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The Quaids' Arrest Could Mean Death for Doggie

10/26/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a third Quaid in the car when Evi and Randy were arrested in Canada last week ... their beloved pooch Doji ... and TMZ has learned he could pay for his master's sins ... with his life.

Quaids arrested.

While Evi and Randy are still "in detention" after being nabbed on an active arrest warrant ... we've learned Doji has been placed in an animal shelter in Vancouver for the time being.

But Doji's days could be numbered -- because according to Vancouver law, any dog that has been impounded for more than 72 hours becomes city property ... and the pound keeper is then given the authority to "destroy, or sell by auction or private sale, an impounded dog."

We spoke to someone at Animal Control in Vancouver who told us they "make every effort to not put the dogs to sleep" ... and generally try to find the animals a home through adoption.

Still, look at this face (the one on the left) ... someone better act fast.


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Actually, dogs are rarely put down in Canada. There is a high dog adoption rate here.

Maybe you should take a look at how many your own country puts down.

1457 days ago


Who cares about the the's their own fault.

What action can any of us do to protect their poor dog??? Are there contacts in Canada that can be made? Legislative action to be taken?

TMZ covered the story - now they need to offer solutions - or further contact to assist!!!

1457 days ago


Fingers crossed that someone will adopt the cute pooch and give him lots of belly rubs!

1457 days ago


I live in Vancouver B.C.
I will go to the SPCA tomorrow and see if the dog will be put down any time soon. If so, I'll make sure he is taken to a good home!!!!
If you wanna help me contact me at jenninnorthvan987 at

1457 days ago


Did she scream, "My dog! My dog!"?

1457 days ago


Dogs are not killed in Vancouver. Hire a new editor. Why are Americans so effing dramatic? You embarrass Canada daily you freak show.

1457 days ago


What a bunch of American *******s. We, in Canada, have very high standards when it comes to the treatment and care of all animals. Not like you idiots who not only run animal slaughter shelters all over your Country, but you don't even take proper care of animals when they are alive. Not only do we care for our own animals but we also rescue many, many thousands of US animals every year. Yes, we rescue your animals AND your people.

The comments I've read just goes to show you how poor your education system STILL is. You are the stupidiest group of people on the Earth. Geez!


1457 days ago

bring back recent posts    

How is Bessie?

1457 days ago

Pixie Cup    

Wrong TMZ. The Vancouver Animal Shelter is a pro-adoption facility. If the owners don't redeem the dog, he will be put up for adoption and likely will get a good home. Here's the link to the Shelter's policy:

A Pro-Adoption Facility

Vancouver's municipally run shelter is a pro-adoption shelter. Dogs that are adoptable or treatable are not put down. The shelter makes every effort to keep dogs alive and find them homes.

Adoptable dogs are those that show no sign of a behavioral or temperamental defect that could pose a health or safety risk to the public and have shown no sign of disease, injury, or congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the dog or that is likely to adversely affect the dog's health in the future.

Adoptable dogs may be old, deaf, blind, disfigured or disabled. Treatable animals are any dog that is not adoptable but that could become adoptable with reasonable efforts. Sick, traumatized, infant or unsocialized dogs need appropriate medical treatment, behavior modification and/or foster care to turn them into healthy animals ready for placement.

There is no time limit for animals in our care, so long as they are happy and healthy we will continue to try and find them their forever home. If an animal starts to show stress from being in the shelter we may search out a foster placement or rescue group in order to find them a home. The only incidences in which an animal would be put down is if they are neither adoptable or treatable.

They include:

Dogs for whom euthanasia is the most humane alternative due to disease, injury or suffering that can't be alleviated;
Vicious dogs, the placement of whom would constitute a danger to the public; and
Dogs who pose a public health hazard.

1457 days ago


Hey awards...racist much?? That was not funny at all. The only award you get is for being the douchebag that would write something like that.

I live in Richmond/Vancouver and this dog is fine. It will not be put down. Unless it's very ill, it will be adopted or in foster care before you know it. Fear not, Quaids..doji will be ok.

re: 4.
Greetings from Vancouver! The dog was adopted this evening and will be dinner in the Richmond by 7:30. Wok out with your **** out! MMMMMMMMmmmmm!

Posted at 5:04 PM on Oct 25, 2010 by awards

1457 days ago


Shame on Canada.

They let murders go and kill dogs.


Posted at 5:14 PM on Oct 25, 2010 by Room Monitor

Oh don't be such an idiot. They adopt them out most of the time. The story is misleading. Do you believe everything you read in the papers? If you do I pity you!!

1457 days ago

Andy Pinsent    

Pretty sensationalized but I'm not really suprised. Slow day in the "news" room I guess

1457 days ago


I'm in vancouver :)

I would take the doggie if i had the room... I'm sure he'll find a home he's high profile after all

1457 days ago


Oh come on!!!! I live on Vancouver Island and work with shelters and animal rescue groups here as well as with ones in Vancouver and we don't kill animals because their 72 hours are up! Get it right before you post people, because you don't have a friggin clue what you are talking about. I have helped rescue and place 17 dogs so far this month alone and most of them were in the shelters for more then a month before I got them placed! Makes me angry when you read off some law and think that just because it is written, it makes it so. Don't ask anyone for experiences with the law, just ignore them...ugghh

1457 days ago


Your welcome at my place Randy and Evi. They will have to go through me to get to you and they better sing it of they are gonna bring it.

1457 days ago
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