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Charlie Sheen: I'm Not Into Reality TV Divorce

11/2/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen filed for divorce Monday because he didn't want Brooke Mueller yakking about it on her upcoming reality TV show ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the couple have told TMZ for months ... they would file for divorce as a united front.  As we have told you for a long time, Charlie and Brooke signed divorce and property settlement papers back in May and held on to them ... waiting for the right moment.

But apparently Brooke's reality show didn't sit well with Charlie and he wanted to control the situation and get "a fresh start."  Charlie's people insist he told Brooke in advance he was filing, but it was not the united front they agreed to last May.



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Brilliant Charlie!!

This is genius! This cat is gonna come out of this like it never even happened. He got everything in writing months ago and she was stupid enough to agree with it all.

Brooke was way out of her league with Charlie.

1448 days ago

Tailee Raine    

"it was not the united front they agreed to last May."

I don't blame him..All bets are off when reality TV comes into play.
Let's face it, he doesn't need her to make an ass of him talking about it on a reality T.V. show..he can make an ass of himself all on his own.

1448 days ago


Charlies wives are role models for women everywhere, they are a credit to their gender!

1448 days ago


What in the world could this world class fame whore ever do or have done that would warrant a reality show?

1448 days ago


it seems like everyone who is no one is getting a reality tv show. granted they usually last 5 episodes... but what the hell ? unreal.

1448 days ago


These two are a laugh. He's a neck deep in a coke fueled hooker fest, and she thinks a reality show is going to fix her life? Parents like this are the reason there are so many young people like Lindsay Lohan. Stop exposing your children to your ****ty behavior and media whoring!

1448 days ago


Geez he's looking old!! And not old in a good way like his dad. Another case of Goldigger and dumb ass star.

1448 days ago


At any point is this so-called man ever going to take responsiblity for his actions?

He has grown children who are more mature than he is. Can he not feel like such a d-i-c-k after all of his full on nudity at the hotel with a yet another bimbo?

Busted again!!!???? Again???!!! even after all the humiliation he has had to endure thru yet another divorce!!!!!!

This man is in my peer group, we have all grown up Charlie, the 80's is over now. When are you going to catch up with the rest of us and stop behaving like a moron? A desperate moron none the less.

Your kids are watching you dude!! Are ya gettin' any of that yet? got them of all ages, girls, boys, and wives all over the place. Enough! Get some dignity will you!?

1448 days ago


Charlie has a great career going by just being himself and he's enjoying it. Why should he conform to everyone else's expectations? We don't expect much of him and that's the way he wants it. Fans will tear you to pieces either way. You can be the best person in the world and make just one mistake and your life is over. You get no where by being a good person.

1448 days ago

Politico Pablo    

This may change her reality show deal with producers now that she won't be able to mention Charlie on the show.

1448 days ago


Filthy Mexican.

1448 days ago


Good for Charlie....who wants to smell other people dirty laundry....I applaud you Charlie. More class there than alot of these other famous people exploiting their ex'es that they loved at sometime and their children.......gee, who could that be????

1448 days ago


He is such an ass. I feel sorry for his family; kids, parents, sibs. I find it hard to believe that anyone watches the show he is on. Haven't watched and won't.

1448 days ago


He's into everything else trashy and cheap, what not reality TV divorce?

1445 days ago

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