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'Talent' Contestant: Someone Killed My Wife

10/25/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"America's Got Talent" contestant Joe Finley insists his wife's death was "not an accident" -- telling TMZ, "Somebody threw her off that railing."


Joe tells us he last saw his wife Laura Finley at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles at 3:00 AM Saturday morning ... after the two popped the drug ecstasy.

Laura was pronounced dead at 8:25 AM.

Joe was named a person of interest in the death -- but tells TMZ he did not murder his wife adding,  "100% this was not an accident."

Joe says cops told him that someone went to the front desk and requested a key to their room at around 1:30 AM, an hour and a half before Finley claims he last saw his wife.  


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tom terrific    

Who drops ecstasy the night before their appearance on America's Got Talent when you might want to be at your best for the audition?

Who goes to an audition not knowing where their missing spouse is or if said spouse is dead or alive?

Who tells the police that they are using and holding illegal drugs?

I don't think this guy will make it to the final 10.

1458 days ago


Shorter TMZ commentors:


You guys are freakin' brilliant.

1458 days ago


I honestly think he had something to do with it, so he is blaming someone else. hmmmm, wonder if they will find drugs in her system.

1457 days ago

Dave Eggers    

All these comments tell me is Humans are the most ****ed up animal on the planet. Most of you people are pathetic and this is why are world sucks.

1457 days ago

Lauren Finley    

My name is Lauren Finley, I am the daughter of Laura Finley. I am disgusted by every comment I have read. NONE of you have any idea of what my family and I are going through. TMZ purposely creates "gossip" to make everyone look bad. look at every single article on here about every single celebrity, is there something positive about anyone? Everything that is out here is completely inaccurate and untrue. You all have no respect for me or my family. I am one of her three children. Her youngest is only 14 years old. Would you like him to read these comments? My parents have been together since they were 15 years old, they have been married 25 years. And all night long they were completely happy. We have pictures and everything to prove it . Believe what you want to believe, I hope you never have to experience the pain we are all going through. I hope you never have to be exposed on gossip channels and websites like my family is with lies. I hope your pictures arent taken from your myspaces and facebooks. I hope media uninvited doesnt ever show up at your houses. I hope you all feel real good about yourselves writing all that you are writing. absolutely nothing on this site is true. And all of everything you all are writing is degrading and disgusting. Im glad you have enough time in your day to sit around writing horrible untrue stories about my family. We just lost our mother and my dad the love of his life. Thank you TMZ, for taking everything we offered you in a private interview and twisting every single word into making my dad and my family look horrible.

-Lauren Finley

1457 days ago


Well said Lauren. I have been thinking about the night before as well. Your dad spoke about your mom and the rest of your family during the interview he did. This is a link to the show he did Friday night. (second hour)...
Knowing the family since Lauren was 6 months old I know more about the situation than any wanna be jackass fake reporters on this site. I was in contact with Joe at 1230 am Saturday morning verifying his place for America's Got Talent. The last time I talked to Laura was Thursday to make sure they had all the information for the hotel reservations straight. They were both always happy and all the dumb **** written here really makes one realize how bad human nature it to just jump on the bandwagon and assume the worst. TMZ takes key words of truth and then arranges them into a story that will get the most visitors to their site, never thinking about what they are actually doing to the people in the 'real world'. You will all believe what you want to believe until the truth is revealed so there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. Just stop and think before writing some bull**** that will be read by people that love this family and how your speculation will hurt them.

1457 days ago

concerned friend of Laura's    

Isn't it strange you haven't heard anything from her side of the family? Laura was very close to her family and they had a great relationship! Why isn't Laura's family involved in the commentaries? Her parents are broken hearted...How is it that Joe is the victim and yet his wife is dead? What man let's his wife do drugs in a strange hotel and knows she's missing but does nothing? Hmmm? It seems he's only concerned about himself!

