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Photog Claims Tila Tequila Kidnapped His Girlfriend

10/27/2010 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila may have been out-crazied by an L.A. photographer who claims Tila, along with 4 armed men with guns, kidnapped his alleged girlfriend and threatened to kill him ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Tila Tequila

Photographer Garry Sun filed an application for a restraining order in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming on October 19, Tila and the armed men drove to the Texas house of his alleged girlfriend, Shyla Jennings, kidnapped her, somehow got Shyla on a plane and flew her to L.A.

Sun claims Tila then threatened Shyla ... If anyone notified cops, she and Garry would be toast.

A judge has not ruled on the restraining order. 

Tila says Sun made the whole thing up and she's calling her lawyer. 

UPDATE: Tila's lawyer calls the allegations, "patently absurd" ... and insists Sun is simply filing the lawsuit to "get back at [Tila]" after he was fired from his role on Tila's website.

The lawyer adds, "[Sun] will undoubtedly be held accountable by appropriate authorities for making these false allegations."


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They're laughing it off because they like the crazy Tila brings and if the crazy ones keep getting locked up, then their site will fizzle. The fact that reports were actually filed says something, the lack of arrest says another.

1464 days ago


LOL thats such a lie, why would tila kidnapp a girl from texas? this is bullsh---

1464 days ago

Tila Sucks    

Tila dated this guy. No lie. And then her "attack by Jane" and her "joking suicide" when she cut up her own arm was blamed on him, she said he attacked her. She's trying to shut him up. go to for the truth about this famewhore

1464 days ago


I don't know if this is true or not, I'm thinking it's all for publicity and Tila loves to do outrageous things to get people to notice her.
Just like when she went fake grocery shopping at Ralph's with see-through lingerie on but....she can also be vindictive and spiteful too. I'm going to play this by ear.

1464 days ago


This is a bunch of bull****. Garry's butthurt because he's thoroughly convinced he and Tila were gonna settle down, get married, and have babies. As of last week he was still saying he was single, so who knows who this bitch in Texas is.

When she got taken in on the 5150 for the "arm meet" incident, she went after him saying HE did it.

So basically, what you have is two very mentally ill people fighting tooth and nail for attention.

1464 days ago


Tila is obviously auditioning to be Mel Gibson's next assault vict...oops ... next girlfriend

1464 days ago


*googles "shyla jennings"*


1464 days ago


Why is that woman's head on backwards?

1464 days ago


I know both Garry and Tila. Tila is a sociopathic nutjob. Garry has always been totally chill, compassionate guy. This story is so far-fetched, I find it hard to believe from anyone. Garry has never been a fame-whore in the same vein most fame-whores are formed. He wants success and recognition in his field (photography) but he always has come off as legit and credible and I've never known him to pad the truth or create stories out of whole cloth.

If Garry says this happened, no matter how absurd, I'd err on the side of believing him. He's a private guy, why would he throw out something so unbelievable and kill all chances of a legitimate career and private life?

Tila on the other hand, is just crazy enough to do this. She has at least one friend who is a private pilot, so it wouldnt be a big deal for him to do her a favor. I imagine if they drugged up the girl enough to shut her up, but not pass out, they could get her on board a private plane and fly her anywhere.

1464 days ago


I can't think of "one" person who is more of a Skank than this useless chic.Please TMZ, lets avoid her completely in the future. She makes me want to puke... Really!!!!

1464 days ago


Drugs, sex tapes, porn and a failed blog, more preganices than a obgyn clinic, rape stories, ruining someone esles career cause she could. Now this, welcome Tila to another fifteen minutes of fame. Now back to her regular crazy crap.

1464 days ago


Tila who?

1464 days ago


That bitch is GANGSTA!

1464 days ago


Alright. I'm going to pretend like this has nothing to do with Tila being out of the media lately and her various personality disorders coming out. Wait, no I'm not. She needs attention 24/7 and this is just another (extremely absurd) example. Hope the photog and his girl are getting paid well.

1464 days ago


Wait, this crackhead bitch is still alive?

1464 days ago
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