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Mess With Aniston,

Get Locked Up For Centuries

10/25/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who ran a posh Beverly Hills salon and allegedly bilked Jennifer Aniston and other celebs out of money is now facing 501 years behind bars.

As TMZ first reported, Maria Gabriella Perez is accused of ripping off the credit card info of a number of stars and private types, including Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Melanie Griffith and Anne Hathaway.

According to the federal indictment, the alleged billing thefts go back as far as October 2005, with one alleged transaction alone totaling $69,890.


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Question-- do these stars make and spend so much money that they don't notice unauthorized charges going back to 2005?????

1461 days ago


501 years behind bars for stealing credit card info ?

That sounds like the kind of sentence Oksana Gregorieva should get, she stole a lot more than credit cards.

1461 days ago


501 years ?
The case can't be that strong if they gave her bail

1461 days ago


dont matter what kind of money they make....dont give anyone the right to steal it! Good, glad there will me time to be served.

1461 days ago


it is so very funny how much more money is worth than lives

you can kill people and get away with it, but oh no if you steal their money you get 500 years!!!!!

1461 days ago

Christina G.    

500 years for credit card theft, 15 for the average murder. What's the difference? In the former, the banking industry is the victim, in the latter, it's just some poor schlub's life. And we wonder who, or what, is really running this country.

1461 days ago


thats insane, 501 years for theft, come on, give her 3 years and make her pay it all back, garnish wages, dont put her in jail for life. Stupid

1461 days ago


God forbid you steal from rich celebrities who wouldn't even miss what you stole!

Instead, steal from hundreds of elderly people, who can't fight back and are easy to take advantage of, where the punishment might be a few months in jail.

1461 days ago


Save the state the money, give her the needle!

1461 days ago


She probably looking at about 25 counts (fraud, cc theft, etc.)with about 20 years per count. Do the math!!! And don't these people have accountants?

1461 days ago

RJ Hunt    

501 years if they were to try each and every credit card charge as a separate case...WHICH THEY WILL NOT...Let's not get carried away here TMZ...the most this dumb azz lady will get is maybe a year, 3 max; and have to repay all costs. I can't for the life of me understand how someone would take advantage of "recession proof" clients in this economy...I build custom cars and if not for my "high profile" clients I would be out of business...

1461 days ago


@ #11 - what's her last name have to do with anything? For all that, I can talk about The Enron scandal and say "well look at THEIR non-latin surnames". Or how about you Google "Reed Eliot Slatkin", "Peter Lombardi", and "James Paul Lewis, Jr.". Moron.

1461 days ago


Jennifer Aniston's hair has no shine. It's so overly processed that it looks like hay for horses. She should go back to her natural brown hair. Oh wait, then she would look even uglier. She is sooooooo overrated.

1461 days ago


Murderers get less time.
What would She get for a bad dye job?

1461 days ago


How is it that for a credit card fraud a person is facing 501 years of prison and other MUCH more serious crimes, per example, pedophilia or murders are not as sevirely punushed?????
LAW - whether in US or Canada had always amazed me on how poorly is executed, and justice even less.... Just ask an abused victim or a mother that has lost her child because he/she was murdered.... Discusting...
I am not saying that the person who frauded the credit card should not be punished, they definetly should....

1461 days ago
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