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Lindsay Lohan Clothing Line -- Sketchy

10/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was worried her clothing line would go belly up if she went back into rehab -- but TMZ has learned the company is doing just fine with LiLo ensconced at Betty Ford ... thanks to some LiLo sketches.
 Lindsay Lohan 6126.
As TMZ first reported, Lindsay told her probation officer she thought the company, 6126, would fall apart if she went back to inpatient rehab. But a source close to 6126 tells TMZ the company hasn't missed a beat ... because Lindsay has been sketching like crazy since checking into B.F.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay doodled her designs for both the Fall 2011 collection and the Spring 2012 line.

We're told Lindsay is actually a micro-manager, approving almost every detail.

But we're thinkin' ... keep your eye on rehab, Lindsay.



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1457 days ago


Nice to know this latest rehab thing was all a sham for the judge. And when she had a lock on not returning to jail she then complained about returning to rehab and the cost of it! Her probation officer claims she still denies her drug addiction and apparently, she's designing leggings while in BF instead of concentrating on getting sober. This isn't working ! ! You know what is going to happen when she gets out on Jan. 3. She's going to return to the same lifestyle with she and Dina denying anything is wrong....

Isn't this sad? OMG. Last chance, Lindsay. FIVE rehab stints. That's horrible and disrespectful to those who DO want to get sober. I know longer care about you.

1457 days ago


I was gonna say Taylor Momsem, but she recently turned 17

1457 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

Sounds like she was trying to find a way out of rehab. If that's the case then she still doesn't get it.

1457 days ago


"We're told Lindsay is actually a micro-manager, approving almost every detail."

Mark my words, when this thing goes belly up and the vendors come calling for their money you will see Lindsay claim that she was nothing more than a spokesperson for this company with no involvement in the day-to-day operations.

1457 days ago


If you own a company then it's only natural to worry what's going to happen if that company is forced to run its day to day operations without you. She's very hands on with this company. A lot of her income comes from it. She obviously doesn't have a whole lot of money, relatively speaking anyway. There's nothing wrong with her perhaps over-reacting and being worried that it might fail, even if it's not. If I was in her situation, I'd probably feel the same way. She doesn't have a lot left and cannot afford to see this company fail. It's only human to experience these sort of insecurities.

Needless to say, a lot of people here are being way too judgemental.

Judgmental people on TMZ? Naw, I don't know what you're talking about. Something like that would never happen. Not on TMZ/end sarcasm.

1457 days ago

Christina G.    

I can see her now, drawing sketches with a 48 pack of Crayolas and a drawing pad with Barbie on the cover.

1457 days ago


Not only is LILO gaining weight and looking like a real person agaon. Her company and her career will do just fine. Ditch the smack and that sorry ass excuse of a father and you and your career wil be bigger than ever. That life sucking money hungrey father of hers should be the ultimate one doing time behind bars.

1457 days ago


You are right!
She now looks like Porky the dirty smelly unwashed Pig!

1457 days ago


Designing "leggings"? How hard could it be? Legging: A long sock with no end on it. Genius. How many different ways can you make one? What does she do, pick the colors? "For this season, I think.... aquamarine - one million dollars EACH. Yeah. That's what Marilyn would do". I know I know..... little pockets sewn in them to stash the cocaine. Next: Lindsay Lohan-brand cotton swabs. Can't wait.

1457 days ago


@Broeheem google Ali Lohan 6126 spring 2011. Not a legging to be seen. It's a full line of clothes expanding to handbags as well.

1457 days ago


I am going to marry her when she gets out

1457 days ago


Lindz has the worst taste in clothes (unless she steals it from a designer), how's she gonna have a successful apparel line.

1457 days ago


@marymac doesn't matter what your opinion is of her taste in clothes, her line is selling 3 times over what was expected. Her 6126 line is expanding and doing well.

@Broeheem I did find 2 pics of leggings with the Spring 2011 6126 line. However, it's mostly dresses.

1457 days ago


Being busy sketching is probably very good for rehab. She finds satisfaction in something else than dope, AND she's safe from her stalking father. I think she should do the most of those months left. Go to her different classes, do her chores and teraphy stuff (I don't know what they do in rehab), and work and read. Great!

1457 days ago
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