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Charlie Sheen -- Hotel Room Photos

10/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained pictures of the New York City hotel room Charlie Sheen trashed early Tuesday morning, along with information about what happened inside.

We're told Charlie's alcohol-fueled rampage began at a restaurant called Daniel, near The Plaza Hotel where Charlie was staying. He, three other men and five women had an 8:00 PM reservation Tuesday night and Charlie was drinking heavily. Denise Richards, we're told, went to the dinner but left fairly quickly after things got wild.

Charlie brought one of the women back to his hotel room and soon thereafter people on his floor heard what they say was primal screaming and swearing from inside the room. Charlie was calling the woman a whore and other names, when people started to complain.

We're told Charlie ripped the curtains, overturned tables, damaged a lighting fixture and broke glass, which cut his toe open.

All in all ... a real mess.


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STUPID! Carnage? All I saw was a messy bed. Puhleazzze. Youve got a real smoking gun here.

1458 days ago


Looks like the stripper played rough. Big deal over nothing.

1458 days ago


i think that we all just need to leave Charlie alone he is who he is and he has never protrade him self as any other way and about the women so what he likes women i think that we should all leave him alone and let him be

1458 days ago


While I do value and for the most part respect other's opinions, I believe in this story everyone seems to be missing the point.

It's not about just this incident in the hotel. It's about a lifetime of bad behavior all added that is making this story important. He continually get's "away" with doing bad things. Never suffer's any consequences, takes a small hit to his wallet, and get's rewarded for it.

He put a knife to his wife's throat, threatening to kill her. And how did that turn out ? He gets the slap on the wrist from the Judge, and then get's a 2 million per episode raise for the work he does on a sitcom.

Where's America's outrage over this man ? Who cares that he tussled a few pillows and broke the leg of a chair. He was more than likely a raving luantic, out of control, insane man. That's the point of this story, of this incident. Not Charlie beating up a pillow.

He continually squirms his way out of trouble because he's pay's for the best lawyer's money can buy. He's rewarded for being a bad boy, acting out in a crazy way. Again where is the outrage ?

He hates women, has no respect for them, and yet, these stupid women still coming running to be with him, thinking they are the one's who will be able to change him. He's a coward. He beat's up women, abuses them verbally, and pay's for a lay. He's a very disturbed man and for the life of me I don't get why people are stil defending him, if it was your daughter that he knocked the crap out of, I bet you'd all be singing a different tune.

He's no one special to me. He is the s*** of the earth. And he needs to be locked up somewhere, whether it be jail or an institution.....he need's help, not raises.

1458 days ago

Stephanie Mandell    

YOU got to watch Ross Mandell talk about the Chalie Sheen incident!!! It's crazy!!!

1458 days ago


Pretty funny TMZ. Why create news? I also work in a hotel. I WISH we could find a room left in this condition. I think I've found maids that have left it worse. The bed looks like it's being turned over for cleaning. Those are some pretty expensive curtains and chair to come to 7 grand. No excuse for the noise and he's certainly got issues, but apparently TMZ has bigger issues. Please don't create news.

1458 days ago


He and lohan would make a great couple.

1458 days ago

Ken Mcclelan    

OMG! Wow, unbelievable. The bed's not made and the photographer tipped a chair up against the wall....... Charlie should be hanged for such a rampage!

But where's the news? Get real people. While the story talks about all the damage done to the room, why is this the only picture? Because if there was worse damage the papparazi would've taken them and this article would've posted it here rather than the unmade bed. He got drunk and should act more responsibly - but wait, he didn't get behind the steering wheel of a car, so maybe all he's guilty of is messing up a room and getting a bit boisterous in the privacy of the room he was renting. It happens every day all around the world. But because he's a somebody he is a target. Get a life losers!

1458 days ago


Could this have been a set-up ? Naked with your cell phone in a closet ? Oh Come on !

1458 days ago


When will these women wake up and stop hanging around with Charlie Sheen? I don't feel bad for her, has she lived under a rock for the last decade (or two)? This behavior is common place for him and this incident is mild compared to others...I think he's afraid to get clean because if he was he wouldn't be the Charlie Sheen Americans have come to love, he's still the highest paid actor on TV, and we have basically condoned his behavior by making him as such.

1458 days ago


Thought the hotel room would have been nicer; wonder if it had bed bugs; who really cares about this really anyone;

1458 days ago


Why would Charlie be considered a "bad boy"? Beating up and terrorizing women and furniture is more like "little boy" or "bully boy" or "chicken **** boy". Why does he never beat up on men? Maybe he would learn something if he were alone with a group of men that believes in payback for abused women. I would probably chuckle then.

1458 days ago


I think I see a watch. Right next to the bed. Can you see it?

1458 days ago


How come he gets away with this and others in the past? He must be our golden boy of sitcom and therefore can do anything, drinking, drugging, and kicking women as his pastime.

1457 days ago


Another whore looking for a big Pay Day. Sheen should hve learned by now. Like Mel gibson's whore, get them mad as hell and then call the police!!

1457 days ago
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