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'Sister Wives' Halloween

Braving the Elements

10/31/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even polygamists enjoy a little Halloween action -- and TMZ has learned the entire crew from "Sister Wives" are getting in on the devilish festivities ... 21 costumes in all.

We're told the Brown family will be hitting up a costume party on Sunday -- and the four wives will be dressed up like earth (Janelle), air (Christine), fire (Meri) and water (Robyn).

As for fifteen of their sixteen kids (it's hard to keep up with them all) -- we're told they'll be disguised as two vampires, one hippie, two nerds, one goth fairy, one regular fairy, one zombie, an M&M, Cleopatra, a gangster, an angel, a mobster, a "Twilight" vampire, and one "ugly mask."

And last but not least -- we're told Kody has yet to make up his mind about an outfit ... which probably explains why he has FOUR WIVES.


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Bunch of perverts. They can pretend to be normal on Halloween.

1422 days ago


These people are all just plain sick, they need help. The women should all be fixed....they live like a pack of dogs.

1422 days ago


For all you 'Haters' on here.. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! I am seeing comments of people being 'repulsed' and that the Brown family will 'Burn in Hell'.
I am a Catholic (sure to get some 'hate' comments about that!), and I believe to LIVE & LET LIVE! So what that their religion is different than yours? So what that they are not 'mainstream'? How have they hurt YOU? or affected your life in any way? They havent! If you don't like the show, DON'T WATCH IT! If you don't agree with their lifestyle, DON'T LIVE IT! Jeez! all these 'Christians' on here judging the way others live... Tell me this~ can you HONESTLY say that you have lived your life without sinning? I seriously doubt it! You are SINNING by JUDGING this family! Everyone sins.. And WHO is to say that how they live is a Sin? Maybe they know somewthing that we dont! Who knows? Nobody is perfect! (well, except me, maybe! LOL!)
All four women entered into this marraige WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY.. Kody didnt put a gun to their heads.. As for the innocent children, I am sure it is up to them if they CHOOSE to live a polygamist lifestyle as adults..
Get off your high horses, people!

1422 days ago

pamela q    

Well Janelle is as big as the earth so it is fitting for her to be that. These people are a bunch of weirdos!! Why are they even on TV promoting CHEATING??? This guy is a loser and crazy to boot. They all should be in JAIL!!!!!

1422 days ago


this family is not a normal Mormon family they are like that guy Warran Jeff's. They are 2 different types.
The true Mormon religion outlawed multiple wifes a very long time ago.
As far as going trick or treating, I know a lot of family's that are Mormons that do this every year.

You are link Jehovah Witness, they don't celebrate anything, from Halloween to Christmas to even their birthdays.

1421 days ago


I have lived in Utah of off and on for 30 years...YES Mormons do celebrate Halloween...know your fact before you open your mouth!!

1421 days ago


Meri WONDERS WHY she cannot get pregnant and have another kid!! its called STRESS and JEALOUSY!! she acts like this is all a big load of crap and Kody is the one enjoying all the SEX!! why did she agree to a 4th wife, who is THIN/PRETTY/YOUNG?? BTW, what does Kody do for a living?? Male prostitute, driving a sports car!!! so unfortunate for all 15 kids...

1421 days ago


I bet they get by on FOOD STAMPS!!! Janelle should go to Jenny Craig!!! her gut is flying in the wind!!!

1421 days ago


Apparently Abraham, Moses, and Solomon were all perverts since all participated in polygamy which is traditional marriage. I just love Christians that known nothing about their own religion or its history. Even your Jesus spoke about the bridgroom and the 10 virgins...only those ready with lamp oil were able to enter and marry.

These people are also not LDS mormons and have stated so repeatedly on their show.

1421 days ago


This is a very sad show about sad women. Kody is just a prick who is clearly taking advantage of the situation. Watching this show, this is not the typical plural wife situation that I've seen on other programs (mostly do***entaries). From what I've seen most of these situations involve families that are cloistered away and dress in clothing similar to that of women in the 1800's. These women clearly do not dress that way! They're definitely main stream. This is not some crazy religious guru trying to start a cult of his own. He's just a guy who is taking advantage of a bunch of insecure women and using them to further his sexual desires. But most of all it's illegal. I certainly hope that at some point, very soon, this group of people are stopped.

1421 days ago


Shows llike this are all about making us think that everything is okay. We have no morals anymore. Everyone is afraid to say anything for fear of being 'politically incorrect". Sex...any way you want it, foul language, senseless violence, it's all being shoved in our faces day in and day out to desensitize us so we will accept any behavior as being normal. Watch Disney tv sometime... you really want your little girls acting like some of the characters shown there? How about all the smart mouth kids that talk to their parents like they are idiots. What we've done to strip fathers of their dignity as TV characters is disgracefull. We need to bring back censors as it is clear we don't have any good sense left.

1421 days ago


I just watched Natalie Morales interview these 4 MORONS!!! they belong to the Church of Morons. they are paiting this lifestyle as very rosy.. Meri lost her JOB over this show.. HA HA HOOOO!!! serves them right for broadcasting their dirty laundry on TV!! these are NOT SMART WOMEN, especially Robin... her ex. should take her kids away from this filthy life...Kody is a PERV!!!

1421 days ago


Actually, a lot of you with the nasty negative comments are the ones with low self esteem. These women live and work together and their children are very healthy and happy. For you religious people, don't throw stones at them if you had pre-marital sex or abortions or children out of wedlock because the same rules govern those things. Don't even pretend to be concerned about women's issues because you're trying to take away their right to choose for themselves. These are not 14 yr old girls.

1421 days ago


I enjoy watching the show, if you do not like it, hit the "channel" button on your remote. But then I guess it is easier to lower yourselves into being judgemental to boost your ego. Now who is the sad one here????
Also this photo is photoshopped, this was taken at the fourth wife's wedding.

1421 days ago


O.K.,let's see who the morons are here? A family living a life they were brought up to believe in and CHOOSE this way of life OR a person that has a remote in their hand and can not press the "channel" button. You people condeming this show clearly win the "Moron" title. If you do not like the show CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

1421 days ago
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