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MJ Fans: Oprah's Molestation Show Is No 'Coincidence'

11/3/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An official MJ fan group ain't buying Oprah's "purely coincidental" excuse -- telling us, they are "angry and disappointed" that she's airing her interview with MJ's kids days after a special on child molestation.


A rep for the Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California tells TMZ, “We are both angry and disappointed in Oprah’s constant need to reference child molestation shows prior to airing Michael Jackson related episodes.  Her tone seems to speak volumes.”

Oprah called the whole thing "purely coincidental" ... but MJ fans aren't convinced. The rep adds, “How can something so obvious be a coincidence?"

As we previously reported, Oprah's big interview with Michael Jackson's children is scheduled to air next Monday -- three days after Friday's big show ... entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."


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Why did they trust Oprah in the first place? She was awful to MJ by doing a show on child molestation during his trial. The family was foolish and it's biting them in the butt again.
I've never liked Oprah, she's too self serving.

1448 days ago


HATE Oprah!!!

1448 days ago


It's not a coincidence, she's done it before and she has the absolute gall to do it again except this time she's dragging in his children. GTFO Oprah and leave these kids alone, you obviously care nothing for them or their father!

1448 days ago

No comment    

What I find intersting is that Katherine allowed them to be on any TV show. Michael spent years hiding them and protecting them. Its one thing to have them going to school, but letting them on a show like Oprah's is questionable.

1448 days ago


Funny thing is, most of Oprah's viewers would never have made a connection. It's MJ's delusional fans and family making an issue out of this by being so defensive. And the fact is...MJ had inappropriate interactions with kids, whether or not he technically molested them. You can't sit on TV and talk about how much you love playing with little boys in your bed and not expect people to be suspicious. Just sayin'.

1448 days ago

Mary Ann    

When are people going to get sick of this no-talent fat-ass slob?
Do people really believe she can advise you on weight problems (look ar HER?) Do you think she can advise on marital problems? (never been married?) Advise on raising children (never had any?)
How did she all of a sudden become so wise on all subjects?
Stop watching her shows and she will be off the air!

1448 days ago


Oprah = lame..... Katherine = don't do it.

1448 days ago

Zach Swan    

Gee I'll bet that a whole lot of people will suddenly start thinking that Michael was a child molester just because of the timing of this show.

1448 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

I HATE OPRAH!! MJ is love!

In fact, there better not be any airings related to child molestation of any kind on any network when my beloved MJ's episode is aired! It's OK for grown men in their 40s/50s to sleep with children "because it's about 'love'". It's OK for grown men in their 40s/50s to feed children alcohol... excuse me... 'Jesus juice'". MJ is love and just cause he wanted the children to touch his love doesn't make him a bad person!

PS - Death to Murray!! Dr. Conrad Murray should burn in the flames of hell for all eternity for giving MJ what MJ had repeatedly requested! DIIEEEEE MUURRRRAAAAYYY!!!


- A Wacko Jacko fan

1448 days ago

my opinion    

If it is a coincidence is she going to change the date? Hopefully she will be considerate of the family and fans.


Love the Jackson's

PEACE, LOVE, KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for US ALL

1448 days ago


He's dead; he's no longer relevant in the bigger scheme of things. If he's "innocent" of the charges then the timing of the two shows means ZIP. Oprah can schedule her shows as she sees fit for the majority, not to placate some in the minority.

I highly suggest those who are offended: don't watch Oprah, get a life and move on.

Oprah may be a pig, but MJ was a pedophile.

1448 days ago


Well since Michael Jackson was/IS a pedophile, he should have been included in the molestation special. And Oprah, just come out of the closet. there's nothing wrong with being gay.

1448 days ago


WHY in the world would these fans want to highlight a show on molestation and link it with MJ when MOST people aren't even thinking about it? If they don't want MJ to be associated with molestation and pedophila, how about you dummies stop complaining every damn second and trying to find a link where there is none? At this point, the ONLY people who are keeping MJ and Molestation alive and in the same sentence are his dumbass fans.

1448 days ago


Michael Jackson paid out over $25,000,000 when he was accused of being "a molester" this made him look guilty in certain circles. Oprah most likely could not mention this when she talked to the Jackson Childern. If people don't like what Oprah is doing DON'T WATCH. Michael was weird & strange. Anyoe who thinks he wasn't clearly needs a shrink!

1448 days ago


Michael Jackson is still dead.

Oprah Winfrey, what is this purpose. How much is paid for this?

1448 days ago
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