1457 days ago

concerned friend of Laura's    

Lauren, so sorry for your loss but honestly if you're father didn't play this out in the media, there wouldn't be all these posts. People have the right to speak out and think of it as they care enough to have opinions...Your father probably contacted the media himself, they can't qoute him if he didn't give them an interview right? If you want to honor your mother that is understandable, but don't put your father on a pedestal! Remember he was with her and failed to take care of her, or she may have still been alive...(sigh)

1457 days ago


Lauren, in honor of MOTHER who I know personaly !!!! pictures can be very deceiving !!!! Your MOTHER is truely more deserving than " THIS" I can not belive NO ONE went looking for her, and that YOUR FATHER would make these statements to TMZ or ANY other new media !!!!! Your MOTHER IS HONORED more respectfully by strangers and childhood friends than YOUR FATHER .. Make YOUR MOTHER PROUD !!! and have your FATHER STOP CONTACTING THE MEDIA ..PS did he make it as a contestant

1457 days ago

Glen & Susan    

My sons attended elementary and middle school with Joe and Laura's daughter Lauren. Throughout that time we remember Lauren as a well behaved, mannered, and respectful little girl who was quite talented at basketball and softball. Despite Joe's standout appearance, both he and Laura were very involved with Lauren's school and sports activities. Laura impressed us as sweet and very ladylike - a lovely woman in both looks and character.

We're very sorry that you have to read this crap, Lauren. Our condolences to your family. RIP Laura.

The T's.

1457 days ago

Lauren Finley    

Dear concerned friends of laura
Go **** youselfs. You are just as disgusting as every person writing absolute bull**** about my family on here. And good thing you didnt put ur names because i would never ever speak to you again in my life. for all of you continuing to write comments. My moms father and step mother are completely on my fathers side. Theyve spoken to the meda. My dad did not contact any ****ing media so get ur facts straight. Seriously who the **** are you to write anything or say anything to me like that. My mom could not be separated from my dad she absolutely adored him. So **** you, and all of you who cannot respect me or my family. I hope you all never have to experience what we are going through. We dont deserve this, and we didnt ask for this . And by the way, concerned friends of Laura, dont come to my moms ****ing funeral.

-Lauren Louise Finley

1457 days ago


Fact #1 TMZ was never contacted, Joe was never interviwed.
Fact #2 No media was contacted.,they read police reports and contact you
Fact # 3 Her dad and Stepmmothe who she was closest to, were in the interview and planning her service
Fact #4 She was not that close to the rest of her family, although she loved them
Finally She is old enough to make all her decisions and NO HUSBAND can stop a wife from doing that.
She is beautiful , wonderful and I am ashamed of all of you for hurting your niece and nephew because you are angry

1457 days ago

Lauren Finley    

Dear Kandice,
thats funny, you know my mom personally? you dont know a god damn thing about her or my family because you would know me. My father DID NOT CONTACT ANY MEDIA. MIND your own ****ing business, and DO NOT .. absolutely DO NOT come to my moms funeral. She would not want you there. And neither would anyone else. so get ur facts straight, and shut the **** up.

1457 days ago


How does he even know someone killed her,,why is that his first statement??Why did he not think at first it was an accident?? And why does he say someone pushed her from the stair hand rail??? Is he giving something away,,,God Bless her children.

1456 days ago


Dear TMZ and the sick people that write their assanign comments about a subject that (1.) not-one of you have any facts, just rumors of this horrible tragedy, unless you were personally there and saw what happened to Laura. (2)Whether you know this family very personally, know of their kids from school, or maybe you are or once was a neighbor, or like many of you , I'm sure,you have never seen them or heard of them before in your life , WHY on earth would you or could you be so cruel and cold hearted to totally dis this family with all that they are enduring right now ? If you are of God's children or just of this planet , how can you not know that this FAMILY,and their TRUE FRIENDS are in mourning for a person ( be her ,their MOTHER, WIFE, DAUGHTER , SISTER, AUNT , COUSIN, FRIEND) You should be sending out thoughts and prayers to this family , not hatred !!! Do you people really have nothing better to do with your time than to continue hurting /slandering a FAMILY that love and miss Laura, And you know nothing about ....
By a concerned outsider of the family, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family , and your true friends...

1456 days ago
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