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Oksana: Hot, Bothered and Ready for Mel's Depo

11/1/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva clearly spent some time in front of the mirror this morning getting ready to face Mel Gibson for the first time in months -- she looked great as she entered the room where Mel is supposed to sit for his deposition.

We asked Oksana what it feels like coming face-to-face with Mel again.  She said, "I don't know what to think."

As TMZ first reported ... Oksana will be actively participating in the depo, writing questions for her lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, and strategizing with him.

Here's the problem -- so far, we haven't seen Mel.

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anyone who posts after me is an idiot

1459 days ago


I really think she is hoping he will take her back.

1459 days ago


She looked great? Are you blind? See these are the posts where it seems TMZ is showing favoritism. She looks like a woman twice her age, hiding behind those ridiculous sunglasses like she is some old school Hollywood actress. She looks like the offspring of Octomom and the Grinch.

1459 days ago


LOL She wore a see thru blouse, does she really think that is appropriate and that the judge won't notice the game she is playing.

1459 days ago


Are we supposed to feel bad that she is "hot and bothered?" She is the sole cause for the deposition to be taking place.

I guess the papers she passes to Horowitz will be filled with $$$$$? $$$$$?

Her team is so desparate, they are now attacking family members. I am certain her family tree has more than it's share of nuts in it.

1459 days ago


anyone who posts first in this thread is the biggest idiot of all.

1459 days ago


Good glad she is there and will catch him in every lie he has told,What I find funny is this Melvin character is supposedly being extorted but doesn't show up to her depo to catch her in lies on the stand. Extortion yeah sure your being extorted lol.

1459 days ago



This woman is so transparent

she does not need a blouse to show that

1459 days ago


YESSSS, the see through blouse. V where are you?

1459 days ago

pray for mel    

Here's the problem -- so far, we haven't seen Mel.
Will he show up this time? Or did he go on vacation. If this guy does not show up it will be substantial proof he's guilty of something and is trying to run.

Please Mel, come to the deposition - face the music. If you have nothing to hide you'll show up

1459 days ago


i guess tmz is now buying clips from hollywoodtv, seeing how its the same camera person from hollywoodtv that always follows her and asks her questions in all the clips from hollywoodtv.

1459 days ago


Your reporter says "... she's looking great ..." Okay, is your reporter a blind person? Has to be. Oksana is one of the ugliest females ever created. Her physical ugliness is only overshadowed by Mel's stupidity in boinking her and depositing his DNA in that well used orifice.

1459 days ago


I guess this is "Mel Day" all Mel -- all day. No Charlie Sheen news? No more pictures of Brent's wiener? No porn "stars" nude videos?

1459 days ago


Mel is probably freaking out and hyperventilating somewhere. He'll be ready just as soon as they get done pumping him full of sedatives. And i think it's great that Oksana will be there and scribbling notes out. Mel's gonna loose it and if he does he's gonna pay boy! lol

1459 days ago


Hey who was it on the other thread that bet she would wear something see through.

1459 days ago
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