourns Playoff Loss with LeBron

10/25/2010 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The day after the New York Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs, Alex Rodriguez partied at a Miami nightclub with someone who is no stranger to playoff failure ... LeBron James.

The two kicked it at the grand opening of the Arkadia at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Saturday night to attend Drake's 24th birthday party.

Spies inside the club tell us both A-Rod and LeBron partied until 1:00 AM -- and were each seen drinking Grey Goose La Poire vodka.

Since they're each worth roughly a bazillion dollars -- who do you think pays for drinks? 

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I'll bet the nightclub paid the tab.The wealthy never pay the bill.They might have been paid just to attend.

1461 days ago


Neither. Rich celebrity D-Bags want and get everything for free.

1461 days ago

Steelers suck    

WOW! There was enough room there for BOTH their egos?? Must be a bigger place than I thought. Guinness Book of World Records: Biggest Douche Bags with the Biggest Egos!

1461 days ago

Action Jackson    

Who's the pitcher, and who's the catcher?

1461 days ago

dan the man    

That must have been a fun party Drake's bday with ARod and King James. I wonder who else was there? I bet Nikki Minaj was and if I was there, I would have put all my game tricks into bagging that sexy lady lol

PS King James should focus more on getting that 1st ring. Once he gets that ring, he can party his ass off, but he needs to cement his legacy.

1461 days ago


Another reason why you leave Cleveland and come to Miami, you can actually live and have fun. And to all the cleveland fans who acted/still are acting like babies, F U! I hope you guys never win anything because they way you showed your true colors was ridiculous. It was pitiful how much you guys rode Lebrons ****

1461 days ago


These two homos are pervert for each other...

1461 days ago


Everyone knows LeBron didn't leave the tip.

1461 days ago

Zachariah TeBordo    

Alex Rodriguez Contract for 2010 pay off: 23 Million
LeBron James Contract 1st half w/Miami 14.5 Million
Lebron James Signing Bonus: 10 Million
Lebron James 2nd Half contract w/Cavs: 15.779912 Million
Lebron James endorsements (roughly): 45 Million
A-Rod Endorsements (Roughly): 50 Million
A-Rod Playoff Bonus: .24 Million

Total Money made in 2010 by these two: 158.5 Million (Rounded)

But, their net worths are
Lebron James: 300 Million
Alex Rodriguez: 380 Million
So a little more than a half billion

If I made that much money, here is what I would do. Live off like 5-10 million dollars a year, people live off 25K well not really live, survive, but yeah, then after taxes and saving in 10-12 years, you would have a billion dollars in the bank, and then make it grow. Of course I say that when I don't actually have that kind of money, or skill. So what do I know. I know the bazillionaire thing was a joke, but just thought I'd give insight on actual worth!

1461 days ago


They are both douchebags! After batting .190 in the NLCS and 3 RBIs in 9 playoff games, that's proof that no player should be paid $25 million a year in a team sport!!!

1461 days ago

Zachariah TeBordo    

Oh, and one question. Why do all of you hate them so much? You act like you know them personally or something, and talk about their egos. While they do have big egos, they're also tremendous athletes. When they post a picture of: Johnny Depp, Madonna, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Sandra Bullock, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Simon Cowell, Bruce Springstein, David Letterman, Ellen, Jenn Anniston, Dr. Phil none of you talk about their egos, but they all make more money then Lebron James and A-Rod.
Also, Brad Pitt, Pink, TYLER PERRY (come on), Steven Spielberg, Howard Stern, David Beckham (All I hear about is his wife nothing about him), Seinfeld, The Donald, Leno, Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller, Ryan Seacrest, George Lucas, and Bruckheimer all make more.

While Lebron and A-Rod have egos, they also have skill, half the people mentioned above can't sing or act, but command more respect. Do you not root for a team in basketball and baseball? So why is it you hate these two? Either because they're not on your team, your jealous of their skill or money, or you have no life. While I agree it is a boatload of money, they deserve it as much as Miley Cyrus or Jay Leno if not more!

1461 days ago


Shame on you.

1461 days ago


Dumb and Dumber. They'd be working in the kitchen if not for the fans. Come on guys, pay for your meals and drinks and ALWAYS leave a nice tip!

1461 days ago

Rangers Fan    

Superman, A-Rod plays in the American League - ALCS, not NLCS.

1461 days ago


The 2 biggest egos in the world, at least the picture didnt show them kissing each other, maybe A-rod only does that while he is working out. Its amazing how devasted he looks after taking a call 3rd strike, choking in the playoffs again and helping to lead the evil empire down the poop shoot

1461 days ago
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