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'Storm Chasers' Star Committed Suicide

11/4/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Storm Chasers" just revealed one of its stars, Matt Hughes, died earlier this year -- and TMZ has learned his death was a suicide -- the result of a hanging.

Matt Hughes Storm Chaser death
At the end of last night's episode of the Discovery reality show viewers were told Hughes died in May due to complications from a fatal injury at his home in Kansas.

TMZ confirmed with Valley Center PD ... on May 14 they responded to a suicide call at Hughes' home.  According to the police report, officers concluded Matt, who was still breathing, was drinking before the suicide attempt.

We're told Matt was taken to a local hospital -- but passed away 13 days later.  The Medical Examiner's report lists "Hanging" as the cause of death.

110510_storm_chasers_tmz_tv2Last night's episode was dedicated to Matt -- and we're told Discovery has set up a memorial fund for Matt's wife and two sons. 


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It's pretty obvious by reading some of the S#*t comments why the family would request privacy. Depression is a weird disease-yes!-disease, that is hard to diagnosis because there is so much shame associated with it. The signs sometime become obvious, unfortunately after the fact...however,the way Matt died does not take away from what he was trying to accomplish in his life!

(some of you talking smack...beware of karma bitches)

1426 days ago


Go Jayhawks! RIP Matt. My prayers are with your wife, your babies, your family and all your friends. You were awesome!
Matt was laid off from Cessna last March, and that along with trying to get his degree in psychology, plus raising two sons with his wife in these hard times, may have contributed to his depression and subsequent taking of his own life in May. It's so sad.

1426 days ago


Maybe this will teach Sean Casey (IMAX douche) to stop being such a c*nt all the time - he'd push anyone over the edge

1426 days ago


Matt was laid off from his job at Cessna two months before he died. When last season of Storm Chasers ended there was no word of renewal. He was trying to finish his degree in Psychology as well. He suffered from depression. He left behind a wife and two children.

And I personally do not believe that "you go to hell if you kill your self" I don't know why people believe this garbage. God is a merciful, loving and forgiving God. You have to be very depressed, very desperate and very brave to kill yourself. People don't get it, that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, and it isn't just something you can snap out of. It isn't the momentary blues, or a temporary feeling of being down. It is something that overwhelms you, drains you and takes away your desires, your will to live. Desperation, and worry can compound the illness, and suicide can be an end result.

1426 days ago


Wow i saw that show and wondered what happened was he playing some type of drinking game that killed him.

1426 days ago

Tailee Raine    

And yes, shame on you TMZ for even reporting this.. OBVIOUSLY the family wanted to keep this under wraps or they would have leaked it themselves..I'm done following you on twitter or reading anything else you have to can just continuing to "report" only what the low lives and idiots want to read..Isn't there PRIVACY anymore? Some things are better just left UNREPORTED..

1426 days ago


To all the idiots like Amber making these douchy remarks, I hope your karma credit card pays off big time. Sean is a decent caring human being and just lost a friend. They both have families. Have a little respect!

1426 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

I'll admit that I was curious as to how he died, but my curiosity is not worth the disclosure of the family's private matters, and worse, to have losers and human trash like those that post here subject his family to their pathetic opinions. Posting this story really is inappropriate. Satisfying my (and others') curiosity is not worth it when it comes at the cost of other people.

In many ways, suicide is far more honorable than what the trash on this site is doing: covering up their own self-loathing and lifetime failures by cutting others down. He kept his self-loathing to himself rather than trolling for people he viewed as lesser to build himself up. His actions hurt himself, and his family and friends, buy most of you pathetic cowards strive on harming others in order to make yourselves feel better.

1426 days ago


Posted at 11:34 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by Dee Dee Russell
Was he in the closet and that's why he did himself in????

What a sick and disturbed person you are to post such a stupid and insensitive remark. You obviously didn't know Matt or his family or else you wouldn't post such a stupid sick thing.
Some people are so sick, twisted and warped in their thinking that they post before they thing. They have no shame.

1426 days ago


Don't blame TMZ; this story is all over the internet. Google it.

1426 days ago


Terrible, I can't say I could ever understand the depths of depression and what would ever lead one to suicide at the expense of one's family (small children in particular). Tragic and senseless, but I will refrain from making any judgement. My heart goes out to the family, especially his children who will grow up without a father.

Only speculation, but while the "injury" could be anything (including gunshot wound, strangulation, whatever), his death 13 days later might possibly be an acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose. A particularly nasty way to die, because after the stomach is pumped and the person revives, looks good, and is suddenly interested in living again after the OD, in about a week or two the body suc***bs due to massive liver failure. Not that I'd ever advocate any method of suicide at all (I am totally morally opposed to it), but no one should ever consider acetaminophen OD.

1426 days ago


TMZ are you proud of yourselves for reporting this? Leaving this poor family's pain and suffering open to comments like all of your readers have been commenting? You leave the comment board open to bullies. Most of the people commenting aren't any better than the bully on the playground. They just sit behind a phone or a computer to do it. People with no morals or respect for themselves or anyone else.
Believe it or not some people are still into privacy,TMZ. You are so worried about making money and your ratings, you will be as trashy as you can to get it.

1426 days ago

carrie fisher    

okay idiots who know nothing about depression. it has nothing to do with leaving your kids behind or being selfish. when depression takes over it is a chemical imbalance where you can't help but see or feel nothing but the pain. get a clue before you judge!!!

1426 days ago


My Mother committed suicide when I was 11 years old. Are you proud of yourselves, TMZ, for blasting this over the internet?
Do you have any idea what pain this has brought to everyone, a pain that will never end. SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!

1426 days ago


Dragon, you post (#16) is spot on. I really wish that this had never been posted. I watched the show last night. When they intercepted that tornado Matt was light up like a kid on Christmas morning. That is the image I want to remember, not the one painted here in this article. RIP Matt and may God be with your family.

1426 days ago
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