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'Talent' Victim's Family Suspicious of Husband

10/27/2010 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Finley's "I didn't kill my wife" defense isn't flying with the victim's family -- TMZ has learned the "America's Got Talent" contestant's in-laws now suspect Joe was involved in the "murder" of Laura Finley.

One of Laura's close relatives tells us ... many family members believe Joe's "whole story is BS" ... adding, "There are too many gaping holes in his story for it to be true.”

As we previously reported, Joe told police Laura left their L.A. hotel room around 3:00 AM Saturday morning to get ice ... and never returned. Laura's body was found in a stairwell at the hotel around 8:00 AM ... while Joe was auditioning for "AGT," apparently unaware of his wife's fate.

The relative goes on to say, “The family knows Laura was murdered and that Joe was the last to see her. They're having a hard time believing that he went so long under those circumstances without being concerned about her whereabouts”

As for a motive -- we're told many family members say Laura had threatened to leave Joe after a pretty heated argument a few months before her death. They're also upset that Joe waited until Monday night to contact Laura's family.

Laura's family is so "disgusted" with the situation, they plan on holding their own "separate" memorial for her in the near future ... without Joe.



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He's definitely got some substantial holes in his story. And he acts like her murder is just no big deal. Comfortable talking to just about anyone about it. Weird and COLD.

1456 days ago

RJ Hunt    

his family believes him...her family dose not...GO FIGURE!?!?!?

1456 days ago


I think she was on drugs and alcohol and woke up and didnt know what she was doing and fell over the railings on the stairs.
Think about it. If you're going to murder your wife, don't you think walking her down the hallway with her IN HER UNDERWEAR would probably not be the best plan you could think of?

1456 days ago

Christina G.    

What makes me suspicious of him is that he is apparently adamant that she was murdered when a cause of death hasn't even been determined. If he was in bed as he claims, how the heck would he know whether or not it was an accident?

How many reality show contestant's wives are going to be murdered before they shut the whole circus down?

1456 days ago


I think I'll wait to pass judgement on this guy. His story seems plausible. He was so honest about his verison that he got himself arrested for the pill's he still had.

I've never done X but I've heard it was a dangerous high, maybe like LSD back in my day. I hope they have enough camera's around that caught what happened to this woman.

She may have been trippin and couldn't handle the high and that lead to her death. Again I'll wait to see how this one plays out.

No matter what it's sad and tragic. My deepest sympathies to all that loved her !

1456 days ago


Is there not a picture of them where they aren't making some stupid hand sign? Enough with the hand gestures everyone, they look 'tarded. I mean really, what is that???

1456 days ago


Her family is right, how can he audition not knowing where his wife was. He doesnt look heartbroken about the loss, surely he did it. The truth will come out soon.
My deeapest condolences to her family and friends. Rest in Peace.

1456 days ago


Cops showed him a photo where his MISSING WIFE looked injured yet he went on to audition cause the cops let him? Didn't it say that in a previous TMZ story on this matter?


What the hell?

1456 days ago



Finley claims when he woke up Laura was not there -- and he called hotel security and asked them to page her over the public address system. Oddly, Finley says he then left for his 2PM audition. He claims police approached him on his way to the audition and showed him a picture of Laura's face with injuries. Finley claims he assumed, at that point, that Laura was dead ... though cops didn't tell him that.

After several hours of questioning, Finley says police allowed him to go to his audition ... which he did -- even though he admits he thought his wife was dead.

Finley says police interviewed him again after the audition and that's when he fessed up about taking ecstasy and that he had three more pills in his possession. It's unclear when exactly police informed Finley that Laura's body had been found in a stairwell at the hotel.

As we first reported, police are now calling Finley a "person of interest" in Laura's death.

1456 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Innocent until proven guilty and all but... this guy did it. He wasn't concerned about his missing wife, went to the audition, assumed she was dead when speaking to police, probably lied about taking X. Pretty easy case here.

1456 days ago

Mr Baxter    

I say let the guy continue on America's Got Talent and if he wins, he's free.

1456 days ago


I have an honest question-was she a "little person"? I haven't seen a full-length photograph of her, but her proportions seems to be like that. I know it has nothing to do with the tragedy, and I mean no disrespect, but just curious.

1456 days ago


Why would anyone think cause he admitted an illegal drug to cops that means he may be telling the truth? A few ecstasy pills would not give him jail time anyway. He'd only get a fine and/or probation! It's not like he admitted to kilos of cocaine or something. He is 120% fishy! Who cares about being honest about a little bit of ecstasy?! He knw someting bad had happened and contacted family some great time later!

There was a girl whose mom disappeared and she still auditioned on American Idol. The difference with her case was her mom had been missing for some time. This guy was shown a picture of his injured wife and hours later went on the show. He should have been an emotional wreck after seeing that photo! He should have called family!

1456 days ago


You'd think he'd noticed whether or not she was back in less than 5 minutes, because at 3 am, I doubt there's a line-up at the ice machine. well if he knew she was going for ice, he must have fallen asleep instantly after the door shut.

1456 days ago


There's the mysterious person who just HAPPENED to request a key to the room when he HAPPENED to not be there.

I ask:

- Did the hotel/motel just give a key to a random person not assigned to the room?

just say'n

1456 days ago
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