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Mel Gibson's Deposition and the Phantom Fist

11/3/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer accused Mel Gibson during his deposition Monday of clenching his fist ... but the judge ruled there was absolutely no proof it happened.

Here's what we know ... The deposition got so contentious and loud among the lawyers ... people in the office building heard the noise.  Sources say at one point, Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, accused Mel of winking at him -- a comment the judge promptly struck from the record.

Horowitz then said on the record ... he believed Mel clenched his left fist.  Again, the judge struck the comment from the record.

What's interesting ... the proof is in the video, which was rolling during the whole depo.  But as far as we know, there's no evidence Mel clenched it.

110210_oksana_video_tmzAnd speaking of video ... we got some of Oksana yesterday ... and she claims she maintained her cool during the depo.


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Mel Gibson Doesn't Show Up To Daughter's First Birthday Party

Talk about a misleading story. I wonder who put this out there.

1360 days ago


My new doll take her picture and she smashes your car door........

1360 days ago



Maybe you would answer a few questions for me…thanking you in advance,

1) is it legal for any attorney OG has fired to advise the opposition if he/she has knowledge that a crime has been committed?
2) seeing that a self-confessed panderer with ties to the Russian mafiya has publicly stated OG came to him for placement with MG in order to “enhance” her future lifestyle, can her links to organized crime be scrutinized in her deposition?
3) will Herzog be allowed to profit from the sales of any book he may write about this case?
4) should a plaintiff file suit after suit against someone, is there a point where the US court system will step in and stop the harassment of the plaintiff and the abuse of the legal system?

1360 days ago


If you're going to say all that after forcing the guy to take a deposition I can see why people hate you.

1360 days ago


The wink that stopped an Ox

Posted at 4:20 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by Firefly

Horowitz must have been staring hard and long at Gibson trying to make him react. I can just imagine the clown jumping on the desk waving his big red hanky and honking his big clown nose. Sorry Horowitz nobody cares that you like to sit behind a big desk and antagonize grown men into winking at you.

1360 days ago


Hey everyone ...


Seems now Mel has dangerous ... WINK!

Be afraid ... be very afraid.

1360 days ago


OMG! The vikings are loose in LA!

Mel and his lower, O'Malley, are raping and pilliaging all over LA with their winks!

Posted at 4:47 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by gonesi

Now, now...I think my ancestors´ reputation is unfair. Sure, we did some plundering and...ehm...some raping. But that´s what people did in those days! Hey, if you don´t have Internet and TV...whatelse can you do?

All those false rumours were spread by some woman, imported from Eastern countries by one of our vikingchiefs. Turned out she just wanted the treasure he stole...hrm...picked up in Scotland. The Oks of the viking age!

Team Mel, Sweden!

Posted at 5:00 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by Kaprifol
Yeah, lucky for our ancestors she had nothing to plug her recorder into!

1360 days ago


I find it funny that Oksana wore that outfit to tempt Mel. She was probably winking and pursing her lips the whole time! Trying to get a rise out of him. The other stupid thing is I clench my fists all the time! I do it to work the muscles in my hands and crack my knuckles! So should I be yelled at by Horowitz?

Again, i am waiting for the tape to come out. And it will! I guarantee it.



1360 days ago


Hej Kaprifol!
Du och jag är nog dom enda svenskar här. Jag har blivit beroende av att läsa om denna historia, lika spännande som en riktig film!
Go Mel go!!

1360 days ago


When did this winking take place?

When Horritz was reading the note Oksana gave him and acted like it was was actually helpful?.

1360 days ago


I bet prankster Mel and his Irish lower brought the house down! Wouldn't you have loved to have been in the adjoining offices?

Oki slinks in wearing her see through blouse, ready to voodoo Mel, and her stern Jewish lawyer standing by to nail Mel when he looses his ability to concentrate on anything but her ti**s. Man were they in for a surprise!

The Vikings were ready and took no prisoners! Sounds like there was nothing left but a pile of wrinkled voodoo silicone and ego left. No wonder Oki and her lower took 2 hours to compose themselves enough to leave after the deposition was over!

1360 days ago


Was this Horrorwitz's way of putting a signal out to Mel that he would like him to wink at him?? This is just so funny. I bet the judge is getting disgusted with ole Horrorwitz and his theatrics! Him and Oksana probably planned for days to throw in the wink and the fist clench and it was shot down. No wonder they both looked pouty when they left the deposition.
When do you think Oksana will wake up and realize this Horrorwitz is doing her more harm than good?

1360 days ago


See why Judge Gordon appointed a judge to oversee the deposition?

1360 days ago


Mupped I think he ran off the other attorney's. Why I don't know.
But she has a big problem with this guy. Herzog is working with a Lawyer now due to his big mouth.
I will buy his book, and if he dontates to the vets I will buy more than one.

1360 days ago


Sounds like they had thier arses handed to them

1360 days ago
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