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Oksana: Mel Was Cheating on Me

11/9/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva believes Mel Gibson was cheating on her with multiple women during their relationship -- and now she wants to take it a step further and ask the women if the actor ever attacked them ... in an effort to prove Mel is too violent to be around their daughter.
TMZ knows of no evidence Mel had relations with any women while he was with Oksana much less any evidence he was violent.

Nevertheless, Oksana's attorney, Dan Horowitz, tells TMZ his team has hired an investigator to track down at least four women whom Oksana believes may have had secret relations with Mel.

We're told Oksana's team wants someone to come forward and say Mel was violent toward them.  The end game for Oksana -- trying to prove Mel is far too dangerous to be around 1-year-old Lucia.

The judge in the custody case has been unmoved by Oksana's arguments to date and has given Mel full visitation rights.

And get this ... Horowitz tells TMZ he's provided a soundtrack to keep his investigator motivated ... complete with the song, "Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places."


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Beating you or cheating you, which is it?

1445 days ago


this is just plain pathetic. Why do you need to look for other witnesses if your evidence and your case is solid? Seems like oksana's getting desperate. Why don't they try to ask Violet again about her relations with Mel since she did claim to have had an affair with him? Oh that's right, Violet has denied that he was physically violent with her, and has instead accused Oksana's bodyguard of threatening her to make up lies against Mel.

1445 days ago


She's trying hard to prove DV because if she doesn't, she can be brought up on charges for illegally recording the "tapes" of Mel.

1445 days ago


No baby. No money. Got to have a baby to get money.

1445 days ago


Wow - Mel cheating on his mistress. Who'd a thunk it. Just don't go reproducing anymore Mel. You have 8 kids, enough. And look what is going to be raising you 8th child - a dingbat.

1445 days ago


If he cheated on her with a lot of women, then she is just one of those women. She just happened to get pregnant.

The only thing that will result in this exercise is a lot of liars will to have had sex with Mel... just something else for Horowitz to use to blacken Mel's name.

I wonder if that's his other purpose - just to keep ruining Mel's name. He sounds like he has got another dog in the fight not just the female dog he's defending.

1445 days ago


Mel was playing the field. He wasn't married, engaged, or even cohabitating with her so that's not a problem. They know they're not going to find anything. Just hopeing to find another bottom feeder like Oks. Goal is to smear his name again. Forget the Russian mafia, this is a mafia of a different flavor backing Oksana. They're getting ever more desperate and I don't think the judge is liking it at all.

1445 days ago


Not a very good track record - every person whose worked on Oksana's side has been fired, has quit, gone quiet, is not quaified for their job, is not qualified in the field they are required to be experst in, has the misfortune of never having existed, or died of cancer
If there is a response to horowitz' ad, there'll be new a new category or two..

1445 days ago


Is this a cattle call for Horowitz next wife?

1445 days ago


Ms. Oksana is reaching for evidence now. It shows desperation and how weak the case is against Mr. Gibson. If he was violent toward these other women, they would have hired Ms. Gloria by now or another lawyer. They would be rushing to sell their story to the highest bidder. Physical evidence is key in this matter. Without any form of evidence it would be heresay.

1445 days ago


They should really ask his ex-wife ooopss still current wife.

1445 days ago


I had to come back - is this for real???????

1445 days ago


Well this proves there is NO cure for stupid! Oksana - you were NOT Mel's wife - so if he was cheating on anyone it was Robyn - NOT YOU! What a stupid desperate bimbo this hag is -

You are the harlot who broke up his marriage - so go look in the broken mirror - that's you who cheated! If he dated anyone else it's none of your darned business anyway - you were only a hook-up not a live in lover or a real partner in his life in any way - You contribute nothing - you are nothing - you will be nothing - it's a shame there is a child in this affair -

1445 days ago


Why doesn't she just run a help wanted ad. Maybe she can find someone who will help her out if the price is right of course. What would ever possess her to think if such women existed they would do anything to help her out. They would be playing their own little extortion game.

Sounds like the Ho has a little motivational tune of her own, the Jailhouse Rock and its getting pretty loud. She's starting to sweat.

1445 days ago


Gibson and company have to be ROFLOL!!! The man is in the process of legally ending a 28 year marriage and was entitled to date WHOMEVER he wanted to. From what has been revealed about "Ole Greedy", his alleged encounters with other women were probably much more civil. Whatever "sliver of credibility" that Greedisana may have had, initially, IS GONE and I can't imagine ANY SANE WOMEN who would want to CAST THEIR LOTS IN WITH HER. The "ICK" factor would just be "too overwhelming". Ole Greedy has "made her bed hard" and "will have to sleep in it alone". Team Greedisana is "grasping at straws". NO ONE is obligated to help her and I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that ANYONE WILL!!! She should have anticipated this before she allowed her GREED TO GET THE BEST OF HER!!!

1445 days ago
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