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Oprah to Joe Jackson: Take the Hint ...

11/2/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Oprah Winfrey visited the Jackson family at their compound in Encino, CA -- she made sure there were just enough chairs at the table for the people she was interested in talking to ...



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Hey #65 MaryRM
For those that think Michael was a molester - what do you base your opinion on?

The words out of young boys mouths...duh!


1395 days ago


i think this picture speaks for itself..
and it doesnt look like it has anything to do with getting justice for michael....
have a good day all!

Posted at 9:51 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by nan

Wholeheartedly, agree.

1:00 p.m. = Morning off and lunch, is done.

Back to busy with life, and enjoying this GORGEOUS afternoon, and evening we've been blessed with!

Peace out, everyone. :o)

1395 days ago


Oprah should have some class and give up one of the 2 chairs she needs to sit her huge ass down!

1395 days ago



Oprah to air "Jackson Tell All"

Posted at 9:56 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by Roseilicious

Thanks Roseilicious!

1395 days ago


Why is Joe even THERE???

Isn't he supposed to be living the low life in Vegas with showgirls and bling galore waiting to get divorced by Katherine?

1395 days ago


MIchael trusted his mother, Katherine with the emotional and physical care of his children. If you trusted Michael then you must give Katherine the benefit of the doubt when dealing with Oprah. Remember the old adage, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" Perhaps KJ has the intention of correcting the mindset of Oprah because she does indeed have an influence in the media. It is time for MJ's true legacy to be represented by the press and Oprah has the power to jump start this new shift. MJ used his gift from God to become an international icon and he used the money from that fame to help heal the world as he promised his mother when he was just a young boy. The general public ignorant to his true legacy because the press refused to acknowledge his goodness. Please google Reflectionsofthedance... Listen to David Nordahl's interview to understand the true nature of MJ. Nordahl was a 20 year friend and KNEW MJ well.. If you ever want to KNOW about MJ you must rely on people who KNEW him, not the medialoids.

MJJJusticeProject -- the Time for MJ Truth has COME

1395 days ago


Michael didn't want his kids exposed to the media, and I feel like Oprah is the worst choice they could have made.

BUT, maybe in allowing the kids to interact with the media, allowing them go to school with other kids, and some of the other stuff the grandparents have allowed will keep them from being as introverted as Michael. Maybe this is their chance to make it right.

But please...anybody but Orca. Yuk!

1395 days ago


Such an ingorant, uneducated, STUPID comment. Really, tell that to Martha Stewart, Bernie Madoff, even Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton. Jackson's trial most the most costly trial in US HISTORY, over 70 invesitgators raid his home, FBI following him around for years. Nothing, nothing, nothing! Not one shred of evidence against him, nothing. You're a lame excuse, that's all. You haven't read or explored one piece of actual trial evidence of FACTS. Not too mention, everyone thought he was quilty, where as OJ they wanted to find him not guilty. All white jury with jackson too. Read them and STFU. MJ fan or not, everyone knows he was set up and it was a BS trial, costing the taxpayers millions. Tom Sneddon was hated in California and did many dishonest things, he's the one who should be in jail.

STFU! You don't have a clue and don't know what the hell you're talking about, period!


The ignorance can be read between your lines, darling. Your language just shows it, LOL.
And yes, all the people you mentioned received a gentle slap on the wrist for the crimes they commited. Sure, 5 months to Martha Stewart for obstruction of justice, securities fraud and perjury was just perfect, right?( should have been 5 years), 14 days in jail to Lindsay Lohan for 2 DUIs and probation violations... Paris Hilton served 23 days in jail for DUI and reckless driving, should I go on? Not to mention the preferential treatment they receive while in confinement.
Give the world a break and wake up from your MJ adoration cult delusions

1395 days ago


Oprah is just into woman. She wants fish for dinner!

1395 days ago


@80 - what 'boys' would that be exactly? There were a total of 2.

1993 - Chandler, whose father did the accusing and drugged his son to get him to say things. this same boy refused when he was asked as an adult to testify at the 2005 trial. Oh, but he did sue for early emancipation from said father, that same father did attack this son with a blunt object. And the physical description the boy made did not match Michael's physical characteristics at all. That would be because he never actually saw anything. The settlement was an insurance company claim which was settled against Michael's protests, purely based on a monetary decision - which is cheaper, fight or settle. Please note that Michael was in the middle of a multi-year world tour at that time. Canceling all those dates would have cost millions more to settle. No smoke, no fire, just business. Anyone that knows about the corporate world knows that is how it is done.

2005 - Arviso - please read the transcripts. That mother is a convicted felon. Ask JC Penny, where she also claimed security molested her when she was arrested. Seems to be their favourite theme. The jury was interviewed after the trial and stated that the Arvisos were completely unbelievable and there was no evidence presented that was in the least bit convincing. The prosecution claimed all kinds of boys would come forward and no one did, that was just a tabloid rumour, especially by Diane Dimond who appears to have been obsessed with getting Michael (as was Sneddon who tried to recruit accusers for years without luck and finally found the Arvisos, as I said, a family of grifters.) The prosecution claimed McCauley Culkin was abused and would testify but instead he came to Michael's defense.

Please educate yourself on facts, read the trial transcripts. And the logic that since OJ was acquitted, that means that everyone who is accused of anything is always guilty is just a sad form of reverse discrimination. Just because Michael had money, that does not make him guilty. Many people appear to be jealous of those with money and feel they deserve to be abused. That is a sad thing indeed.

1395 days ago


Well, maybe Joe has some of the gentlemen behaviour of Michael, and he got up and let the laydies and children sit. After all, he raised Michael a great part, didn't he ? But yeah, not everybody sees this of course....I wonder how Michael would feel if he knows what all has been said and written about his parents... Thank you Joe and Katherine for giving us Michael and for raising his children. And we all make mistakes....

1395 days ago


Please people, please think about how negativity and unproven claims affect others and children. This is the problem and it starts with us to fix it. Nobody is going to benefit if the truth is covered in lies.
We love you Michael! Your children are gorgeous!

1395 days ago



1395 days ago


It`s just feel`s so wrong,

How could they do it!
I don`t like to say what Michael would say about this, but,IMO he would never ever aloud her to sit on the same table with his kids or go around in his home!

I don`t get it why KJ why?


1395 days ago
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