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'Storm Chasers' Star Committed Suicide

11/4/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Storm Chasers" just revealed one of its stars, Matt Hughes, died earlier this year -- and TMZ has learned his death was a suicide -- the result of a hanging.

Matt Hughes Storm Chaser death
At the end of last night's episode of the Discovery reality show viewers were told Hughes died in May due to complications from a fatal injury at his home in Kansas.

TMZ confirmed with Valley Center PD ... on May 14 they responded to a suicide call at Hughes' home.  According to the police report, officers concluded Matt, who was still breathing, was drinking before the suicide attempt.

We're told Matt was taken to a local hospital -- but passed away 13 days later.  The Medical Examiner's report lists "Hanging" as the cause of death.

110510_storm_chasers_tmz_tv2Last night's episode was dedicated to Matt -- and we're told Discovery has set up a memorial fund for Matt's wife and two sons. 


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I wish all you experts understood what a chronic severe depression can do to a person. Your happy on the outside and dying on the inside. I know I suffer from depression and have been treated by professionals for over 20 years. In 2008, when personal problems mounted up and no one wanted listen, I tried to commit suicide. To this day I am still angry at my sister who ask the Dr. to do everything.Now I sit depressed and so very unhappy. The next time you go to library, pick up a book on mental illness and maybe you won't be making the remarks you are. You are ignorant to what happens when people suffer from an
umentionalbe disese like mental illness. Remember until you walk in someone else shoes, then don't judge them. My condolances to the family.

1417 days ago


To all of who think you may suffer from depression.....try this out instead of some nasty synthetic SSRI:

1. Go to GNC
2. Buy 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
3. Buy L-Tyrosine (Tyrosine)
4. Buy DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA)
5. Buy St. Johns Wort
6. Take them daily for a month and you will probably feel better fast

Your brains are most likely messed up because of the lack of these building blocks which are used to make the chemicals that make you feel happy, make you feel rewarded, and give you energy. Look them up: noradrenaline, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin.

Remember - wikipedia is smarter than your local doctor and we don't need public healthcare for things like this....when natural non prescription supplements can fix the problems better than zoloft and friends (using the same mechanism, but as natural SSRIs that can not be patented and madly profited from), without the side effects and medical bills.

1417 days ago


I agree totally with the comment:
Most of the time friends and family are too selfish or busy to sit down with a person and help them or they just blow it off as "drama".
They don't care or realize what torture you are going through and whatever it is just can't take it anymore or see a light at the end of the tunnel. There's no telling what happened to this poor guy. It had to be bad enough to attempt to take his life, live for 13 days and die. Especially considering he had two small children. Keep your judgements to yourself unless you've been there!!!

1417 days ago


@ Christy, your statement "These guys loved these big tornados and I have a problem with guys cheering when peoples homes and places of employment are being destroyed. They are sick, sick men." is so full of BS. Apparently you even never seen the show. Storm chasers DO NOT like when storms destroy people's lives. Few seasons ago, Wurman and his crew stopped in Stutgart and was sad for the people that were affected by the tornado that struck there. Also, many chasers went to Greensburg and Yazoo City to help people get their lives back in order. Christy, think before you speak.

@MIDNIGHT TOKER, after today, I will go on thinking about Matt. He is a part of the chasing community. Will always be. So before you speak your BS, think. ;)

1417 days ago


I can not and should not judge him, I can only hope his soul rests in peace and god give strength to his family.

1417 days ago


I am all for alternative medicine. I use acupuncture to treat a physical problem.
I just wanted to put out a word of advice from someone who has been there. If you are already on antidepressants, please do not go off them cold turkey. I did that and crashed big time. You need to taper off antidepressants.

1417 days ago



You are both classless degenerates. Have some respect.

1417 days ago

Craig Maire II    

As a person who attempted suicide back in 2005 and who lost his grandpa back in 1983 to suicide I'd love to meet one of these internet tough guys/girls who call suicide selfish, cowardly etc. I would show them the true meaning of pain. I didn't know Matt but a certain amount of respect certainly shouldn't be to much to ask for.

1417 days ago


Funny how so many of you are mad tmz didn't keep this private because of the family wishes, yet here you all are reading the same thing the rest of us are. Lol

1417 days ago


These are the things that irritate and infuriate me the most! The stupidity of the media in their relentless pursuit of the money story, no matter who or what gets put down or gets hurt! Even if the particulars of the incident were a matter of public record, YOU WENT TOO FAR!!! If you have a dictionary at your studio, look up the word "RESPECT", and let the definition burn into your mind! Matt was a wonderful, decent human being, and your report was uncalled for and just another way that you have proven your unworthy as a news service!

1417 days ago


Gene #21 This is to you, "You have to be very depressed, very desperate and very brave to kill yourself." I agree with the first two, but brave no. You have to be a coward, that is a coward's way out of things. You have to be brave to face your problems and deal with them. It's east to just kill yourself and leave all your problems for the rest of your family and freinds to clean up. Any money problems now become his poor wife and kids to deal with. For get any life insurance to because killing yourself stops that. Maybe he knew people would feel sorry enough for his family having to deal with such a selfish choice that they would collect enough cash to fix things from donations. I would give something to them, my best freind hung himself, his mother, father, and brother are still hurt left wondering everyday where they went wrong. It's not a choice a brave person would make only an extreme coward. God bless his family and friends through this horrible ordeal.

1417 days ago


This story makes me sad. i watch storm chasers every wed. at 10. and yesterday i was shocked to hear of the death of Matt, and i feel for his family and freinds. I personaly dont belive in suicide but im not going to say they are going to hell and they are a horrible person thats just not the case. You have to think and understand that something in his life was so bad so horrible that the only solution he could come up with is suicide i dont know about you but thats horrible. so it discusts me to see people talk about him with suck disrespect everyone makes mistakes, you guys are busy crusifing him to really look at at and just feel remorse for his family.
Best wishes to wife and sons. Rip. Matt

1417 days ago


i hate that ****en son of a bitch that has a i max film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is a ****in prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he sends people to where he wants them! way away from the storm, then treats them like there morons!!!!!!!!!i whish that prick would kill himself!!!!!!!!!!!!
matt was headin for a storm, then ******* said no lets stay hear!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that ****in i max film ***gott so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love matt, i wish he was still with us.............

1417 days ago


TMZ... raise awareness about suicide and how people can get help... all the celebrities are talking about bullying but what do you think it leads to? Sometimes it DOESN'T get better in enough time to save someones life no matter what age you are. Depression is a disease.

If you watched the show you'd see that this man was made mocked on camera by the people he worked with.. could you imagine how he gets trated off camera? I'm sure he had a low self esteem and although it may seem selfish of him to take his life because he has a family, when someone is in a state that they take their lives they are very sick and he needed help.. RIP Matt

1417 days ago


people need to leave this subject alone. we dont know why or what reason. we didnt live in his shoes. i liked matt; and will miss him deeply on this show

1417 days ago
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