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Charlie Sheen -- Hotel Room Photos

10/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained pictures of the New York City hotel room Charlie Sheen trashed early Tuesday morning, along with information about what happened inside.

We're told Charlie's alcohol-fueled rampage began at a restaurant called Daniel, near The Plaza Hotel where Charlie was staying. He, three other men and five women had an 8:00 PM reservation Tuesday night and Charlie was drinking heavily. Denise Richards, we're told, went to the dinner but left fairly quickly after things got wild.

Charlie brought one of the women back to his hotel room and soon thereafter people on his floor heard what they say was primal screaming and swearing from inside the room. Charlie was calling the woman a whore and other names, when people started to complain.

We're told Charlie ripped the curtains, overturned tables, damaged a lighting fixture and broke glass, which cut his toe open.

All in all ... a real mess.


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am beginning a boycott of anything related to cbs and Two and a Half Men. Including all advertisers. I pretty much stopped watching the show because of Charlie's behavior with his wife last yr. and because it has gotten so disgusting. It used to be so funny but now it has crossed the line. Last week I saw a couple seconds and couldn't believe that it was all about threesomes and masturbating. It's def not funny anymore.

I am especially angry that he is making the kind of money he's making. It's so hard to understand how people like me who are hard working and good barely scrape by while people like Charlie have everthing in the world but don't really deserve it.

I am so angry after this latest episode this week. He is a danger to all around him and cbs is allowing this. He needs to get help before he truly hurts someone. I am going to contact all advertisers and cbs execs and all the stars of the show and tell them that Charlie is ruining it for everyone. My hope is the show will be cancelled soon do to lack of ratings.

1424 days ago



It is VERY difficult to tear down hotel room drapes. They are basically "glued" to the curtain rod. Of ALL the newsreports I have seen on this - there was no mention of broken TV's, broken lights other than the chandelier and the broken chair. And NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of blood!!!

1424 days ago


A broken chair??? You guys can´t have much to write about now that Lindsey Lohan is back in rehab. Get a LIFE.

1424 days ago


Those pictures show a messy room. Wow - I'm sure it looks like most hotel rooms when people check out.

1424 days ago


LOL!!! What is the TMZ definition of "carnage"???? It looks like someone forgot to make the bed.

1424 days ago


I can't blame him for trashing the's hideous decor!!! Hahahaha

1424 days ago


sad for the childern, Charlie is a train wreck . how nice booze
and a prostitute in the same hotel as Denise and little girls are staying to spend time with Charlie.
I don't understand Denise but that's just me, I would be hard pressed to let me kids anywhere near him.

1424 days ago


The man put a knife to his wifes neck on Christmas while his kids were in the house, he shot one of his ex-girlfriends and God knows how many others have been harmed by him..enough is enough..WHERES GLORIA WHEN SHE IS TRULEY NEEDED?

1424 days ago


I am truly amazed at the 2 tier legal system we have. One for working people and the other for celebrities and the rich.

1424 days ago

Bob G    

ARE YOU KIDDING ...a Few Messed Up Pillows and Bed Spread !! ?? WOW !! That is WILD ...Hey ...GET A LIFE and Leave Charlie ALONE!

1424 days ago


Carnage??? you call these photos of 10 pillows piled up and a tipped chair carnage, what a load of crap. tmz should be ashamed of yourself. glory hounds.

1424 days ago

A broken chair??? U guys can´t have much to do now, Lindsey Lohan is safe in rehab - I guess the well is dry? Get a LIFE.

1424 days ago


Am I missing something? The room looks fine, tmz you're idiots and clearly its a slow news days...move along.

1424 days ago


This punk gets awy w this **** all the time...He in another state so getting crazy on pills and booze doesnt violate his probation..whatta joke

1424 days ago


LOL, sorry the room looks pretty normal to me, a messy bed, a lot pillow tossed around, drapes pulled down and a broken leg on a piece of furniture...WOW! Please that's nothing. However the guy is total mess. Looks like the Plaza for all the money it cost to stay there could use a upgrade on it rooms

1424 days ago
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