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Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen

Betrayed Me!

11/2/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller feels utterly betrayed by Charlie Sheen, according to her lawyer, Sorrell Trope.

Brooke Mueller divorce:
Trope tells TMZ ... when Brooke and Charlie signed a property settlement agreement back in May ... they agreed to wait a full year before officially filing for divorce.  Trope says Brooke made the agreement because "she didn't want to make trouble for Charlie," who was in the throes of a trial for allegedly assaulting Brooke in Aspen.

Trope says, "Charlie humiliated Brooke," by blindsiding her yesterday -- filing legal papers without giving her the heads up.  And, Trope says, it's especially hurtful because Brooke had been supportive of Charlie last week during his most recent trouble.

Trope notes that in Charlie's divorce papers, he suggests the couple's two kids have been living with him.  Trope says it's not true -- the kids have been living with Brooke.

UPDATE:  Charlie's manager, Mark Burg, tells TMZ, "Charlie tried to reach out to Brooke and left her a message before filing for divorce.  It's a shame that this ambulance chaser is trying to drum up more business because this divorce was finalized and agreed upon 6 months ago."

Burg added, "Shouldn't everyone involved be more concerned about the two young children?"


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Oh please Brooke, you were double the legal limit on your sons' first Xmas morning. Then you proved yourself to be an out of control crackhead. Go on with your nasty self! Stop trying to pawn more of Charlie's money! Glad he is free of you and he should NEVER, EVER allow you to get full custody. Retain 50/50, Charlie..she'll pimp your kids out.

1388 days ago


Hey, someone finally fixed it. Hope Harvey gives that someone a cookie. My god, most TMZ staffers are embarrassingly uneducated.

1388 days ago


Who says you have to tell someone you are going to file. She will just get her settelment money that much faster.

Posted at 2:38 PM on Nov 2, 2010 by Ann
Most divorce attorneys will tell you not to inform the other party ahead of time. You don't want to give them the opportunity to clean out the bank accounts or hide assets before the divorce petition is filed. Once it's filed they are prohibited from messing with assets.

1388 days ago


I read she told Charlie Sunday night it was totally over, so he filed. What was he suppose to do? Might Brookie been getting a larger amount of money for temporary maintenance?
$55,000 a month in child support plus a big pay out and that's not enough for Brooke? These gold-diggers are a piece of work and need to try living in the real world. Oh and Brooke, get over that jealousy of Denise, even more so of Charlie's are a grown woman. Jealous of your sons, too?

1388 days ago


Women who marry these type of celebrity men (who are chauvinist and narcissistic) deserve absolutely no sympathy. The only victims in any of this "charlie fox trot" (pardon the pun) are their children.

1388 days ago

Howling Drunky    

Sheen's a drunken, pathetic, racist moron. I hope she takes him to the cleaners in the divorce settlement.

1388 days ago

Gayle James    

Brooke Mueller is fortunate to be rid of Charlie Sheen. He is a s***bag. For those of you that have written bad things about Brooke you do not really know what went on between them. I believe that once a man like Charlie abuses women; like shooting them, threatening them, embarrassing them, and embarrasing themselves in public regarding torn up hotel rooms, runnign around nude, making accusations, existing with all types of drugs and hookers it is time to pull the plug. Whether she was blind-sided by his filing, she is better off without him. I would hope that in time she will see the light and be grateful that he is not in her life. The children will also be better off without their doucebag of a father. He certainly does not set a good example as a husband or father. I would hope the next woman in his life would tell him to just go away.

1388 days ago


If the divorce was "finalized 6 months ago" how the hell is he filing for divorce now?

Oh wait...

1388 days ago


The mere fact she is referred to as "that ambulance chaser"tells me a whole lot more about Sheen than it does about Brooke. In short: I'm inclined to believe the lady in this case if only due to the language being used . Besides: having a very public and embarrassing "hotel scene " just prior to all of this doesn't really add to one's credibility.

1388 days ago


Hm, still thinking how Brooke was "trashing" Denise...perhaps she was and still is jealous of her? Perhaps that may be a reason why he wants nothing to do with her? Now it all comes together-Brooke jealous even of his kids with Denise! No, I do not agree with "what" Charlie is not be surprised if Charlie and Denise get back together.

1388 days ago


Looks like she got a pretty good deal from Charlie. I don't understand why she's whining! Maybe Charlie's right and she was planning on using their divorce for part of her reality show. How sad.

1388 days ago


brooke, take the money and go away. learn from denise and keep ur mouth shut!

1388 days ago


LOL he cant act? for someone making 2 mill a show. @ #13 let me know when you make 98 mill a year. gonna guess you wack off to gloria allred..

1388 days ago


Maybe she should get a Real Job Like Most Women in America Im just saying. people can sit and call Charile a drug addict yada yada.. and I wich he dose but he gave her time to go to rehab and get herself together. he seems to be quite fair with what is going people can sit and call him names all they want but remeber he is not the only one in relationship... she has been on drugs for a while not to talk about the drinking.. so they both have problems.. I hope that they pull it together for the sake for the children and when Mrs muller starts making as much as he dose or contributes as much as he dose then she can whine about money until then be happy ur getting so much every month most peopl make that over the corse of the year. so she should be quite and move on..

1388 days ago


Charlie Sheen is trash and quite honestly, I think she was dumb for marrying him in the first place. The man does have a bad reputation. I think he'll give his poor dad a heart attack one of these days.

1388 days ago
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