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'Diff'rent Strokes' Star

Bloody After Shark Face-Off

10/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Todd Bridges -- the guy who played Willis on "Diff'rent Strokes" -- was all smiles recently, which is strange ... considering the guy was holding the bloody remains of a thresher shark.

Here's the short of it -- we're told Todd was on a camping trip with his son in Santa Barbara, CA ... when a nearby fisherman hooked the predator and needed help hauling it out of the water.

Todd came to the rescue -- but the shark must have been pissed ... because soon after, it completely lost its head.



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Slow news night TMZ? I usually see people say that and think they're being silly, but in this case, man was this a non-story.

1458 days ago


WOW, this must have been a slow news night.

1458 days ago


ew gross..

tmz you guys wouldn't post a picture of a bloody human corpse so why is this any different @ least have a disclaimer or an off link to another page.

1458 days ago


too bad they didnt fall in the water and the sharks got a chance to chew on them a little or alot

1457 days ago


^inside thoughts please.

1457 days ago

Jason W    

I like Todd. Im glad to see he has gotten his feet under him now and looks to be going in the right direction. He is th eonly Different Strokes kid left. I loved that show as a kid.

1457 days ago


Just wait for the DFG to fine him for fishing without a license.

1457 days ago


ew gross..

tmz you guys wouldn't post a picture of a bloody human corpse so why is this any different @ least have a disclaimer or an off link to another page.

Posted at 1:31 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by cherries
The difference is Sharks are not people and if you can't see the difference then you're not too smart.

Posted at 5:17 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by Whamo
hey sharks feel pain too.......what if they had a few dead dogs or cats heads with their little tounges hanging out in the pics,,would that be okay?
national organazation for sharks or NOFA
please send donations

1457 days ago

Hey Now    

Todd Bridges seems to have put his past behind hin to become a regular, chill dude. Good for him.

1457 days ago


I agree with the two other posters. I like Todd too.

I remember seeing him on The Weakest Link some years back, and he did a pretty decent job, but eventually he was voted off. There was also that nurse chick on there that had appeared on some reality show where she married and divorced some guy after only knowing him a few days. She tried to put Todd down because of his past, and he said, "At least I can say I was on drugs, what's your excuse?" Classic.

Then there was his classy response to Gary Coleman's passing and his disgust with his wife taking pics of him AD. Nothing but respect for this man.

Go Todd!

1457 days ago



1457 days ago


These people are smiling about killing a shark and decapitating it? Sick bastards. Sharks are endangered and a crucial part of the food chain. Todd Bridges is an ignorant a@@. And to think I used to like him.

1457 days ago


How uneducated are these heartless forms of existence? Karma is in the works; eye for an eye. Ever hear that one? When are humans going to learn that killing any form of life is wrong. Maybe when we stop killing any "being" we'll see how wrong it is to kill a human.

Just lost any respect I had for Todd Bridges.

1457 days ago


So mr. loser in life holds up a dead sharks head and smiles. I guess all those drugs and stints in jail made you into a hardcore s***bag with no compassion. My only hope for you is that your head winds up the same way only worse! Now that I would smile about.

1457 days ago


Todd is an inspiration for getting his life back in order!

1457 days ago
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