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'America's Got Talent' Winner Settles Suit For Millions

10/25/2010 8:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terry Fator, the puppeteer who signed a 10-year, $100 million contract with The Mirage in Las Vegas after winning "America's Got Talent," has just agreed to pay his ex-manager a huge amount of money ... TMZ has learned.


John McEntee, who claims he guided Fator's career after "Talent" and snagged him the plum Mirage job, was going after the puppet master, alleging he's owed 20% on the $100 mil, plus 20% of other gigs as well. 

Our sources say Fator and McEntee just reached a settlement.  McEntee will get his commission for the first 5 years of the Mirage deal -- which means McEntee just pocketed $10 mil. 

In a joint statement, Fator and McEntee tell TMZ they're happy to bury the hatchet.  And Factor gives McEntee props, saying, "I appreciate John's work on my behalf following my "America's Got Talent' win in 2007, including his contributions that were instrumental in bringing my show to the Mirage."


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Moo Shoo

1460 days ago


Wait-- he won a 100 million dollar contract, as a puppeteer, from a television show? Even American Idol winners never snagged contracts like that right off the gate. Something sounds weird.

1460 days ago


WOW, i'm in the WRONG business!! who knew puppeteering was so profitable?!?!?! besides Jim Hensen and Mr. Rogers, of course!

1460 days ago


So sad that the Mirage, the resort that transformed Vegas, is so low rent that this slob is the headliner. Mirage was the home of Siegfried and Roy, and Danny Gans, when he moved to the strip. This guy is no headliner. He should be playing the afternoon show at Harrah's, or perhaps be out on the street corner at some locals casino. What a bum! You're manager gets you a prime gig and you do your best to screw him. What a loser.

1460 days ago

big al    

perhaps he should try not to be an ungrateful crook in the future. now you admit that this guy was instrumental in securing the gig. he should have been paid from the start & avoided all this. especially considering the amount of the contract. what a greedy nut. karmas a b@#$h!!!!

1460 days ago


who is the idiot who wrote this story?, Don't you proofread before you publish something for the world to see?, you seriously should be fired or at the very least, take a major pay cut, poor writing like that is what makes people think your not real journalists! Take some pride in your work. I see some of you behind the scenes workers on T.V and though many of you appear to have brains, the rest of you have the combined brainpower of a pea. It's truly disgusting that you could get away with such poor grammer, etc. Do you have any education whatsoever or are you like these papparazzi who don't have a clue about taking photos but think they're "photography" is a real job. You are a joke, and you make TMZ look like a joke, Harvey, if your reading this, please consider what I'm saying becasue though I enjoy your work and contributions to the entertainment business, you've clearly got unprofessional morons working for you who don't have the ability to take take 20 seconds to proofread an article they've "written" & I use that term very loosely!

Thank You!

1460 days ago


WTF? for puppets? Seriously? WOW...The end of the world truly is near....I should have listened to that queer molester from my church when I was a kid who told me to "play with his puppet."

1460 days ago


@ 7. (John)

Wow you're complaining about the authors grammar and spelling when you yourself need to take your own advice, you have made spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

1460 days ago


I have a friend who goes to school with new his new fling. This guy was a rags to riches story but a total douchebag, he wrote dedicated a book to his wife about his life and as soon as he hits it big time he dumps his manager who scored him the 100 million deal and dumped his wife for his hot stage assistant Taylor Makakoa you had seen her every night with him, Not only is this guy cleaned himself up with is new fortune, he has scored a girl that he could never get on his own merits....100 million can buy a lot of love from a young beautiful girl and she was over heard bragging that Mr Fator is paying her tuition at college...what a guy, way to go Terry!!!

1459 days ago

me not you    

So wait. You're telling me all you have to do is stick your hand up a puppet's ass and someone hands you $100 mil? Where's my Baby Alive doll!

1459 days ago


Type-O: And Factor gives McEntee props.

1459 days ago


I can't tell you what's worse to watch puppeteers or tap dancing. $100 million seriously ? I wouldn't go to this show if it was free. The same old lame puppet jokes that have been done for years....Boooorrrriiinnngggg !!!

1459 days ago

john p mcniff    

he was talented. hope he comes through philadelphia
john p mcniff

1459 days ago


These comments are silly. If he doesn't sell tickets he doesn't make money. People vote with their cash. So even if you don't agree that he is talented there are plenty of people who do find him talented including hypercritical people like Simon Cowell. It's not like the Mirage just hands him $100,000,000 for five years just for showing up. His talent has to sell the seats. And he's more than just a puppeteer he actually does good impressions of famous singers that people are willing to pay to see.

And if you won the lottery or came into money wouldn't you take care of those you care for. Who cares if he's financing his girl's education. She could just be arm candy but she's choosing to get an education which is admirable. It's not like he's doing something wrong like paying for her to get good grades.

He only met the manager when the guy saw him on America's Got Talent. John McEntee saw an opportunity and cashed in. He's crying all the way to the bank. And he and his former manager came to a settlement which means they are both happy. Whatever.

1444 days ago


And it might just be possible that you have no idea what sort of people his ex-wife and ex-manager are or what his reasons were for terminating the relationships.

1444 days ago

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